Chevrolet Bolt EV Continues Hot Sales Hand In November, Nears 3,000 Deliveries

Chevrolet Bolt

DEC 1 2017 BY JAY COLE 139

The Chevy Bolt EV, faced with little competition, has made its mark on 2017 in the US

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is ending the year with a bang, as the 238 mile EV alone is following through on earlier sales estimations for rounding out 2017.

The Bolt EV finds itself in a pretty great situation these days, as the Tesla Model 3 still finds itself struggling with production issues, and the new 2018 Nissan LEAF has, as of yet, launched only in Japan…both of those longer range/lower cost EVs are not expected to put up serious numbers until January at this point, leaving the market to the Chevy alone.

The new 2018 Nissan LEAF will be the Chevy Bolt EV’s strongest competition…when it arrives that is

Add in the fact that November and December are historically the best selling (not leasing) months of the year for plug-ins (ex-Tesla) – thanks to the way the $7,500 fed credit works, and GM’s EV now finds itself as America’s best selling plug-in offering for the 2nd month in a row, and for the 3rd time in the past 4 months.

For November, 2,987 Bolts were sold, slightly besting the 2,781 moved in October.

The month’s sales also make 9 consecutive months of gains.  For the year, 20,070 have been delivered – second only to the Tesla Model S, which will take down the year’s best-selling title for the 3rd year in a row.

Also of note:  While we don’t expect it to affect inventory levels or production in any meaningful way, the 2018 model year Bolt EV production switch-over gets underway in Orion, Michigan in about 2 weeks.  The Bolt is more-or-less unchanged, so no extended issues are expected…other than overall production will likely scale back some (or shift to international allocation) as Q1 of a new year is not exactly known for brisk EV sales.

During the month, GM also took some time to help outline its future electrification plans, that will include up to 20 electric vehicles.  In the short term, GM will take the wraps off 2 new all-electric offerings that will be arriving in the next two years.

The first is a Bolt-based Buick utility vehicle that we exclusively reported on back in July from a source who attended a GM focus group…and of which GM accidentally included in a presentation given by CEO Mary Barra (check out that photo below).  We expect to see this model debut in Detroit in January, and be available likely in the Fall.

An InsideEVs source anonymous) was at a focus group this Summer, and confidently states THIS is GM’s next all-electric vehicle – a compact utility offering under the Buick badge

While the Chevy Bolt EV sells strong into a wasteland of other affordable, long range EVs, its dealership sibling Chevrolet Volt not only has to compete with the Bolt, but a seemingly endless range of plug-in hybrid choices.

An ever-growing field of plug-in hybrid competitors has cut into the Volt’s sales in 2017

This month’s new entry coming in the form of the Honda Clarity PHEV – which has been priced strongly ($33,400 for a mid-size car with 47 miles of range), and is likely the Volt’s toughest competition to date – provided Honda keeps it in stock … still a big if.

Next month it gets even tougher, as the long-anticipated (and much delayed) Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV arrives, as well as potentially the Kia Niro PHEV (details)…although that vehicle has suffered from the typical Hyundai-Kia ‘we promise a date, but don’t come close to hitting it’ disease.  Instead of arriving in November, the Niro PHEV is still waiting on a price…although Kia insists the plug-in is “anticipated in retailer showrooms by the end of this year”.

For November, GM sold 1,702 Volts (against a total of ~25 other plug-in offerings in the US market), a result that was off by 33% from the 2,531 sold in November of 2016.

For the year, GM has now sold 18,412 Volts, down 12.5% from the 21,048 moved a year ago.

Still, the news is pretty good overall for GM, as the company sold over 4,700 plug-ins in November, an all-time high!

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Reports are several high volume Bolt dealers in the SF bay area actually sold out of Bolts due to demand.

Yet another monthly record! Copy paste that for the next sale’s report too! No production hell for the bolt. 😀

They are slowly starting to catch on. Word of mouth is working I think. I see more and more of them on the road now. I personally now know two people that are seriously considering buying one. There are also more and more people that just aren’t willing to wait for the Model 3, or big battery Leaf. They want to start driving electric now.

They certainly seem to be! My Bolt is no longer alone at my office.

A brand new silver Bolt has been showing up all this week. Our office now has two Bolts, four leafs, one volt and three Teslas.

(And yet our building still has no EV chargers! Of course with the Bolt that isn’t necessary for me. I haven’t used a public charger at all except on long trips.)

Do u have a specialized charger at home?

Yep! I did my first year of EV ownership using a mix of public charging and 110v charging at work. It was do-able but not ideal.

My current apartment complex has 4 6.6kW EV chargers. So much easier to have a dedicated EV charger!

We are in the process of buying a house currently. We will be installing a clipper creek EVSE in our garage before we even move in.

We can’t seem to find what we want for Mrs. but were keeping our fingers crossed here in the North Bay area between SAC and SF. Calling, pleading, begging, cursing…Looking for a Premier with DC fast options White with the blue white interior..

GM has seen sales increases for the Bolt for 9 months in a row. I thought the sales would plateau but it looks like they should continue to rise right into December. January is traditionally a slow sales month for the electric car field so next month might be the last record for a while but this has been a very nice run.
Excellent news for GM!

Yep, the “dopey clown car” charges on. 😀

Sales for ALL EVs will plummet across the board in January. Well, except for the Model 3 since so few are being produced. Might be the only car to post an increase Dec to Jan. Lol

Nissan Leaf might also see an increase in sales in January, as production in Tennessee should be up and running about now. They might sell 1,000 in December and bump all the way up to 2,000 in January. Well we’ll see tho I guess

And the Volt moved up to 1702 deliveries, which is down from last year but a nice move up from last months 1362 deliveries. Not bad.

There’s always a year-end rush to take advantage of tax-credits. Adding to that surge in demand is the possibility of those tax-credits not being available come January 1st.

An important aspect of demand not to be overlooked is supply. As of this post, there are 2,118 new 2017 Volts listed as available still. That’s not a good sign going into December, especially when there are 2,929 of the 2018 models listed too.

That brings some perspective to the “not bad” assessment, basically changing it to “not good”. In fact, this is part of the reason why production was temporarily halted.

To really drive the point home, think about how much harder sales will be the second half of next year when the tax-credit phaseout has been triggered. That higher MSRP will really make Volt a challenging sell, especially against Bolt.

Within a week of the tax credit getting cut in half the MSRP of the Volt, Bolt and Leaf II will be cut by $2,000 or more. Chevy and Nissan are using the credit to increase their profit margin while they can.

Yep, I could see that happening for sure.

Yep. That’s my prediction too.

MY 2019 Bolt will start under $30k. The new Buick EV will take its place in the $40k range but with AWD.

It will be eapecially interesting if the Republicans do pass their tax bill… killing the EV tax credit in it’s entirety.

Only troll1701A would be butt-hurt about a positive GM sales article and try to spin it into a negative.


Yeah, but “what is GM’s strategy with the Bolt EV”?


Well I think that is clear. They just recently increased production by 50%. Once GM has a grapple on demand they will build to meet demand. And they are launching two more EV’s using the Bolt EV’s architecture. As for pricing GM can’t make a strategy until they know what the US Feds will do.

Honda appears to be stocking a ton of Clarity PHEVs, as compared to most other offerings. There are 14 in transit near me, and I know that’s an undercount for their December stock because my local dealer shows none and they told me they’re getting 3.

It doesn’t seem like they’re going to work hard to sell them, though, since the Honda website shows a $740/month lease, and all of the local inventory in transit seems to be the more expensive Touring trim.

Honda appears to be stocking a whole bunch of Clarity PHEVs, as compared to most other offerings. There are 14 in transit near me, and I know that’s an undercount for their December stock because my local dealer shows none and they told me they’re getting 3.
It doesn’t seem like they’re going to work hard to sell them, though, since the Honda website shows a $740/month lease, and all of the local inventory in transit seems to be the more expensive Touring trim.

(Removed filter-triggering word, don’t mean to add to your workload site-runners)

No surprise here! Still on track to average ~ 3000 this quarter and ~ 24k in the US this year!

Just like Elon predicted… 😀

If only he was as good at predicting his own company’s sales. He was juuuuuust a bit off his 100-200k Model 3’s in 2017 prediction. 😉

From June 2015: “Tesla had long promised that the 200-plus mile Model 3 would arrive at least in limited production in late 2017, but now (via an official Tesla Motors slide presentation released at the 2015 EIA Conference on June 15 in Washington, D.C.) we’ve learned that the Model 3 is now ‘planned for 2018.’ “We spoke to a Tesla representative this afternoon and they re-iterated as well to us that the Model 3 is still ‘on track’ for production in late 2017, and that the slide is meant to reference ‘full production” of the Model 3 in 2018.’ ” It was only last year that he made an aspirational push for higher production volume for the second half of 2017. At worst they are on the original production schedule they made two years ago. They probably wouldn’t have done that if Musk wasn’t pushing for higher volume in late 2017. This happens with every new platform at the beginning of production. The 2018 Leaf was supposed to arrive in the US this fall. It is looking like now it won’t be arriving to dealers in any volume until February if that. Where are the jokes about how Nissan is… Read more »

Nissan sold 14,000 Leaf 2.0’s in its first month of production?

Not in the US. The Smyrna TN plant hasn’t ramped up production like they had originally planned.

So I’ll clarify by adding, “Where are the jokes about how Nissan USA is failing because they are only meeting their more conservative ramp up predictions rather than their aspirational ones?”

Nobody, or almost nobody, is shorting Nissan stock. So nobody cares.

Most of the Tesla bashing FUD is churned out by TSLA stock shorters, altho perhaps some of those parroting that FUD in InsideEVs posts are motivated by shilling for Big Oil and/or GM**, rather than shorting TSLA themselves. Of course, they could be doing both…

**I’m singling out GM not because I hate GM, but because a lot of the anti-Tesla FUD here on InsideEVs seems to be coming from hardcore GM fanboys, rather than — for example — Ford or Toyota or Nissan fanboys.

You guys think that if you repeat that enough that it’s just true don’t you? I suspect most people who give Tesla what’s due them actually aren’t shorting the stock or are big oil shills. Your fashion choices must really be limited when you have to wear a tin foil hat around all the time…

Fact of the matter is that Tesla misses most deadlines they impose on themselves. Heck, you can’t even order a Model 3 yet or price one out yet it’s supposedly actively being sold to consumers. How are all those solar roof installs going???

