Chevrolet Bolt Expected To Take Home North American Car Of The Year Award


Two years ago in Detroit GM introduced the Chevy Bolt EV to the world

Two years ago in Detroit GM’s CEO Mary Barra introduced the Chevy Bolt EV to the world

With the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) right around the corner (open to the media starting on January 9) all eyes are on the coveted North American Car of the Year (NACOTY) award…at least as far as awards go.

Will it go to the Chevrolet Bolt? Will this be the first time (in fact, an electric car has never even been among the finalists since 1994 when the award program began) a plug-in electric car captures the award? It sure seems that the Bolt is the front-runner, especially since it’s already taken home some of the year’s most highly sought award, such as Motor Trend Car of the Year, Green Car Journal’s Green Car of the Year, Car & Driver 10 Best and so on.

Last year at NAIAS GM CEO Mary Barra And Mark Reuss (GMNA Boss) debuted the "production-intent" Bolt EV

Last year at NAIAS GM CEO Mary Barra And Mark Reuss (GMNA Boss) debuted the “production-intent” Bolt EV

The Bolt’s competition this year seems relatively weak. The three finalist are the Chevy Bolt, Hyundai Genesis G90 and Volvo S90. We think that the game-changing nature of the Bolt will secure its win and others agree with us. Ed Loh, Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief, stated:

Up against just the Genesis G90 and Volvo S90 ... how can the Bolt EV lose? (shown here at the LA Auto Show in November 2016)

Up against just the Genesis G90 and Volvo S90 … how can the Bolt EV lose? (shown here at the LA Auto Show in November 2016)

“Chevrolet is on a roll with new and compelling vehicles. The Bolt EV is certainly a game changing vehicle.”

As News 18 reports:

“For the NACOTY award, the Bolt will be up against two large luxury sedans, the Hyundai-built Genesis G90 and the Volvo S90. But neither offers the Chevy’s widespread appeal or affordability.”

We sure do hope that the Bolt comes away with the win. We’ll be on scene in Detroit for the award presentation on January 9 at 7 AM Eastern Time, so check back then to see if the Bolt continues down its history-making path.

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Yes the Bolt is the first of many awsome EVs that will roll out over the next several years…

It’s no contest.

Yup. Those other cars up against Bolt are just plain old, same old, nothing new, nothing remarkable. Against such anemic competition, Bolt is sure to win.

Then the question is, what is worthy competitor at the moment? Other than Tesla P100DL, none that I can think of, and Tesla is kind of old, too.

If the Prius Prime (puke) or Pacifica Hybrid were up for the award, I could see an upset probably.
But not from 2 gas cars.

I saw Prime at auto show. It SUCKED! Only 4 seats, and rear trunk was awful. Regular Prius is far better even if it’s bit more expensive. I can see why Prime did not come up as finalist.

Good point on Pacifica, but it’s a rehash of Volt, nothing like buzz generating Bolt. Still, I think it’s better those two gassers.

Maybe it’s a rehash of the Volt.

Heck, maybe it’s a rehash of the Fisker Karma. 😉

But we need plug-ins in all market segments so more people can choose them. The Pacifica is a very welcome introduction and I’d love to see some more plug-in SUVs too. The Volvo was the first but not everyone can blow $100K on a plug-in SUV.

Rehash of the now 6 year old Gen 1 Volt….with 35% less EV range, poorer performance times across the board, the same 4 seat limitation, and it looks like a drunken paraplegic designed it.

The Prime would have been a good effort… 2010.

It’s all about price-point, Bro. The Prius will sell well.

Pacifica Plug-in should have made the finals.

That’s a great point!

How did it get kicked off the list?

This year there are three categories: Car, Truck, and Utility Vehicle. The Pacifica is a finalist in the Utility Vehicle category. The plug in isn’t. That’s likely because having two variations of the same vehicle take two of the three finalist spots isn’t going to happen, and FCA hasn’t pushed the plug-in version at all.

