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The folks over at more mainstream-oriented CarBuzz put together an “unboxing” video from the site’s recent 2017 Chevrolet Bolt test drive review.

*Also, one can read the written version of the review here

The highly descriptive video notes, as well as complete video timestamps, are posted below, but the condensed form of CarBuzz’s take on the 2017 Bolt can be summed up with just a few words. Here goes:

The Bolt is not a looker, but it’s better than any EV out there for say less than $50,000.

Editor’s note:  We do have to mention the reviewer is clearly not intimately familiar with plug-in vehicles, as he mistakenly states that the L2/240v charging costs $750 and is the fastest way to charge the car in about 9-10 hours (as we know – all L2 charging abilities are standard with today’s EVs, and its the DC fast charging option that is $750, and returns up to 90 miles of range in 30 minutes, with a full charge in under 2 hours).  Still, it is nice to see a traditional automotive reviewer get excited about a less expensive all-electric car not named Tesla.

Video/review description from CarBuzz:

“Unboxing” The Chevrolet Bolt

For today’s unboxing review we have for you the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt. It’s affordable ($29,995 base price including federal tax credits) and has an EPA-estimated driving range of 238 miles. Charging its lithium-ion battery takes at most 9 hours, but you can buy an optional $750 charging unit to increase decrease that time.

Step inside and you’ll find a futuristic interior complete with a 10.2-inch touchscreen and an 8-inch digital instrument cluster screen. Other features include standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability plus 4G LTE WiFi.

The exterior design, however, isn’t exactly sexy. Put another way, a Tesla Model S (and the upcoming Model 3) look world’s better. But still, we think the Bolt is more attractive inside and out than the Nissan Leaf. That’s not exactly a hard thing to accomplish. We also liked how the Bolt can easily function as a daily driver with plenty of usable cargo space (56 cubic feet with the rear seats folded flat) and 10 airbags standard. Along with high-tech features like Regenerative Braking on Demand and One-Pedal Driving, it’s apparent that Chevrolet invested a lot of money and time in the Bolt’s development, but the big question is whether or not it’ll become a sales success. We think it will, but only time and numbers will tell. In the meantime, enjoy the review!

Introduction: 0:10
Trims: 0:50
Exterior: 1:20
Standard features: 2:50
Engine/Battery: 3:10
Interior: 3:25
Rear seat: 3:55
Dashboard: 4:20
Additional features: 4:50
Driver’s info screen: 5:25
Driving range: 5:40
High-tech features: 6:20
Cargo space: 6:55
Pricing: 7:25
What’s the competition?: 8:10
What do I like: 8:25
Don’t like: 8:30
Conclusion: 8:40

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All those links to the parts of the video are exactly the same. You just get to watch the whole video again.

I think they are just letting you know the time stamp of particular features, where to find them within the body of the video.

> “The best EV you can buy today”

If only that were true. I need to buy a car in the next month or two but I’m in Europe.

Looks like it’ll be another 5 years of not owning an EV.

I love this car! Its fantastic that its big enough for a family of 4. Looks like teenagers will fit in the back. And so damn torquey!

But it doesnt look good

I am in agreement w you

I cannot listen to this amateur BS.

This guy knows NOTHING. Argh…!

As soon as I read “Charging its lithium-ion battery takes at most 9 hours, but you can buy an optional $750 charging unit to INCREASE that time.” (emphasis mine) I knew the video would be crap.

That paint color looks amazing sometimes but often looks awful. In these videos it looks awful.

Apart from the charging issue, the worst error I noticed was in the price comparison graphic, where they put up a “base price” for the Bolt that subtracted the federal tax credit, against a price for the Leaf that didn’t.

The annoying reviewer mostly seems impressed by all the ways in which, hey, it’s like a regular car!

As a Bolt owner I can see how the reviewer would feel this way. It’s a world of difference. Even though I charged my LEAF every day I also watched the range meter like a hawk. With Bolt I don’t pay much attention. I realized I hadn’t even looked at the range meter since I last charged the car 2 days go. And it’s probably still above 3/4 remaining. It’s virtually always above 3/4 remaining.

I didn’t see the graphic you speak of but comparing one after credit to another before credit is silly.

It takkes to long to charge on Level 2.

Takes to long to charge on Level 2.

It charges at a nearly identical rate to a Tesla Model X P100D on Level 2. This is because while it uses a absorbs energy a slower it also uses it slower in operation. In miles added per unit time it’s near-identical.

And that’s if you have a 48A EVSE. If you use the included 40A EVSE or charge off a public (perhaps work) 30 or 32A EVSE the Model X charges far slower. Off a 40A EVSE all Model Xs (even the 60D) charge slower than a Bolt.

You are saying Tesla comes with a 40amp charger, not the bolt correct ?

In North America, Contemporary Teslas come with a 48 ampere charger in the car, with one 1 1/2 times as big as an option. A 40 ampere ‘portable wallbox cord’ is included should the customer not have/nor want to purchase one.

The Bolt/Ampera-E has, somewhat surprisingly, only one internal charger worldwide, a 7200 watt (maximum), with a maximum draw of 32 amperes. Therefore if you have at least 240 volts, a 30 ampere wallbox will also give you the maximum charging rate.

An 8 or 12 ampere 100-125 volt ‘travel cord’ is included, presumeably the Ampera-E models will have this be 200-250 volt 6 or 10 ampere – since anything more will require an external wallbox – up to 32 amperes single-phase – apparently the only configuration to be offered.

Sounds fishy. Fast charger should be included otherwise people get hosed.

Clearly Telsa is very well thought out.

Where is the box?

Nope. Not better than the Volt

? Better because it is Zero Emissions