Chevrolet Bolt Wins Canadian Green Car Of The Year Award



Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt Recently Took Home MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award, Motor Trend Car of the Year award, and the esteemed NACTOY award.

The Chevrolet Bolt is no stranger to substantial awards, and the long-range all-electric crossover just took home another. The Bolt received the 2017 Canadian Green Car Award at the Green Living Show, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

Inside the Chevrolet Bolt

Inside the Chevrolet Bolt

Executive-Director of Ontario Tire Stewardship (a company that recycles 95 percent of Ontario’s old tires into useful products) presented the award. Assistant brand manager for Chevrolet Canada, Matt Stokes, was the official recipient. He said:

“It’s a true honour for Chevrolet to be recognized with the Canadian Green Car Award for the second year in a row; with Volt in 2016, and now the game-changing Bolt EV in 2017. Chevrolet is committed to innovation and electrification and we are proud to sell more plug-in electric vehicles in Canada than any other brand.”

The award honors vehicles that are widely available in Canada, and offer notable mass-market appeal, paired with environmentally-friendly features. While the mass market part may be a bit of a stretch at the current time, there isn’t really a mainstream car today that can boast the Bolt’s “greenness.” And, it will only be a matter of time before you can get a Bolt virtually anywhere in North America.

The selection committee is comprised of 13 reputable Canadian automotive journalists. The Bolt was selected as king among five other category winners including the Chevrolet Volt, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, Hyundai IONIQ, Honda Civic, and Jaguar XE 2.0D. The latter two were selected for efficient internal combustion, and overall fun, respectively. The only vehicle on the list to get any first place votes for the Green Car Award, aside from the Chevrolet Bolt, was the Pacifica (which is another new EV that is no stranger to awards). However, the Bolt received 11 of the total 13.

The award was co-created by’s Eric Novak. He shared:

“Our list of category winners this year was exceptional, however in the end our judges felt that the Chevrolet Bolt EV with its game-changing range and competitive price point was most deserving of being named overall winner.”


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GM must love to get awards for products they are barely able to sell.. I challenged them on twitter when I saw this. I am from Toronto Canada, population millions, and with $14K rebate we should be selling out of Bolts, but local dealers will not stock inventory, nor will they provide a demonstrator. Fail.

See my twitter convo

Haha. Nice! Unfortunately, they don’t seem too​ concerned.

Did you send your info as Chevy requested?

Chevy doesn’t own the dealers, they can’t force them to put a car on the lot. But it looks like they offered to try to help you get what you need in other ways. Did you send your info to them to try to get the process going?

Per: “Chevy doesn’t own the dealers, they can’t force them to put a car on the lot.”, which is proof that these ‘Franchised Dealers’ are not (Franchised)!

A ‘Franchise’ Must Follow the terms of their contracts! When they can do whatever they want, they are ‘Independent Dealers’, not ‘Franchised Dealers’, by definition!

Either that, or this is some slack a$$ contract, where they can do what they want, and still display the brand logo!

No, that’s not what franchising means. When you have a franchise you have a license to operate. It typically does not mean the parent company can force you to carry something.

Hence “prices and participation may vary” appearing on ads. Because not all franchises will participate.

You could also try talking to the Chevy rep on this forum:

They seem to be responsive in the ‘Ask Chevrolet’ section

The Bolt has more awards than cars sold…

Try reaching out to the Chevy Volt/Bolt concierge service at

I’ve only found them to be very helpful in my years dealing with them.

I’m sure they will help.


I have to a number of GM dealers in the GTA area and they said the same thing. They love to sell more Bolts and have begged GM to send them more inventory. One dealer said he told GM if they would sent him 50 Bolts he would line them up across the front of his lot and they be sold out in less than a week. Instead they say they been left to selling promises of 2018 Bolts because GM has told them they will receive no more 2017 Bolts now that the entire 2017 Canadian allocation has been sold. I also spoke to GM rep who could only said that GM is looking at ways to increase Bolt production. In Ontario it is clear there is a strong demand for the Bolt and I only hope GM will take steps to increase supply.

Per: “GM has told them they will receive no more 2017 Bolts now that the entire 2017 Canadian allocation has been sold.”, was that all….50 of them?

Bolt inventory has really surge this past couple weeks. It just went over 4000 for the first time on cars dot com, which is pretty incredible considering how few states get to sell Bolts. The Volt has been outselling the Bolt by a good margin and there are only 4450 Volts in North American inventory on cars dot com, which includes both cars on the dealer lot AND the ones that have left QC and are in transit on their way to the dealer.

I looked back at the number of Bolts on cars dot com over the past couple months and todays inventory is a huge improvement. The question is, when will increased inventory increase the meager Bolts sales pace? Or will it make no difference?

Dec 2016 800
January 2017 900-1200
February 2017 1300-1500
3/14/2017 1900
3/22/2017 2010
3/24/2017 2205
3/26/2017 2375
3/30/2017 2490
4/2/2017 2600
4/4/2017 2585
4/5/2017 2670
4/9/2017 3955
4/11/2017 4002

These are numbers for USA but there are almost none available in Canada.

First, thank you for sharing news regarding our award.

As to the comments from those in the Toronto area and their difficulty in finding Bolt demos, a unique solution is coming soon.

Plug’n’Drive, an organization dedicated to the promotion and advocacy of EVs is getting set to launch it’s EV Discovery Centre. This is a first-of-its-kind centre anywhere in the world, and it will be a place where you can learn about EVs AND test drive many of the EVs available on the market today. They will have a Bolt EV available, and while you cannot buy one there (you will be referred to a dealership), you will indeed be able to test one.

I’ll be there to cover the grand opening later this month, but more information can be found here: