Chevrolet Bolt To Launch In South Korea Next Year

Chevrolet Bolt: Tesla Model 3 competitor


Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

Reports out of South Korea are suggesting that General Motors will launch the Chevrolet Bolt there in the first half of 2017.

This news comes to us from the show floor of the 2016 Korea Electronics Show (KES) at COEX. That’s reportedly where General Motors Korea made the Bolt EV announcement, which stated that ordering info and price would be announced closer to when sales commence sometime in the fistr six months of next year.

Business Korea adds:

“At the GM Mobility Forum event during the 2016 KES on the same day, GM Korea CEO and President James Kim and GM International Vice President of Planning and Program Management Lowell Paddock shared their perspectives on the present and future of the global vehicle market and introduced the overview of recent developments of Chevrolet’s EVs.”

Lee Woo-jong, president of the LG Electronics Vehicle Components (VC) Company, was on hand at the event too. LG Electronics Vehicle Components is responsible for at least 11 core components of the Bolt. Woo-jong stated:

“I took the Bolt EV for a test drive in person at the GM headquarters in the U.S. last year, and it gave me confidence that the car would be a “game changer.” The strategic partnership model between GM and LG Electronics is a true partnership that the two companies decide on the whole process of designing, development, inspection and even pricing together, and the Bolt EV is the successful model.”

Source: Business Korea

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Coast to coast without refueling!

You can do that even with SparkEV. Korea is a tiny country. It’s amazing even just a little bit of capitalism has brought to south.

I assume they will be built at Orion? LG parts will be doing a round trip to Detroit & back.

Yes indeed, kinda reminds of the RAV4 EV…but worse. From Tesla in California, to assembly in Canada, then back to California to sell

Or maybe they’ll just ship the body and seats to Korea

All the assy tooling is in Orion though.

As a European, who used to drive a Deawoo that was always broken, I’m not very enthousiastic for a Daewoo Bolt. This is exactly the reason why the Chevrolet brand is useless in Europe now, people still associate it with the terrible quality of Daewoo.
Hopefully we can expect the Opel variant soon.

Hyundai used to be awful, too, ranked as second worst car in US (bit better than Yugo). But now look at it. Korean cars of yesteryears are different from today.