Nissan on the other hand does miss some deadlines but not nearly as many as Tesla does.

If Tesla wants to stop being the butt of jokes like this perhaps they should stop providing the material that makes it so a 5 year old can pull it off???

Only the child prodigy 5 year olds can do that, so include the 6 year olds too. –That way you get a good cross-section of all the Kindergartners here who constantly claim how much more intelligent they are, compared to people of proven ability.

DJ said:

“I suspect most people who give Tesla what’s due them actually aren’t shorting the stock or are big oil shills.”

Amazingly enough, those who have noticed that almost nothing you post to InsideEVs is true, don’t have much reason to believe your protestations of innocence either.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. — William Shakespeare, Hamlet

So what you are saying is that the closer the launch came and the more clarity he got on the timeline, the bigger the lie became. But that farther out he didn’t have enough information to exaggerate that badly

You’re right. I finally concede. You have now convinced me that because Tesla has claimed it would be producing 5,000 Model 3s a week by the end of 2017 and aren’t that they never will and are on the cusp of bankruptcy.

Even though their production estimates in the past have always been aspirational and often times off causing whole months to pass between their aspirational targets and actually achieving those targets, you have finally convinced me that this time because they haven’t yet achieved their aspirational ramp up target they are done for and are sure to fail.

Tesla. What losers.

Way to change the goalposts and subject. You have learned well from yr leader, Musk maid / DJT MAGA pupil

😆 😆 😆

Thanks, Philip D!

That’s the only proper response to serial Tesla hating FUDSter kl?wns: To laugh at them. They take themselves soooooooo seriously!

Go Tesla!

Happy Doody, poopile, at it Again, time to change these K-garden diapers. Don’t mess with the Goalposts, esp in Texas

Mr. Musk is a likable enough fellow, but why they keep saying stuff that assuredly will be proven false with the passage of time is beyond me.

Remember, when not too many ‘3’s were ‘SOLD’ (whatever that means) during the summer, that production was going to ramp up like a rocket in October and November?

Why would anyone claim that production was going to SKYROCKET when he almost certainly had to be briefed regarding problems, whether in Nevada or California.

None of my concern at the moment, since I’m not in the market for a new EV for at least the next few years, unless catastrophe strikes – but it is uncanny how the kindergartners here come up with novel reasons why THEY KNEW MORE THAN MR. MUSK precisely why all these things had to happen.

Gosh those guys are smart!

“Mystery” said:

“Happy Doody, poopile…”

Well, “Mystery”, if your mommy ever manages to toilet train you, hopefully you’ll get over your infantile obsession with bodily waste.

Eh, sure? I predicted it too so do I get a shoutout? lol

In any case, it is actually more like: Just like LG said they would make over a year ago! 🙂

They said first year would be about 30,000 units of the Bolt /Ampera-e. Add up all sales and inventory at the end of next month… and youll hit 30k. Not hard to predict at that point!

Given that the Bolt outsells the Model S in the US, and the Bolt is a compliance car, then that must make the Model S a compliance car, produced so that Tesla can sell EV credits to other manufacturers, allowing them to pollute and postpone their own EVs.

If Tesla truly cared about the environment, they would not sell their ZEV credits to polluters.

What’s really funny is that Ampera-E sales….you know, the Bolt’s Euro twin that GM has absolutely no interest in selling, has outsold the Model 3 so far this year.

The Bolt has also outsold the Mercedes S-Class in the US. What’s your point again?

The Mercedes S class is a 200+ mile, <$40k BEV? What's YOUR point again?

And the Bolt is a 280-330 mile 0-60 in 4 second range performance oriented luxury EV with autopilot features?

I’m still not sure what your point is.

No – the Bolt is a $37k 240+ mile range EV available right now, not an unavailable $50k+ promise that is having trouble getting launched.

Agree, but CA people would easily pay that ~$15k difference to show off in Model 3 and wait for a year+, than be caught dead in something they deem as Ugly, in their opinion.

You sound like an eastcoaster, ignorant about Californians. Real Californians.

I’m a real Californian and own a Bolt. And I like it. Very much.

CA trendsetters would much rather keep loving their BMW 3-Series, 2/4 series, with convertible options, or Mercedes. So that’s the real test of Model 3 in CA = 0, not the Bolt/Honda Clarity and all the other low end challengers. Plain Jane rest o’USA is diff.

The Bolt outsells the Model S? That’s not what this says (from the article):

“The month’s sales also make 9 consecutive months of gains. For the year, 20,070 have been delivered – second only to the Tesla Model S, which will take down the year’s best-selling title for the 3rd year in a row.”

I am happy about the strong sales, don’t get me wrong. It’s just your statements don’t jive with the article, man.

Model S what? The month’s sales also make 9 consecutive months of gains. For the year, 20,070 have been delivered – second only to the Tesla Model S, which will take down the year’s best-selling title for the 3rd year in a row.

Loved this jab too: If Tesla truly cared about the environment, they would not sell their ZEV credits to polluters.

