Chevrolet Bolt Microsite Is Live + More Pics

JAN 12 2015 BY JAY COLE 72

Chevrolet Bolt Microsite Is Now Live

Chevrolet Bolt Microsite Is Now Live

Chevrolet Volt 5 Door

Chevrolet Bolt 5 Door


General Motors has put together a little teaser/microsite on the 200 mile, $30,000 (after incentives) Chevrolet Bolt.

Along with the new site is a couple new photographs we have yet to see of the Bolt (included below).

You can find GM’s Bolt site here.  Also of note, a 2016 Chevrolet Volt site is also now live (link)

Full specs and official photos can be found here.  While our live image gallery of the Bolt’s introduction with CEO Marry Berra and show pictures from the floor can be found here.


Chevrolet Bolt EV Interior

Chevrolet Bolt EV Interior

Chevrolet Bolt Glass Roof - We Are Thinking This Feature  Won't Live Past The Concept Stage

Chevrolet Bolt Glass Roof – We Are Thinking This Feature Won’t Live Past The Concept Stage

Chevrolet Bolt Dash Cluster

Chevrolet Bolt Dash Cluster

Full Chevrolet Bolt Dash

Full Chevrolet Bolt Dash

Chevrolet Bolt Door Assembly

Chevrolet Bolt Door Assembly

Chevrolet Bolt EV Getting Some Fresh Air

Chevrolet Bolt EV Getting Some Fresh Air

Chevrolet Bolt "Shifter"

Chevrolet Bolt “Shifter”

Chevrolet Bolt EV Wheels

Chevrolet Bolt EV Wheels

Chevrolet Volt EV Outside Again

Chevrolet Volt EV Outside Again

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What does “$30,000 after incentives” mean? They’re already factoring in the tax credit on that price?

If so, that seems like a pretty huge let down.

And since there is a limited number of tax rebates, we can already say that this will also be a compliance only car.

We can not say that this will be a compliance only car, but we can say that you are a troll. 😀


See Josh’s comment below.

Let me explain to you that if it is advertised at $30000, it will be within the limits of the alloctated amount of tax rabates that remains to GM, if it remains some in 2017… So it will be a compliance car in 50 states.
If it is advertised at it’s full price of around $37500 It has no tax rebate limits, but it’s a heafty price for such a smal car. And furthermore, it lets me think that they do not have the will to produce many of them since economies of scale would allow a substancial reduction on the price tag.

We will see in two years… But it is clear that it is also the Tesla effect on ICE car makers.

If it’s real, where is the test drive video?
I bet Tesla beats them to the streets =D—–

Do you have to work at coming up with silly comments or does it come naturally? Just wondering.

Pretty standard practice. Tesla always cites the price “after incentives”, though it always includes the $7500 federal tax credit and the $2500 California rebate. Not sure how this makes all its cars “compliance only”. Are you saying that every car Tesla sells is “definitely compliance only”?

Tesla has been very explicit that their ~$35k estimate for the Model 3 does not include any government incentives. If this does, that means the Bolt will be essentially the same price rather than with a $5k gap in between.

Tesla? You’re joking. The company which said the Model S would cost $45K when it costs $90K. That Tesla? Or the Tesla that said the Model X would ship in 2013 when it still hasn’t shipped. That Tesla?

Hopefully you have a reason to be so naive. The alternative is not pretty to consider.

Jake is correct in the fact that Tesla clarified that their $35k price target is without the $7500 federal tax credit. Musk said Tesla expects to burn through the 200k US sales before hitting volume production of the Model 3 (take this with as much kosher salt as you palate can handle). This is their target starting price (which they have missed before). But to be fair, GM had comparable swings and misses with Volt, Spark EV, and ELR. They are better on staying on schedule though. Volt at concept was a $30k vehicle with 40 mile AER + range extender, targeting volumes of 60k – 80k per year (aka Prius killer). Instead it started with a base MSRP of $40k (initial dealer markup to $50k+) and 36 mile AER. Lets hope Volt 2.0 fulfills the commitments of the original concept. Spark EV was the torque monster, stop light racer that was the GM answer to the LEAF. Set to take over the BEV market in the US, with availability soon in all 50 states. All of the non-Carb states are still waiting. ELR…why didn’t they release this one year ahead of the Volt 1.0 for $60k. They would have… Read more »

