Chevrolet Bolt Walkaround Video From Orange County Auto Show


Chevy Bolt

Chevy Bolt

Because we, like you, like to see new electric cars live in all the colors available, we present this walkaround video of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt from the recent Orange County International Auto Show.

Video description:

“The all new 2017 Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle walk around at the Orange County International Auto Show.”

“Chevrolet’s all-new, all-electric vehicle offering an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range per full charge.”

Regardless of exterior color, the Bolt’s design has grown on us over time. What do you think of the outward appearance of the 2017 Chevy Bolt?

Also of ‘on the stand’ interest:  A red Chevy Bolt EV has also recently just attended the Texas State Fair

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My favorite color for this car. Looks so clean. Cannot wait to get mine.

That is incorrect. Stop spreading FUD (always wanted to say that)

Your favorite color for an EV (and everyone else’s) is black because that color is known to proide the fastest acceleration, enables the greatest all-electric range…and inherently makes the plug-in vehicle driver cooler than his peers.



Only if you like stewed drivers. Black cars get too hot.

Go away you troll for the color industry!

We don’t need you and your fancy rainbow palette shilling around here!

You are killing me! =)

Ever thought about trying out at SNL? =) You are really good at imitating us.

I may inadvertently hijacked this thread.

But to be fair, I plan on sending myself a tersely worded email to help preserve the integrity of the community here at IEV.

Black cars are the same color as the tarmac, too easy to blend in with the road. Why are continuing to tout a more dangerous vehicle, that goes faster, is hard to see, at night too.

Sometimes I work so fast and efficiently (like those same black plug-in cars) that we render ourselves invisible…are we to be punished for our awesomeness?

True. Editorious Maximus. There are exceptions to every rule.

It’s camouflage, great for speeding!

A black dash under the wind shield is a solar thermal collector in the southwest U.S.

Black actually isn’t a color.

/actual science 😉

Although maybe that is why it makes it go faster. I dunno!

/note to self – ban DJ


Scientifically, grey cars are the best. That’s because all white and black cars turn grey due to dust, at least the ones I had.

Interestingly, it seems most cars in Korea are white, grey, black.

…well, we have enjoyed having you around here SparkEV, but we can’t tolerate climate change black car deniers

/so obtuse

Grey is good for the environment, too, because you don’t have to wash it as often to keep it looking grey. Try a grey some day; you’ll be surprised how much time you can dedicate to insideevs instead of trying to fight black car from going grey (ie, constant washing). That is, unless you think keeping a black car is more important than the climate change… 😉

I liked the sideways view of the Bolt at the end. Now we know what it will look like on the turns when it races in the Daytona EV 500:)

It isn’t “if”. It’s “when”. With the Formula E in full swing and with Big Daddy Don Garlits racing EV’s on the quarter mile, electric Chevys spinning NASCAR victory donuts are only a matter of time.

Been there, done that. That time came in 1999. But it wasn’t NASCAR, it was EVTC.

–how about a VVS trigger warning next time!

Has anyone seen the dimension specs yet? I’m curious how it compares in exterior size and passenger room/cargo space with the LEAF.

I’ve sat in both and the Bolt is considerable smaller. I think it’s about a foot shorter than the LEAF but it’s a few inches taller.

It looks taller than a LEAF…or is that because it’s shorter in length?

Sorry, didn’t scroll to see the last part of your comment!

They are comparable inside with LEAF being larger on the outside (harder to park).

But LEAF does have more cargo room.

Nissan LEAF/Bolt

wheelbase: 106.3/102.4
length: 175/164
width: 69.769.5
Height: 61/62.8
Headroom (front): 41.2/39.7
Headroom (rear): 37.3/37.9
Shoulder room (front): 54.3/54.6
Shoulder room (rear): 52.5/52.8
Hip Room (front):51.7/51.6
Hip Room (rear):50/50.8
Leg Room (front):42.1/41.6
Leg Room (rear):33.3/36.5
Passenger Volume: 92.4/94.4 (Bolt has 52.2/42.2 for 1st/2nd row)
Cargo: 23.6/16.9
Cargo with 2nd row seat down: 30/56
Weight: 3342/3580


As a big guy with big friends, I’m liking the dimensions of the rear seating area. I can’t wait to try it for myself.

Looking good for you, small on the outside, big on the inside.

Same here, David. The balance of legroom and headroom front and back looks pretty good. Better than my Gen I Volt, at least. Getting anyone over 5′ tall into the seat behind me is a compromise, I generally move my drivers seat forward 3 or 4″ and lift the steering a bit.
Too bad the Bolt looks so small car’ish. It is a roomier car than most will imagine.

Based on the figures, Bolt has about 1/34rd less cargo room w back seat up, but twice as much as Leaf with back seat down. That seems rather unlikely.

My wife and daughters opted for the Orange Burst Metallic. I wanted this grey or white, but OK, the girls rule.

Yup, I was there 2 weeks ago. Sat in the back seat and took pics. Surprising the Bolt didn’t have many people looking at it compared to the other brands.

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Anyone able to comment on the trunk space?

From outside views and photos, it didn’t look whole lot bigger than SparkEV, and I thought it was just illusion. If MMF comment above is true, Bolt has 17 cuft cargo whereas SparkEV has about 10 cuft. That’s only about 6 inches more from rear to edge of back seat (assuming same width/height). Not sure if the dog will be comfortable there. None of mine would be.

But if you fold the seats, hella lot of space, more than double SparkEV with folded seats.

My numbers are from insideEV early coverage of Bolt which was from GM’s press release!

How dare you question my copying/pasting capabilities!


Now to the important question… will a set of golf clubs fit in the back?

Huh. That was literally a walkaround.

Hard to call this a nice design.
It is coming out soon, but if you put a Tesla Model 3 next to a bolt next year and told a focus group the Model 3 was cheaper and much faster you would not sell a single Bolt. Just say’in

The Bolt looks like a more practical design. That’s something that some care about but others don’t.

Model 3 is practical but isnt ugly. Why couldn’t the Dolt be good looking?

Because in the real world, no one buys practical cars that have utility. Everyone just drives around in their small coupes, w/out a hatch. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a CUV or car with a hatch on the streets. They’re basically unicorns. It’s just a sea of Miata clones everywhere you look.


Hmmm hatch
Full autonomy

A tough choice for utility value indeed! 😉

How much do you think it’s going to cost to unlock full autonomy – $5k, $10k, etc… What conditions will it not work in – snow, heavy rain, fog, etc…?

Hmm, expensive car not available for years.. or something I can drive a couple months.

The headrest lean forward like my prius v, if you lean the seat back ok but if you sit with the set straight up then neck cramps may be a problem.

Want want want want want. Cannot (reasonably) have. 🙁

Nope. Still ugly

To a Koenigsegg fan, but at least it’s affordable.

I noticed large expanses of plastic door paneling, etc. Definitely not a premium experience from the interior materials standpoint.

Have you looked at the other ~$35k EV’s? The BMW i3 has some nice materials, but you’re paying about $8k more. Even Tesla doesn’t have the nicest interiors for the price. Who knows what your going to get in a base Model 3?

FWIW this is a base model Bolt. It gives you 300% the range of ordinary EVs for around the same price level (a bit more than a LEAF, less than an i3). And you complain about too much plastic?

Haters gonna hate

I went with the White with Grey interior; had to tell on the interior; I had to check out the Volt to get a better guess on what it might look like. All Electric / All Aboard !