Chevrolet Bolt To Launch In Mexico In Mid-2017



It seems there’s a chance that some residents of Mexico might be able to take delivery of the Chevrolet Bolt ahead of some of us here in the U.S.

In a rather unexpected move, General Motors just announced that the Bolt is “starting commercialization” (thanks Google Translate) in Mexico in mid-2017.

Chevrolet Bolt Rollout Schedule For U.S. – Click To Enlarge

Presumably, this implies that order will be taken starting mid year. First deliveries would likely follow a couple of months later (similar to the U.S. distribution plans for “All States” – see image)

Pedro Ruiz, General Motors Marketing Director of Mexico, commented on the Bolt launch in Mexico:

“We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Chevrolet Bolt EV to Mexico, as it complements our offer of alternative power vehicles, along with Chevrolet Volt.”

“We are confident that Chevrolet Bolt EV will become one of our customers’ favorite vehicles as the most autonomous electric car.”

Pricing information for the Bolt in Mexico is not available at this time.

Press blast (in Spanish, of course) below:


Ofrece 383 km de rango totalmente eléctrico
Galardonado como “Auto del Año de Norteamérica 2017”
Palo Alto – Chevrolet confirmó que Bolt EV, el vehículo totalmente eléctrico de la marca que ofrece un rango de 383 km con una carga eléctrica completa, se integrará al portafolio de productos de México, iniciando comercialización a mediados de 2017. Bolt EV incluye tecnologías de conectividad avanzada diseñadas para mejorar y personalizar la experiencia de conducción.

“Estamos muy contentos de anunciar la llegada de Chevrolet Bolt EV a México, ya que complementa nuestra oferta de vehículos de propulsión alternativa, junto a Chevrolet Volt”, comentó Pedro Ruiz, Director de Mercadotecnia de General Motors de México. “Estamos seguros que Chevrolet Bolt EV se convertirá en uno de los vehículos favoritos de nuestros clientes por ser el eléctrico con mayor autonomía”, finalizó.

Chevrolet Bolt EV es capaz de generar 200 hp y 266 lb-pie de torque gracias al motor eléctrico que se impulsa por una batería de ion-litio de 60 kWh. Contará con Electronic Precision Shift, el sistema de selección de cambios electrónicos que envía señales al sistema de propulsión del vehículo para lograr la potencia y torque precisos de acuerdo a la selección del modo de conducción y grado de aceleración.

Al exterior, Chevrolet Bolt EV se asemeja a una SUV. Su proporción única, prácticamente sin excedentes delanteros o traseros, hace del interior un entorno más espacioso. Materiales ligeros, incluyendo aluminio, magnesio, fibra de carbono y malla tejida complementan el diseño, al tiempo que reducen el peso en vacío para ayudar a maximizar los rangos de desempeño.

Este año, gracias a su equipamiento e innovación en tecnología, Chevrolet Bolt EV recibió el reconocimiento de “Auto del Año de Norteamérica 2017” en el marco del Auto Show Internacional de Norteamérica, añadiéndolo a una lista creciente de galardones independientes como: “Auto del Año 2017” por la revista Motor Trend; uno de los 10 mejores vehículos 2017 por el medio Car and Driver; la revista Green Car Journal también lo premió como “Green Car of the Year”; y el portal Green Car Reports lo nombró “el mejor vehículo nuevo para comprar”.

Más adelante se darán a conocer más detalles del equipamiento, fecha de comercialización y precios en México.

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“Al exterior, Chevrolet Bolt EV se asemeja a una SUV.” LOL wut?

Chevy is selling it as an electric crossofer/SUV. Its a stretch maybe, but it is nearly the same size as the Chevy Trax. The Bolt rides a bit lower and doesnt offer all wheel drive, but I think its far more utilitarian than the average EV. It’s smart for Chevy to market this as a crossover/small SUV. It will broaden the appeal.

From the most recent email blast Chevy sent me regarding the Bolt:

“The all-electric 2017 Bolt EV offers a wide range of technology to help make driving smart and convenient. This *all electric crossover* captures its own energy and transmits it back into the battery, allowing you to maximize range. “

But.. but.. COMPLIANCE CAR! 😀


Either they’re trying to get in while they’re hot, or they’re going to try to hold on to those US Federal tax credits for as long as possible.

Estupido ecompliance ecar 😉

Might clean the air a bit in Mexico City.

I kind of like the Spanish translations for the names better:

Bolt: Rayo (bolt of lightning) or Tornillo (screw bolt) or Cerrojo (latch bolt), etc

Volt: Voltio

At least they sound different.

Tomaré un Chevy Rayo en negro, por favor. 😉

Why do I get the feeling that it’ll be cheaper in Mexico than in US, like how SparkEV was cheaper there than in US.

Maybe due to unresolved childhood fears about monsters and ghosts lurking outside your bedroom window at night. -):

Nah. My fear was my siblings will come and take my toys away. I guess I still have that fear the big government will take my money away (or more so than usual).