I like your idea that many others had also suggested: GM should have brought the ELR out at 60k to get the early adopters and maybe a small profit too, while attracting some Tesla buyers at a slightly lower price point, that were less concerned with performance and perhaps not sold on the new Tesla company. Imagine the pent up demand for Chevy buyers then when the price “drops” 20k to 40. As a salesman who sold every Volt our dealership retailed last year (not saying much) its my belief that the Volt is a terrific car with a great following that GM failed to market properly. Hopefully this new mainstream style and increased range will get them to put some advertising together nation wide.

I work hard to be understandable, as my native language is French Canadian. But thanks for encouraging me with such approval! 😉

Your native languages sounds like “trolling” from various GM hating messages that you have been posting…

My apologies.

If you were asking the question whether all cars which relied on incentives were “compliance cars”, then the answer is “no”. If you were asserting that this GM car should be deemed a “compliance car” because it was eligible for an incentive then, regardless of language, that’s a silly assertion.

How can it be a let down when today was the first time GM mentioned it? It did nothing to stoke expectations. It only built an amazing EV that will be offered in all 50 states.

I agree that advertising the price with tax credits could be misleading.

It will be 2.5 years until this hits the showroom. I was hoping Volt would eat almost all of their remaining tax credits (~125k) by that time.

Even Tesla (the master of advertising the after credit price on Model S) has been saying pricing without the tax credit on Model 3.

Even still, 200 mile EV for $37,500 would be in my driveway right now if it was available.

I’m not let down. I thought that price was ridiculous to begin with. Now it makes sense and seems like an attainable goal.

My biggest request for the car would be for it to have the ability to use Tesla Superchargers. (Not for free . . . a pay per use deal would be fine.)

Looks a lot like the i3 but not quite as ugly.

The i3 is an eye sore, this car is kind of nice

As far as color goes, they say imitation is the best form of flattery.

I don’t know, it looks more like a C-Max to me. If it really comes out like it is I am impressed. I would never have expected GM to make the first 2nd generation BEV.


From the pictures, I would rate this above the styling of the other plug-ins with these proportions (LEAF, i3, C-Max).

I wish someone had the balls to make these cars more aerodynamic. Or at least provide the OPTION to do so. Have an option for smooth wheels and covers for the rear wheel wells.

Ahh yes, complaining again, I see.

Love the new username though.

Also, you completely missed that the wheels have clear aerodynamic inserts between the spokes. That means that that is looks like a normal rim, but it’s actually solid.

That’s actually pretty nice looking.

I caught that, too. A little like disc wheels on a “time trial” bicycle. Those things definitely work, and we’ll be regen’in it. So, no heat problems.

And when can we get rid of the shifter! It is a complete waste of space and added cost. Just put a small knob or buttons on the dash or steering column. I’d rather have cupholders or a place to stash my cellphone than a completely pointless ornamental shifter waste of space!

+1 on the shifter. Unnecessary and taking up valuable room.

Agreed. Shifters are so vestigial…

So let’s say 37,500$ for a 200 mile range EV compared to 45,000$ for an i3 or 27,000$ for a Leaf, which both deliver about 80 miles of range. This says good things about the second generation of EVs. The only downside is having to wait.

Indeed. And I’m worried that these announcements may cause a bit of an Osborne effect. :-/

But what about the next-gen Leaf??? Any idea of price / range? If they keep the price the same, increase the range (and size a bit) — the Bolt will then be late to the party….

Nah, the Bolt will still beat the Leaf. Nissan has been talking about a mid-2017 introduction of a model year 2018 Leaf. GM seems to be talking about a model year 2017 Bolt.

I suspect the Leaf will be ~$5k cheaper than the Bolt, but will go 150 miles instead of 200. There will be plenty of room in the market for both of them.