I’d have said if ALL the other manufacturers cared about the environment, Tesla wouldn’t be able to sell so many ZEV credits. But then, I don’t expect they will go bankrupt because a few people hate that an American Company is making electric vehicles relevant.

3 or f?ur or “Five Electrics” said:

“Given that the Bolt outsells the Model S in the US…”

Another klown komment from 5E.

Given that you start your post with a lie, why would any reasonable person read any more of your FUD?

2017 sales to date, per InsideEVs’ Score Card:

Tesla Model S: 22,085
Chevy Bolt EV: 20,070

Bolt outsold Model S in the US in Apr, Jul, Oct and Nov, as well as in Q2. This, however, is more a function of TSLA’s choppy production or deliveries resultant from big, quarter-ending boluses.

Nov. is the first, non-1st month of the quarter data point where Bolt has outsold Model S.

Interestingly, TSLA needs 6,811 Model S units sold in Dec. so that 2017 US sales equal the 2016 US sales figure of 28,896.

Yeah, it’s pretty clear that domestic sales of the Model S will be down this year over last. I don’t know if that’s also true of international sales. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is, because according to what Jay Cole reported, Tesla has or will be pulling staff off production of the Model S and X and assigning them to help speed up Model 3 production.

Tesla has been successfully upselling customers into the Model X from the Model S. This has reduced Model S sales, but greatly increased the Model S plus Model X sales totals.

Upsales are a good thing. They bring in more revenue.

If you pull yourself out of your own Reality Distortion Field, you would see that Model S & X combined are Flatline (practically no growth) in the US. Where is your documented End Customer evidence abt How People Buyers Of Model X were originally, upon going to dealer or shopping online, planning to buy Model S? Stop yr Vaping. Yes more revenue overall to burn in the Model 3 Bonfire cash incinerator

Just as the X’s presence cut into sales of the Model S, one may expect the Model 3 to cut into the sales of both the S and the X – the profit center of the company.

And if S and X sales drop substantially before Model 3 production volume ramps up sufficiently, Tesla’s going to be in trouble.

stuart22, You Win the Savant Of IEV award, over Vaporware proponents like the Pusher and Nanny Nix.
Winner winner, chicken dinner.
This Investor warning Should have happened Q3, but will definitely happen Q4 earnings call, unless the biggest Boondoggle shipment of Mystery S&X out of the US ever, or Reality Distortion smoke & mirrors misdirection (a la Roadster2.0 & Semi).
I think most on this site want Model3 to succeed quickly, and anxiously Show (without any Fuzzy math) when Model 3 California Waiting List = 0 next year 2018, which should be the ultimate driver of TSLA stock price and company’s future as an ongoing concern, or sale to GOOG, BMW (who can run a real car company), others.

Elon needs to listen to people like me who tell it like we see it, instead of the yes-peeps who are content to go along with the Legend.

Say it nicely yet without pulling punches. But I fear things might be getting too late to make the necessary difference.

I don’t know how much the 3 will cut into the S sales. The X and the S both cost over $75k. The X well over that. The 3 costs around $43k now. We are talking apples and oranges in both price point and size.
If Tesla gets to the point where they are selling 5,000 long range 3’s a month they are pretty much guaranteed that they will find the funding to keep making cars for another 2 or 3 years. The cash drain will be much reduced and the risk of the corporation failing is pretty much gone.
If they get to 10,000 3’s a month (including base models) they will probably be profitable even after their expansion expenses.
The thing is that Tesla has immense good will and name brand cachet. Even if they sold boring cars, which they don’t, they would still be in a good place. Ludicrous mode may be silly, but it makes for ads that write themselves.

Hey 5e how are you doing?

What are your last 2 electric car purchases?

Elon predicted 25k to 30k annual Bolt sales, but the Bolt is now trending at a rate of 36k per year, and still climbing. He should focus on getting his own house in order, rather than trolling the competition. Only about 300 Model 3 built in November, that’s a long, long way from the 500,000 annual production rate he’s promised.

They may need to fire up another line at the Orion factory.

Not likely.

No, the current Bolt/Sonic line is probably robust enough to handle a whole lot more Bolts, as is their supply chain. Commander Mary will just give the order “Engage” from the Detroit command center and the Orion production manager will throw the production line speed switch to “warp speed” position. No rooftop weenie-roasts required.

GM has many decades of successful production ramp-ups for products that become “hits”. This is not their first rodeo.

You’re right. I should have said extra shift(s).

Possibly… depending on where the next two bolt-based EVs are built.

If one or both of these new vehicles are also built at Orion then I wouldn’t be surprised to see an increase in Bolt-based EV production.

But at the current rate of production, they can build over 30,000 Bolts for North America next year if demand is there.

They can just make fewer Sonics on that line. I think the other line will be for the Buick EV.

I would hope there will be another production line for the Buick BEV! More to the point, I hope GM will start bringing some of the BEV drivetrain production in-house. Farming the entire powertrain out to LG Chem & LG Electronics may have made sense from the perspective of minimizing development costs for the Bolt EV. But if GM wants its BEVs to be more than just “appliances” built from commodity parts, then it needs to start making and using its own proprietary BEV parts.

