Chevrolet Bolt EV Video Roundup From 2016 NAIAS

JAN 31 2016 BY MARK KANE 27

Chevrolet Bolt EV Cutaway

Chevrolet Bolt EV Cutaway

Here we turn our attention back to the Chevrolet Bolt EV debut at the Consumer Electronics Show and North American International Auto Show.

Feedback for the Bolt EV was very positive (as evidenced by nearly 400 comments on our main unveiling story) – probably strong enough to significantly affect sales of currently available electric cars by delaying purchase decisions until the launch of the Bolt EV in late 2016.

Chevrolet Bolt EV has the potential to raise the electric car bar to another level thanks to its 60 kWh battery and expected 200 miles of range at the price of around $30,000 after federal tax credit ($7,500).

But range and price are not the only things that make Bolt a breakthrough. It’s a five-seater with a lot of space, according to early test drives at CES. The 150 kW electric motor is more than needed, more than… nearly all plug-ins aside from Tesla, so the 0-60 will be under 7 seconds.

Here we gathered some of the most interesting reviews from CES and presentations from NAIAS to once again check out the Bolt EV:

Driving the Chevy Bolt: An affordable electric car for everyone — CES 2016 – The Verge

Chevy Bolt Cracks the EV Code – CES 2016  – Autoline Network

Pamela Fletcher is the Chief Engineer for Electrified Vehicles at General Motors. She talks with John McElroy about the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt EV and how the company believes it has cracked the EV code. Not only does the Bolt have a 200-mile range and a price around $30,000, but it has has plenty of interior space and was designed for both personal and shared use.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV at CES 2016 – YouCar

Chevy Bolt at CES 2016

The All-Electric 2017 Bolt EV | Chevrolet

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV – How it Works – Dani Prank

2017 Bolt EV debut at NAIAS

2017 Chevrolet Bolt – 2016 Detroit Auto Show –

2017 Chevrolet Bolt – 2016 Detroit Auto Show – Kelley Blue Book

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Electric Vehicle – Exterior Interior Walkaround – 2016 Detroit Auto Show – AutoMotoTube

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV – First Look –

What Drives Us NAIAS special: Chevy BOLT – What Drives Us

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Interview Mark Reuss, GM, at the 2016 NAIAS

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Interview Larry Nitz, GM, at the 2016 NAIAS

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Interview Dan Ammaann, GM, at the 2016 NAIAS

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Interview Alan Batey, 2016 NAIAS

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Interview Pamela Fletcher, Chevrolet, at the 2016 NAIAS

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Interview Senator Debbie Stabenow, at the 2016 NAIAS

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Very nice video round-up, Mark. We’re featuring the Bolt on the cover and main feature story in the next edition of ECI magazine and the extra clips were helpful and inspiring as I finish editing the article today.


Would really like to hear from the LG Engineering Team that worked so hard on this project, and made significant technical contributions to this BEV…

Yeah. Well one thing we heard from them, at least the company, was that they were not too pleased when GM released the price on the batteries they built for them.

We have a great deal of xp with evs, especially crushing them. Well I just have to laugh every time with people falling all over themselves concerning a car that does not yet exist. Cracking the code and all that nonsense.

I do hope it’s a rousing success and will do everything GM says it will,. I just have my doubts.

My Volt was more than I expected and continues to be flawless after 3 years and 27,000 hard city miles… used 28gallons of gas total …one oil change that’s it.

Will GM stick with just the Bolt or expand their EV line up to other Cars, CUVs, SUVs, Vans and Pickups.

Already Tesla has indicated that they will sell Model-3 in Sedan & Crossover variant.

If GM sells Bolt alone, we can presume that their intention is just to compete with Tesla and not meet the needs of all EV buyers.

GM has no intention of making the Bolt in large numbers. If they did, they’d be moving to build their own battery factories, instead of settling for just one “slice of the pie” of LG Chem’s supply.

Tesla, Nissan, and BYD are the only auto manufacturing companies which have built our, or are building, their own factories to supply battery cells. And at least so far, they are the only auto makers to get serious about producing plug-in EVs in large numbers.

GM says it plans to make about 20-30k Bolts per year, and one of their spokesmen claimed they can ramp up to 50k if the demand is there. Contrast that with Tesla, which plans to make 500k EVs per year by 2020. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if BYD beats Tesla’s volume.

GM could if they wanted sell this car all over the world in both RHD and LHD, but somehow I don’t think GM will do this as they don’t want to. What a shame.

Why build more if nobody is going to buy it?

Are you going to buy it?

So many people post here all claim that the Bolt is great but he/she isn’t going to buy it. So, where are the buyers coming from?