I wonder though. It looks like the Bolt is getting to 200 miles by making this a 4 passenger car. What will the 5 seat, 2017 Leaf mileage be stated as?

Speaking, I think, for everyone here


He’s saying that the Bolt is smaller than the Leaf.

I can’t seem to find dimensions, but it does look smaller to me as well. The images clearly show four seats, which may or may not reflect the production version.

There will be a MY17 Leaf 2 coming out in 2016 and a MY17/18 Infiniti LE coming out in 2017.

But Leaf 2 will have “double” the range (so, more like 150 miles).

This is a good point.

Fifty miles is significant but a lower price could compensate for that. A range of 150 is probably fine for local driving. Adding another 50 AER is great but not critical.

The bigger issue is battery fade. I don’t think anyone should consider Nissan BEVs until Nissan equips them with a TMS. Because of battery fade, on a cold day my Volt has more electric range than my Leaf. Crazy.

At least 3 years to production. They’ll probably try to get there before Tesla. It’ll be a close race.

It will be exciting to watch. I’m just happy that GM’s shown its cards this early. I’m hoping it will keep Tesla focused and honest in their deadlines…

There has been no direct competition for Model , and we’ve seen the delays multiply. Probably, because there has been NO ONE to keep Tesla’s feet to the fire, so to speak…

“Bolt” bodes well for keeping M3 on track, imho.

No direct competition for Model X, sorry.

Caption on photo with all doors open is mis-labeled Volt.

Great reporting Jay, impressed to see how fast you got this stuff up.

The dash looks great. I guess the team that was studying Tesla learned something. I sure hope this concept makes it to production intact. I’ll buy one for the Electric Car Guest Drive as soon as it’s available.

…probably won’t be the last time that happens, lol. Thanks fixed.

Everyone working hard this am, no question. We probably have put up a little too much coverage of the 2016 Volt/Bolt, but hey – if you aren’t into them, just take the morning off and everything will get back to ‘normal’ soon, (=

The final picture is mislabeled also.

Any pictures of it with the trunk/hatch area?

Yeah. Hoping the rear seats disappear into the floor and there is a large, contiguous cargo area back there…

Surprised by how production-ready this is. Sure it has the glass roof which will go, or become smaller, and the interior looks conceptish.

But still, this is a buildable car, which tells me that, at least for now, they really mean to build it.

Yeah all that glass probably won’t make it past crash testing, which is a shame, because it looks like it will have great rear visibility. I know rear cameras are pretty much the norm going forward, but my ’13 Leaf blind spots are horrible.

To actually sell a 200 mile EV, GM will have to seriously step into the FCDC charge station network arena. GM is is committed to the SAE combo charger, but in three years, the Tesla SC network and the Chademo network (thanks to Nissan’s aggressive promotion) will probably be almost ubiquitous. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out.

All the German automakers (BMW, VW with Audi and all its other brands…) are committed to this standard too.

I guess Ford and others will also bring out EVs with SAE Combo by that time.

And there will be more and more multi-chargers with both (CHademo and SAE) plugs.

I don’t see an issue in 3-5 years, see Asia/Japan and Europe where the two standards have a pretty good coverage already.

Well, GM has only committed to 80% charge in 45 minutes, which matches up with about the top level of most Combo CCS EVSE’s… 62.5 kW.

The Bolt concept as shown is therefore not a long distance competitor to a Model 3, as it charges at roughly 50% the rate.

Pretty disappointing actually. Further, every < 90 kW EVSE out there is a waste of money anyways, as it is too slow and simultaneously too expensive.

That is a broad statement, if you aren’t going to break out how CCS is likely to be used. Crossing the U.S., you want a Tesla, but once you get into distances people drive, at least in the warm 200 mile case, a Bolt is far more likely to need a single “top up” for most trips. There, it becomes who’s with you and how patient they are, waiting ~30 minutes on that 300 mile trip.

Those “CCS moments” will raise envy for Tesla, but I bet driving culture will eventually adapt.