Just because EV motors are alike as peas in a pod, doesn’t mean the entire EV powertrain should be. Tesla proved its superior EV engineering with the very high energy efficiency rating given by the EPA for the Tesla Model 3.

GM may not have the expertise to match that, but they need to work on trying to get close.

The Model 3 has a slightly better EPA miles/kWh rating than the Bolt because it is a low-profile sedan, not a compact CUV, which gives it better Cd*A aerodynamic drag and lower kW use in the highway-portions of the EPA test-drive simulation. The Model 3 has a faster 0-60 time because it has a larger HP motor and a slightly more aggressive launch gear ratio that helps on the low-end torque (9:1 vs 7:1 for the Bolt) That’s it. The motors, power electronics, battery pack, gears box, etc. for both are state-of-the-art and roughly equal in overall energy efficiency in kWh of battery to HP-hours delivered to the wheels. My hat’s off to both Tesla and GM engineers.

As an example of the vast familiarity PUSHI has (He will reluctantly tell you he isn’t an engineer – funny, he claims he knows more than most engineers anyway, at least about electric vehicles),
he’ll tell you that to hook up your typical neighborhood 42,000 kw induction furnaces (thats BIG in a world of big things) – he learned that from, you just call up your neighborhood electrician and ask for an “Industrial Power Hookup” – hehe.

I told him the job is ‘slightly’ more involved than that, and there just may be 2 or 3 people involved. hehe.

Oh, and seeing how one TeslaMotorsClub commenter who also owns a Model “S” was relating how his car only adsorbed 82% of the juice going through his billing meter (in other words, he was perturbed that he was actually running up his electric bill 22% more than he was at first inclined to believe), and seeing has has more than their share of problems with overheating marginal equipment,
and that some Model “X” commenters here in the past have complained about the relatively high ‘parasitic’ (whether vampire or not) losses about the Models “S”, and “X”, that I wouldn’t claim that Tesla is either particularly knowledgeable nor extra highly efficient than other EV car companies.

Tesla certainly never claims that they are.

That said, I like both the new Universal Connector on the model ‘3’, and the also, the clean, easily serviced 12 volt battery for the ‘3’, seeing both items as a HUGE improvement over the “X” and “S”.

I no longer see any point in trying to engage in meaningful discussion or debate about EV engineering with you, Bill. You cited a wildly untruthful fake science “study” funded by Big Oil; a “study” pretending to “prove” that gasmobiles are really more energy efficient than BEVs. You cited it as if it were true. IMHO this is even worse than all your conspiracy theory rants and your claims that the Earth’s atmosphere needs even more CO2.

If anyone doubts this is true, see Bill’s comment here:

The difference of course is that I stand behind things I’ve said – and I don’t necessarily agree with every article I’m quoting – I’m just broadening the perspective here – as incidentally many of the articles that IEV’s articles and editors bring up if they think it is news worthy.

For instance, it would be a Capital Offense if I brought up The UK Lorry assn’s comments on the Tesla Semi.

But it appeared in IEV’s because Mr. Cole thought it was news-worthy.

You know which side your 6 year old brain is buttered on so you KNOW not to criticize him or his website. Enjoy your 63 year old ‘second childhood’.

You can’t discuss anything meaningful for obvious reasons, – all you can do is defame.

HVACman said:

“The motors, power electronics, battery pack, gears box, etc. for both are state-of-the-art and roughly equal in overall energy efficiency…”

Well, possibly you’re right. As I have frequently noted, I’m not an engineer, altho I think I do understand many basic engineering principles and I have done physics equations to prove a point, upon occasion.

However, HVACman, I’ve noted a distinct anti-Tesla bias in some of your comments lately, and I think you’re downplaying the significance of the Model 3 having much better performance than the Bolt EV. That alone should tend to drive down the energy efficiency; drive it down significantly. (Just look at what Hyundai accomplished in getting much higher energy efficiency by giving its Ioniq Electric a significantly lower performance!) The fact that Tesla managed to make the TM3 more energy-efficient than the Bolt EV despite that significant handicap, is IMHO an impressive achievement. And I don’t think it’s entirely due to the TM3’s lower drag, either.

Yes, the Model 3 is much more aerodynamic, just don’t try loading anything taller than a grocery bag into the tiny trunk opening. I’ll take the Bolt’s more practical hatch design and larger cargo area.

Well it’s interesting that the very capable drivetrain in the Volt seems to be GM engineered, while the Bolt is primarily LG. I believe the two motors in the Volt are actually GM manufactured (could be wrong there). Not sure why this was farmed out to LG for the Bolt considering GM has experience with it.

For that matter I do not understand why the Volt and Bolt don’t share more platform stuff generally, such as the entertainment unit and so on.

As a comparison for it’s ICE cars GM typically produces about 20% of a car model’s parts, outsourcing 80%. For the Bolt GM manufactured 40% of the Bolt’s parts while LG produced the rest.

