Chevrolet Bolt – Videos From 2015 NAIAS Debut


Here’s a collection of videos from the Chevrolet Bolt’s debut at the 2015 NAIAS.

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Kinda hard to get excited about a design exercise we’ve already seen over and over. Please show us the production intent version. *yawn*

Tooling has already been ordered. That will be close to the production version.

They can order all the tooling they want…

No one cares until prospective buyers can see what’s actually being offered for sale, when it’s ready in 2017.

There are soooo many unresolved issues with the prototype, that the final version will likely be quite different:

No Solid Glass Roof as shown.
No Model S Styled Door Handles as shown.
No minimalistic All White Model S styled Interior for 4 as shown.
No flavor of DCFC shown.

Too many changes in too short a timeframe for a 2016 production launch.

The CMax already has that roof.
And for $37,000 those other options are surely possible.

I’d say most of those are inconsequential stuff to me, other that “No flavor of DCFC shown.” However, I’m sure it will be the CCS port.

How many will the Bolt seat?

All four buyers.

Funny but I may be one of the four if the price is 30K before rebates

GM has already asterisked that price. It will be $30,000 target AFTER rebates. Still a great value but for those hoping for 30k before rebates it will be a disappointment.

Seating for 5 + utility for storage/luggage.

You mean GM’s version of Volt Seating for “5”. 😉

The Sonic Platform is pretty tiny…

Well, it will be compact car sized seating for 3, but no T pack so it will be a real seat.

It’s not based on the current Sonic platform but the upcoming Gamma 2 SC platform, which is very malleable. Also with the batteries in the floor there will be more room for seating.

do not want

I had to quit after 2 1/2 videos.

The first was terrible.

the second almost watchable

I got rid of the third half way thru I couldn’t stand the dork.


All three of you need to be taken out behind the shed for a good ass whuppin’

You guys are so focused on your “anti GM” theme you totally amaze me.

You remind me of some dork that has a “Piss on Ford” or

“Piss on Chevy” decal in the back of your pick up truck.

The other thing your comments remind me of is some comments by “Tea Party” members.

Get a life.

The idea is to sell EV’s

Not to spend so much time trashing some other brand because you don’t like GM.

What a bunch of Children

They’d be better off channeling some of that dislike of GM/Chevy with pro EV comments on EV hating stuff like this -> If you can’t access… here is a taste from one comment. The haters ate it up. ……………. “So why does Tesla, which is already valued at about $27 billion, still need so much taxpayer welfare?” Simple, because Musk is selling a product that is technologically and economically nonviable. Technologically: The best rechargeable lithium ion batteries have an energy density (Joules/pound) that is 50 times worse than standard gasoline. So even with the efficiencies of electric motors one still has to carry about 25 times more weight in fuel to travel the same distance. So, the cars don’t carry as much fuel, and can’t travel the same distance which makes them impractical for anything but short hops. Then ‘filling up’ takes hours compared to 5 minutes at the pump. Economically: Say you pay 10 cents per kWh for electricity (which is a bit on the low side). Say that to go 60 mph it takes about 50 kW (about 67 hp). Say that gas is selling for $2/gal (actually below that in many places). Say your car gets… Read more »

This Leaf driver gets signficantly better miles per kWh then your example.

He’s getting 5.7 miles per kWh, even if you divide that in half, 2.85, is significantly better then your example.

60 miles / 50 kWh = 1.2 miles per kWh.
You’re number is so low it’s unbelievable.

This is NOT my example. Not sure how you could confuse that with my lead in.

Sorry, late night reading.
You got me.

Its fascinating to me that, in the first video, the gas prices must RISE for EVs to be practical — even though (at the current $2.35, the lowest price here in San Jose), the price is more than 3 times what an EV costs in equivalent MPG (at $.75/g).

Another wonderful chestnut, this time from the last video: “the [extra] range helps you if you are sitting around in traffic a lot”, meaning the dolt, commenting on the Bolt, does not understand that EVs don’t IDLE.

In Detroit, the temperature this morning was -3 Deg F.

An EV stuck in traffic in those conditions can draw a few thousand watts just to heat the cabin. So his comment actually makes sense.

give me a break.

Scott, my Volt draws 500 watts at “idle” on a good day. If it is hot I draw at a 2 kW rate due to AC. If it is cold I draw between 2 kW and 6 kW due to the heater.
Electric cars “idle” more efficiently than ICE’rs, but they do “idle”.
If I am stuck in traffic with my Volt, I am glad to have a little extra in the pack to take care of the heating and cooling. I would just as soon the genset not kick on a mile from my home.

Heated seats, and a heated steering wheel, and a direct heating windshield defroster will take 100W or so. Very minimal effect on the range.

EV’s are clearly a competency test for journalists.

All that video and no good shot of the luggage area.