Maybe they want to sell a few before trumps mutual border tax comes into effect

How will it get over the wall !

They should be able to fit through the door.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol, I half expected the Jurassic Park doors.

He said nothing about doors.

Interestingly Trumps success has emboldened a number of conservative groups in Australia, in particular in Queensland. I saw some conversations on another forum that went like this:


“…we should build a wall around Queensland and get all the other states to pay for it”

Australian from another state:

“look, we are not willing to pay for the wall but I am sure we could all club together and pay to have the sea water pumped in once its finished”

When I went to Australia, they told me they called the people from the North, “Mexicans”.

Dukes of Hazzard Style

I’d settle for a launch of the Bolt in ARIZONA!!

Mexico before Texas, that is frustrating.

I don’t read it that way. I think dealers will be able to order it immediately after the Bolt is available in Texas.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

According to the chart that’s how it reads.
Are we looking at the same chart on this page?

The chart doesn’t even have Mexico on it. Are we reading the same chart?

will they be starting a second shift?

Well I think selling Bolts in Mexico has become harder to do because of Trump

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

When was it hard for GM to sell Bolts in Mexico beofore the first single full sales month of Jan 2017?

Perhaps the gas riots and general bad feeling against Pemex and the government of Mexico has something to do with this decision.
A car that does not use any gas would appeal to those that want to avoid gas shortages. At least it would be a selling point.

Mexico makes lots of oil. Their today’s gas price of almost $3.50/gal vs about $2.50/gal just over the border in US is not going to last. That is, if they let the market work, which Mexico isn’t known to do often.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The oil biz is a funny thing.
Who would you sell your oil to? The home team or a customer willing to pay you 33.33% more?

“While acknowledging the anger, President Enrique Peña Nieto said Thursday he would forge ahead anyway with the deregulated price scheme, which would do away with fuel subsidies and allow gasoline prices to be determined by prevailing international price”

Let’s see if they really keep it free market. As I mentioned, US is cheaper, and true free market could have tanker trucks buying in US and selling in Mexico until prices even out.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Well, if that isn’t a slap in the US face, what is???

So now, not only is GM slapping the US, they’re also lobbying members of “Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers” trying to thwart Tesla’s sales method and is still pleading to Trump to either reduce the emissions standards or eliminate them as well as push back on CARB states.

Bolt = Support for all of the above

The article says that Bolts would arrive in Mexico at the same time as the “All States” date for the US. So how is this a slap in the face?

Right. Also, I did not see this much complaining when the Bolt went on sale in Canada. I will stop short of accusing anyone of their cloistered racism showing itself, and instead look at it as people are itching to get themselves a Bolt.

While any complaining of this sort is absurd, The Bolt didn’t just “go on sale in Canada”. Actually, it only went on sale in parts of Canada with significant EV incentives. That is, Ontario and Quebec. It’s unavailable in the rest of Canada.

As Mexico has no significant EV incentives selling the car there is akin to selling it across Canada. So it is a little bit more of an odd duck. Although it’s not that much of an odd duck because surely it will be sold across Canada at the same time it is sold in Mexico. Now that the Bolt has Canadian approval, surely they wouldn’t turn down a dealership which applies to sell it at the “all states” point on the schedule. And that’s the same point at which Mexico gets the car.

Is that as hard as you can troll?


WOW… it is amazing to see how US states and even other countries are joining CARB and forcing poor GM to sell a compliance car they dont want to make and lose thousands of dollars on…

And for those who cannot tell this is sarcasim…

So one can buy a Bolt in Mexico before one can do so in Michigan (unless one imports it privately from out-of-state).
Guess GM wants to make sure to copy Tesla all the way…

But Tesla actually is interested in selling their vehicles in Michigan, they are just not allowed to, thanks to GM lobbying.

Given the January US numbers, I guess GM will run out of Bolts shortly, not being able to meet demand, unless California does not get assigned any more vehicles during the year (in Norway, there are several 1000 reservations already for the Bolt / a.k.a. Ampera-e).
Who would have thought that when someone produces an EV with decent range people would actually buy it?

That’s not what it says. It says Mexico gets it at the same time as all state availability starts.

Mexico has all of ten CCS stations and all but two of those are in Mexico City. There’s only one Tesla Supercharger in Mexico right now. There are a few L2 chargers in Major cities but I don’t think anyone charges at RV parks down there.

It must be very challenging to own an EV in Mexico right now. I this is not a very politically correct thing to say but I don’t think you will see many Bolts in Mexico until they hit the used car market. With the low maintenance, the Bolt might do very well in Mexico in the used car market.

GM must want to lose more money on the Bolt by selling more of it in market that isn’t ZEV required…

Geez, more evidence to slap against those “trolls” that call Bolt a compliance car.

I am loving it!

They haven’t announced the price in Mexico, yet, so we’ll see. If it’s priced $9K more than US, that will give Trolls excuse to say it’s compliance for making it artificially low in US. But seeing how it’s priced less in Norway than US, I highly doubt it’ll be more in Mexico.