I’ll believe it when I can actually buy one in Virginia.

I am right there with you, just change VA to AL. We don’t get much EV love in the Heart of Dixie either.

Of course, we don’t have state incentives and we have only a small number of public charging stations. Read that to mean chargers not on a new car dealership lot.

Dont you guys have cheap electric rates down there in AL?

This looks like it would be fun to drive. They are going for the sporty/quirkiness of the i3 at a lower price point. But with 200 mile range for $30k, it would be a winner.

Off topic: just wanted to say “good work” to InsideEvs for the coverage at NAIAS. The downside, was up until well past midnight.
This site is addictive.

Thank you for the kind words! Agree it has been a long night/day.

Unfortunately, I really like the look of it( exterior at least). I so desprately didn’t want to like anything from GM after the EV1 fiasco. I feel very conflicted.

And I hope they keep some form of that panoramic roof.

My two reservations are the type of DC quick charge and the trunk space.

This is designed to sell. Frankly, I’m shocked…

The door handles and headrests look Tesla-ish, the dash reminds me of i3, and the rear profile, a bit of Renault’s Zoe: all wrapped up in a mini-CUV.

I’m impressed GM finally did another BEV, years after their EV-1.

Wanna see some motor / battery specs…

I’m sure the Spark EV has been GM’s testbed for this new BEV.

It took a little getting used to, with the look of that white earlier concept in my head when I arose this morning, but I have to say that the more I look at this EV, the more I like it.
It looks better than the LEAF, i3, and Spark.
After a 35 year long hate of anything GM, both the Volt and now the Bolt make two GM cars that I would actually consider buying.
Gotta give GM credit where it’s due.

This does not look like a CUV to me other than it’s side profile styling. I’d say it’s closest competitor size wise that happens to be available now or the very near future, offering about 85 e miles per charge is the VW e-Golf.

VW and Kia and others won’t be standing still or sitting on old batteries waiting for GM to come out with this. They have BEVs to sell now in 2015 and by 2017 I expect we will have quite a variety of BEV choices pushing the 200 +/- mile range. I do like this Bolt exterior styling exercise and hope the real car is close, though I’d personally prefer a true wagon in length, wheelbase and space. And I want HVAC and radio control knobs that can be operated with minimal eye contact. GM listened to the Gen I Volt owners and that what’ve are getting in Gen II, as it should be.

Car looks are subjective. Personally, I find the Model X bloated and misproportioned. Others find the Model S bland and nondescript.

Good descriptions, I agree with them. It wouldn’t stop me from buying one, though the current price would.

I like it. Chevy surprised me, especially after seeing the underwhelming new Volt. I have the current Volt for another year, and would definitely lease this if it would be available then. I had a Honda Fit before the Volt and loved it, and this reminds me of the Fit.

I do want it to be faster than the Volt, though. 0-60 in 7 secs, at least, otherwise I might as well buy a used RAV4 EV.

A Leaf, albeit easier on the eyes IMO, with twice the range for about $10K more. It will be interesting to see how many mainstream buyers really “need” 20 miles of range. Tesla Model S buyers, other than me, are happy to plunk down thousands of dollars for rarely if ever used range but that won’t be as true for sub $40K buyers.

It looks to be competition for the i3, Leaf, etc but I don’t expect it to be strong competition for the Model 3. We’ll have a better idea once Model 3 is actually revealed in more detail.

From the website linked above:

“an 80 percent charge can be achieved in less than 45 minutes.”

So the standard deal for 75 mile cars like leaf or i3 is 25kwh or similar. Assuming (and I do) that this is a 50kwh car, that is a 50KWH charger, mas o menos.

So I am not a CCS expert, but that sounds like the current CCS standard.

PS. kinda funny that their fast charger info is under the picture of what is obviously an L2 (slow) charge port on the Bolt.

They are talking (on the GM website) about lighter materials and aluminum. Sounds to me like they have a 50KWH battery and are expecting weight savings to push it to 200 miles.

Anyone want to take that bet?