The major looser here is Delphi

“Not sure why this was farmed out to LG for the Bolt considering GM has experience with it.” I don’t know that GM will ever admit it, but my take on it — my assessment, based on the facts I know — is that GM was disappointed in the sales of the Volt, which it spent a lot of money developing, and wanted to minimize taking a similar gamble on the Bolt EV. By farming out the development and manufacture of the entire EV powertrain to LG Chem and LG Electronics, GM minimized its development costs. Of course, in doing so, they also gave away some of their profit margin to LG… so getting LG to undertake the financial burden of development certainly was a two-edged sword for GM. Note that GM has also declined to spend any money on advertising the Bolt EV, in contrast to the Volt, which was was promoted pretty strongly in its early years, including at least one (I think it was two) Superbowl ads! I interpret that as another indication GM wants to minimize its financial risk in this new model of plug-in EV. I hope GM will bring more of the Buick PEV… Read more »

I spend a small fortune on EV’s and I let the various companies decide what to farm out, and what to develop in house…. I merely point out features of the end product.

But you, who will NEVER DRIVE, Never purchase any kind of EV, are all concerned with micro-managing these companies.

Since you expressed interest in becoming a new Tesla employee, When are you going to start work at Tesla?

If the people you are all falsely accusing were doing truly what you said, they’re all hoping you get hired right away. You are sure to impact their profitability.

Per the article below (and what I remember from another article that I can’t find), when just 1/3 of the vehicles produced on the Orion line were Bolts, they made about 9 Bolts/hr. The line averages about 1 vehicle every 2 minutes. They now are at 1:1 and flexible enough to go to up to 100% Bolt production, which would be 4,800 Bolts/month with one shift, on weekdays. Add a shift to get almost 10,000 per month.

Weekends are a possibility to add some more production. You don’t normally fit a 3rd shift in both for labor-cost issues and because you have to allow some dedicated daily downtime for service/ maintenance on the line robots and other tooling, cleanup (the current practice is to keep floors spotless – for lots of reasons), etc.

I hope they do end up selling 10,000 per month. That being said, right now I’d say that’s not in danger of happening any time soon. I think it’s more likely they add the Buick version of the Bolt and then increase output that way. Maybe they can go to 1/3 Bolt, 1/3 Buick, and 1/3 Sonic while also adding a second shift, which would still be an increase in Bolt production, but a large increase in overall EV production.

Obviously this is just relatively uninformed speculation on my part. I just don’t see Bolt hitting close to 100K sales. At least not until they sort out some issues like the seats.

HVACman said:

“They now are at 1:1 and flexible enough to go to up to 100% Bolt production, which would be 4,800 Bolts/month with one shift, on weekdays. Add a shift to get almost 10,000 per month.”

I don’t think any informed industry watcher doubts GM can significantly ramp up glider production of the Bolt EV. IMHO that’s never been in question. The question is how fast LG Chem and LG Electronics could ramp up production, if called on to do so. Given the slow rate at which LG Chem is ramping up its battery cell production, I just don’t see Bolt EV production going to 100,000 per year, or even 60,000 per year, within the next couple of years at least.

Cool, It may hit my now over a year old prediction of 22k. Most were much higher. Still they got some out the door, and they have steady though unremarkable sales.

The Bolt’s 15 minutes though is about to come to an end.

Their 15 minutes is coming up on a year in length and will likely continue until the model 3 is being produced in numbers and the reservation queue is shortened.

I’m sure that will be any day now.

Elon just has to flip the “Ludicrous” switch at the Fremont factory. He’s just letting GM get a headstart with the Bolt out of pity. 😀

Unfortunately, the supplier for the ludicrous switch was unable to meet expectations and Tesla is now designing and building it in house. This will result in a slight production delay, but ultimately an even more capable ludicrous factory mode. Stay faithful!

Normally I hate this type of trolling of either Tesla or GM…

…but that was clever enough to make me laugh. XD

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I thought it was the ludicrous door handles?????

Yes, and it has been about to come to an end every month for the past six months, while we await the inninent ramp-up for the Model 3.

Any day now.


Any day.

I’m guessing if the EV tax credit gets revoked for 2018 in the current tax bill – that GM will sell every bolt that is available in December.

That’s close to 3,700 as of this morning.

The Senate’s Tax Reform bill did not cut the EV tax credit, but the House’s bill did. Now it goes to the reconciliation committee. I am interested like a lot of folks who are thinking of buying a Bolt in 2018. If the EV tax credit gets cut GM may sell a lot of Bolts this December.

Nice! The Chevy Spark EV sold 3035 total in 2016, the Bolt is almost doing that per month now.

Thanks for the good Bolt news. >3k in December appears to be a sealed deal at this point. Will they be able to pull of a 4k? Or at least break GM’s all-time single model record (3691 in Dec. 2016, it seems)?

One nit-picky comment… November has *not* been the 2nd-highest EV sales month in the US. The peak summer months are higher. Last year, for example, November was only 6th highest.
And nowadays with Tesla’s dominance in the US sales # and their quarter-end domestic dumping strategy, it is even less likely to beat June and September.

Unless fears of the disappearing Fed rebate have moved thousands of additional buyers last month? We’ll know by Monday, right?

Meanwhile, happy Friday and thanks for all your work, we get a sharp reminder of how crucial it is every 1st of the month 🙂

PS: not too shabby #s on the Volt, best since June… last year is an unfair comparison, as the Volt’s strongest competition appears to be the Bolt, sitting head-to-head with it on the dealer lots and attracting way more attention.