He reminds me of the old Alan Sherman song:

“Good advice costs nothing…. and its worth the price!”.

Emphasis on NOTHING. He sure hasn’t done anything to personally encourage EV sales.

50k per year is not a hard limit. GM has stated that they will increase production capacity if there is more demand. I have no reason to doubt that LG Chem woudn’t do the same.

Why is the wheelbase so short.
I find highway cruising uncomfortable with 102 inch wheelbase.

They go too far with this “city car” concept.
The Volt and Leaf have nice wheelbase of 106.
The Volt is a great hybrid but low rear seat headroom.
And the Leaf isn’t a hybrid with good rear seat headroom.

“Will GM stick with just the Bolt or expand their EV line up to other Cars, CUVs, SUVs, Vans and Pickups.”

The answer is they will do whatever competition requires.

Regarding the climate control, will the Bolt have a heat pump setup? Does it have a heated steering wheel?

The Birds eye view is from Nissan as I had their surround view on my 2013 LEAF .
The LG batteries are by LG with no GM input. Argonne labs came up with the chemistry.
They say they have room for a briefcase up front where Tesla has a Frunk.
Most of all WHERE IS THEIR SUPER CHARGER NETWORK like Tesla has? I’m getting the Tesla model 3 thanks.

The Bolt EV has perfect dimensions for not to small hatchback and not to big sedan which will require bigger battery.
I was hoping Tesla Model 3 to have such dimensions.
My wife has 157 inch long hatchback in which the stroller fits but not easy.

Elon stated the Model 3 would be a competitor to the BMW 3 series, that gives both an indication of the kind of cool car to expect and a length of about 182 inch (4,63 m) ( ).

So the Model 3 will be very different from the Bolt both in style and in length.

I like the size of BMW 3 series, but for electric car with 200 miles will be hard to cost $35-37k.
BMW 3er E46 1.6i has length 4,47m and weighs 1285kg. If the electric version weighs 1600kg(like Bolt EV) and with 60kWh battery has 200 mils range will be perfect.
Tesla 60kWh battery pack will weighs around 380kg and that makes it hard for sedan like E46 to have weight under 1600kg.
Musk said that Model 3 will be 20% smaller than Model S with lenght 196 inches. I don’t know how to understand that.
After all I would like to see Model 3 with very low drag coefficient like better looking Ford Probe prototypes.

Yes he also said 20% smaller but in what? In length it is almost impossible since it would become a sub 157 inch (4 m) car nowhere near the possibility to compete with a BMW 3 Series. Perhaps he was meaning 20 % in overall volume or in weight which is then again compatible with a BMW 3 Series competition. I think it is very important to understand the strong symbol of specifically naming the BMW 3 Series, especially in Europe, since that means being at the top of the so called affordable vehicles. Top look, top quality, top performances and still bellow 40000 €.

On battery side, the energy content is unknown but 60 KWh is plausible. It could be less since its Cd will likely be lower than the Bolt but it could also be higher since the 200 miles was indicated as a rather low limit. So that sets it in the 50-70 KWh range. Although we are likely gone have some model variations perhaps exactly that, on of 50 KWh and another one of 70 KWh.

If Bolt EV 60kWh cost $37500, I don’t think that Model 3 will have same price with smaller battery even if can have same range.

So so ugly.

Gah! I hate “Marketing Speak”, it makes me nauseous. I don’t mind “Reviewer Speak” so much, because it tells me something, but if I have to listen to suits from Marketing, I’ve got to take a Dramamine.

Yeah, but then I enjoy listening to the “Head” engineer Fletcher talk about “Reactionary Forces” in the Volt, and then having the camera pan to see all the engineers in the room cringe. Hehe.

Bolt EV will be the first electric car with bigger battery than Tesla’s first car – Roadster 2008.

“…Bolt will be the first car to have a bigger battery…”

Yup, and also a standard J1772 that won’t freeze in the winter as easily as the TSL-01 connector. Fortunately, the 12 volt accessory jack in the Roadster would work with the charging cord frozen to the car, so then I’d plug in my 12 volt to 110 inverter, and put a 100 watt lightbulb trouble light against the connector and wrap towels around it. THat was the only way I’d keep from getting stranded at a Public Charger since there are usually never any 110 volt outlets around them.

The j1772 hardly ever freezes to the car.

Like the fold down rear seat (actually flat, not kinda flat), the rear seat room, the panel.

If the car had a pathway to faster charging, just the potential that it could get to 100kW or better, just a demo… I would probably buy and not lease it.

The car needs to last for 10 years. Not be obsolete in 5.