Dan Dan the driving man

the byd E6 is the number one electric car in the history of the world, kind of funny very few people even know about it

How can it lose?

I’ve heard that too many times in recent elections. It doesn’t always workout.

Bolt is a stupid compliance car built by dinosaur ICE makers.
They’re just trying to kill the EV market by making them ugly.
GM in being paid by Koch bros., Trump, OPEC and planet-haters to introduce the car and then they’ll never deliver except where they have to.
In a few years they’ll all be recalled and crushed like EV1.

(I always start the New Year with an act of kindness. Thought I should take care of this to spare the orthodox EVangelists a post or two.)

You forgot to put /sarc to denote that it was sarcastic comment.

“realistic” said:

“Bolt is a stupid compliance car”

Since you clearly don’t understand what a “compliance car” is, then you shouldn’t be posting on the subject.

Also, you need to change your screen name, since obviously you don’t care about realism in your posts.

I partially agree with realistic, no established automaker can push EV evolution any further than Tesla does complemented by their wish not only to obstruct the process, rather to crush it. Only new start-ups with no ties to oil industry can overhaul the industry, introduce sth other than batteries, e.g. supercapacitors, transistors etc etc , with no fears how that will affect the established lineup. That’s the massive advantage of start-ups, not having the tails to cover, simply push ahead and break boundaries, not fearing from creating a 20k EV with 1,000 km range. That’s exactly where Tesla have to seek additional partners such as Apple Qualcomm and likes new to the automotive field. That’s the only way to speed the process up, be it through a full or a partial merger. Time.

That’s a very realistic portrayal of an Electrec orthodox EVangelist troll.

But you forgot to mention that the car is “dorky” and/or “ugly” econobox and that you really do think that “LG has built a good car” but GM is going to “lose $9000 on every car” so they don’t want to sell any.

So your act of kindness was not perfect, but your heart was in the right place.

Hopefully since you have spared them the effort of writing it, they will spare the rest of us the effort of reading it.

Doesn’t it depend on what else is announced at NAIAS?

Oh, apparently not. The finalists are set ahead of time.

Genesis 90 is a nice car, haven’t seen the Volvo.

unlucky said:

“Oh, apparently not. The finalists are set ahead of time.”

Well said, sir. Personally, if I was a judge at the show, I’d want to wait and see what actually showed up before making my decision.

“Sentence first–verdict afterwards.” — The Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland

From a purely show-centered perspective I don’t see why you can’t show a new car and have it considered. Shows like to have awards to hand out to new things debuted at their shows in order to encourage new things to be debuted at their shows!

It seems odd that NAIAS doesn’t do this.

Not only are the finalists named ahead of time, IIRC the voting ended on December 28th. All that is left to do is count the votes and announce the winners. It has to be that way since one of the requirements is that the journalists voting must have seat time in the vehicle. That’s a good thing IMO.

LEAF 2.0

The Model Year (MY) 2017 Nissan Leaf is already at dealerships. I assume any “Leaf 2.0” will be MY 2018.

Very cool. I’m glad the Bolt is expected to win. The Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle (EV) achieved 200+ EPA rated miles in range and is substantially lower in cost than anything on the market. Another positive, EVs need as much positive publicity as possible.

The Chevy Volt was the North American Car of the Year in 2011, which means the Bolt EV will not be the first plug in to win the award.

The Nissan Leaf was a finalist in that year as well. So we’ve seen a plug in win and a BEV be a finalist.

The Model S never won?

Is there some kind of price cutoff or something? Because otherwise I can’t see any good reason for that. It would instead seem to indicate that NAIAS simply isn’t in the business of rewarding automakers who spurn Michigan as a car capital.

The Tesla Model S received more significant “Car of the Year” awards than any other car in history, did it not? So if it missed that one, I wouldn’t complain about it too much.

Here is a graphic showing the many worldwide Model S awards only through 2014.

The model S is not good enough to win

Well Someone who Hates Tesla, too late for you and the Europeans, Someone who Hates Tesla.

See above

Well, Bolt deserves it and it is good for all EVs.