So if this is a sales race, Model3 fell on its face. Is that what the fanbois are bragging about? You can’t “should have”.


Yeah, what part of “win-win” and “we’re in this boat together” does @Derek not get?

There’s a difference between legitimate criticism/skepticism towards automakers, and self-defeating Jets vs. Sharks comments.

We purchased our Bolt 1 year ago 12/31/16 … just to encourage anyone sitting on the fence; it’s the best, most fun car I’ve ever purchased. Zero issues, zero maintenance and most of the trips we’ve taken over 300 miles have cost us almost nothing. And most of the time I’m able to charge for free around town.

I remember last year that people were predicting about 20,000 unit sold in 2017 and that seems to very accurate.

Ok so when Mary Barra puts on the leathers and gets up on stage again at the Detroit Auto show to announce the new Buick version … guess what … she means business! GM has a great EV team assembled and I’m looking forward to more great cars from GM very soon!

Tom, great to hear of your positive experience! Thanks

Foreigner here: so forgive my broken English. Same here: just ended 6 years (2X3 years) leases with Nissan Leaf: first lease: $450; 2e lease $ 280 and my wonderful Bolt, so nice to drive (the one pedal driving is amazing … I wonder how I did it in the past 30 years to be able to drive without it …), so confortable (YES even the driver’s seat for a 6.1 driver is wonderful and so much higher therefore so much easier to get in and out than the one in the Leaf and of course compare to the VERY low M3. Leaving even space behind the front seat for guess : incredible ! the visibility also striked me compared to the Leaf : huge windscreen and every body knows: huge screen for the humble car… which is also a dream to park thanks to its compact design, much easier than my Leaf. And all that for only $105 a month ($1600 down) but FULL california subsidies … ($4500: yes the amount is correct and it is a priority subsidy for low income … coming from the rich when Tesla was subsidized shamelessly irrelevant to income: it’s rare enough to mention… Read more »

Getting closer to matching LEAf sales.

Great job GM! Now if only you could produce this vehicle with Mr trumpetty trumps help in UK what with brexit it would create more jobs and more money for the company also might get that exclusive World car of the Year award!

From Article: “The Bolt EV finds itself in a pretty great situation these days… future electrification plans, that will include up to 20 electric vehicles… 2 new all-electric offerings that will be arriving in the next two years… “

Thumbs up the GM EV team!

Also, big hat-tip to Lyle Dennis & Jay Cole for their early influence (10 years ago) in being a material part of public motivating & promoting GM’s Chevy Volt program… helped spark the EV revolution… which in big part helped put GM in today’s GM EV advantage market position… you EV old times know what I’m taking about here… can’t be over stated how much Lyle & Jay contributed.

Plus 1 for this! Dr. Lyle and Jay (aka Statik) were early leaders of the electric car renaissance. They not only kept all of us interested in the idea but they also set the civil tone on GM-Volt dot com that has continued to this day on Insideevs that is so important and so unusual. Kudos on a great job, Jay!

“but they also set the civil tone on GM-Volt dot com that has continued to this day on Insideevs”

@CDAVIS and @Ziv
You said it!

+1 indeed to you both and to the staff of Inside EVs!

I didn’t post on GM-Volt, but did read stuff on there. IMO this site has been the best coverage and best community through the growth of the industry.

Big thanks to Lyle for kicking it off and Jay for snowballing the community.

P.S. Civil debate in comments has declined here, but that is the price of having a larger exposure.

Went over to Facebook HQ yesterday. It looked like a Bolt dealer lot.

Me, I get my bolt fed rebate shortly. So happy camper.

I wonder why the big discrepancy between SF and LA. I rarely see Bolts around here granted they are way more than earlier this year. Volts on the other hand are everywhere. The dealers i went to to get a Volt had lots of Bolts catching dust.

We went to LA about 2 years ago. Compared to norcal, it was an EV desert. I think I may have seen 4 EVs, leafs and Teslas, in the three days we were there in heavy traffic.

Come to the OC, you will see all flavors of BEVs/PHEVs and in good numbers too! >D

But I do agree, when we were up visiting family in San Jose and Union City, the Bolts (and other EVs) were everywhere, was really cool to see.

The Bay Area is the most liberal part of the state. Also home to a lot of tech workers who are probably more inclined to be interested in new technology. It really isn’t surprising the best sales are up there.

Another Euro point of view

Give that car a slightly more sexy body and it will do just great (the coming Buick EV looks great so could exactly be the EV GM needs).

I hope so. When I went to see the Bolt, I was disappointed. I’m hoping the Buick “Bolt” comes out soon and fixes most of my complaints with the Bolt.

It would be hard to give the Bolt a LESS sexy body, it’s certainly not the most attractive design to come from GM.

At least it’s better looking than the Aztek. Baby steps…

I am considering replacing our Volvo XC60 and I’ve been strongly considering the new XC60 T but the Bolt is compelling.

I’ve been using TeslaFI (we have a Model S as well) and I can clearly analyze or driving pattern to see that even though my wife and I both work from home, we tend to make a lot of 60-70 mile trips across town and the XC60 would only have us on electric about 25% of our total miles which is a bummer as the rest of the car is so nice. The Buick CUV may indeed be the answer…

If you choose the Bolt don’t forget to tell your Volvo dealer that you would have bought a Volvo if it was electric.

Warning! Do not buy the Bolt! If you do, you’ll never want to drive your Model S again. That’s what happened to me.

Another kl?wn komment.

It’s amazing how many Tesla haters own imaginary Tesla cars!
😀 😀 😀

If you only need it as a secondary car you can even consider stuff like the new e-Golf. A trip of 60-70 miles isn’t really an issue, even for a “low range” EV.

The e-Golf is a really nice car, much nicer than the Leaf and I’d also say the Bolt (interior-wise). I only have the base model too, and the old version with lower range, but it’s a nice car.

It is a volkswagon. The stated range is probably only valid on a day with gale force winds at your back, and it will crumble and fall apart a week after you buy it.

Bolt could easily go past 3K or even 4K if more inventory is allocated in SF Bay Area (since LA area isn’t selling it well, move those inventory north)…

My local Chevy dealers can’t keep them in stock. They only have 2-3 left and they are selling that many each and every week.

On the other hand, they will offer you a brand new highly discounted Volt if you can’t wait for that Bolt with options that you want…

The way it is going, no wonder GM is thinking about axing the Volt. Bolt is taking all the air out of the Volt. it is time to bring out that Voltec Crossover!!!

EVs in general is lot of word of mouth advertising, you end up with clumps of people. Plus I am not sure when they are going to release the 2018 version.

Initially the Bolt drew people in, and they sold more Volts as it is a bit bigger of a cars. And quite frankly, the whole M3 thing shadowed the Bolt. The Tesla fanatics pretty much dissed it, the EU GM haters dissed it so it really wasn’t even getting good press when it should have since they can actually produce it.

Give me something with dual motor with release date in the next 7 months and I’ll cancel my Model 3 reservation.

Has Tesla confirmed a June 2018 delivery for your dual motor Model 3?

Bolt is in a great spot right now.

With the Model 3 delay and LEAF only being 40 kW and not for sale yet, Bolt has the 2017 year end market to itself. But even more than that, there is the threat of the US $7,500 tax credit being gone in 2018.

Good for the Bolt, the more butts in seats the better.

Didn’t look so great in January for Bolt because California peeps out here don’t really care about electric other than if it’s the trending topic.
So you are probably right that TSLA has priced itself out of the Bolt low end market (other than the Special Phantom Ghost Unicorn Model 3 at $35K when Musk lands on Mars). So the rest of plain Jane USA is snapping the Bolt up.
TSLA could seriously be Sandwiched by BMW/Mercedes/Lucid/European sports cars on the Exclusive high end and Honda(Clarity)/Toyota/Nissan/GM/Hyundai on the low end. Like the Essential android phone … Not that essential Now!

InsideEVs is a website for those interested in EVs.

Why are you posting here? Just a troll loser who literally has nothing better to do, or what?

Keep on crying and flailing, like the Stuart Smiley kindergartner self-affirmation narcissist with pompoms you are. Never addressing any real facts in typical DJT bully mode.

Sold my Nissan Leaf 2016 and just got a Bolt LT few days ago. Done waiting for Nissan to make a 60 kW.
Total Price $35,000
$22,500 (with tax credits)
Bolt LT options
DC fast charger
Driver confidence package
Comfort package

The EV tax credit issue hasn’t been finalized in the inbound tax spending deal. Will the EV tax credit die? Yeah, I can’t find a Bolt in the colors I want in the Bay Area. Looks like GM is going to win again with their proposed Buick crossover SUV based on the Bolt so GM’s Electric Buick will beat Tesla’s Model Y Crossover to market!
Based on Bolt owners comments in social media, I have a lot of confidence in GM / Chevy’s EV engineering and quality production for the future. Should be a good program–I need the Bolt for my wife’s commuting in the Bay Area.

I don’t get much of the comments where folks are just reluctant to accept Bolt’s current success. I was in the same camp and didn’t notice the Bolt until the 300mile range videos/news started pouring from east coast. I thought why not test drive it and headed to Chevy dealership first time in my life.

We have been Porsche/Audi household for last decade. I wasn’t expecting much but 30mins later all of my perceptions about Chevy and Bolt changed. Bolt is seriously a lot of fun. If it came with a luxury badge with bit more makeup like VW Golf vs Audi A3; it will catch all those waiting luxury EV.

We now have Porsche Macan S and Chevy Bolt Premier in household. And I love them both equally now.

My next car will be a Bolt and I cannot wait. Currently driving a gen2Volt and while it’s great for what it is, the extra weight and packaging challenges of an ICE on an EV result in less than optimal handling and performance.

I do wish the Bolt was a little sportier in looks but I’m not looking at it while I drive it. 🙂 The main issue is the rear torsion beam suspension. They sort of missed their chance to unleash a GTI slayer upon the world.

That Buick is so damn ugly. God I HATE Buicks. If Old Spice designed cars they would design Buicks. Stodgy, cheesy, and schlocky. Their appearance is fair warning of the road barge driving experience. Numb overpowered steering and a spongy diarrhea ride.

GM have obviously ceded the sports EV market. They could have beaten Tesla at their own game if they weren’t so risk averse and lame.