Chevrolet Bolt EV “Build Your Own” Configurator Now Online


A few weeks ago, the build-your-own configurator for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt leaked out via Costco. Now, the official configurator is online – signalling the Bolt EV is ‘really’ really on sale now.

The 2017 Bolt comes in two versions: LT and Premier. LT starts at $37,495 ($36,620 + $875 DST), while premier checks in with a starting price of $41,780 ($40,905 + $875 DST).

Beyond choosing a version, there are up to 8 exterior colors and 2 interior options.

Additionally, two “packages” are offered, but they vary depending on which version of the Bolt you choose.

The $750 Option That Should Be Standard

The $750 Option That Really Should Be Standard

The only notable “exterior” option is DC fast charging, which costs $750, but really should be standard on all Bolts.

In the “interior” tab, you’ll find some stand-alone items for the LT version like heated seats, heated steering wheel and some safety assist features for both versions of the 2017 Bolt.

Go ahead and hit up this link to build your own Bolt

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Hat tip to fotomoto!

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I built a Bolt to see what kind of price I was looking at. A decked out Bolt EV with everything I wanted would be ~$380/mo for lease with $4500 + due at signing. 10,000 mi a year it looks like.

To purchase, a $632 payment with $4000 down. A little high for my budget, but I will qualify for most of the EV tax credit.

But when the time comes, I’ll probably be smart and go for a slightly lower tier vehicle instead of one that costs over $43,500. XD

what driver assist package did you choose Wade?

I chose the premier with the Driver Confidence II package – Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Low Speed Braking and Pedestrian Braking.

And the Premier comes with the parking assist, blind zone alert, rear camera mirror, surround vision etc.

The DC charge, rear camera mirror, and surround vision camera are the options I would find the most helpful.

So a Premier with only the DC option would work for me. But the monthly payments were not drastically changed by adding Driver Confidence II / Infotainment packages.

Do you know if the Lane Keep Assist will center the car in the lane like Honda Sense or if it ping pong left and right of the lane?

I’ve read in the Volt, LKA plays ping pong before it beeps at you to take over.

We do not have the feature in our Volt, but from what I understand if you’re driving on a fairly straight road it will more or less keep you in the center.

If the road is curved, it will kind of steer to the left and right (Ping Pong as you say) to avoid crossing the lines. If you’re consistently not paying attention, it will then vibrate the seat and tell alert you to quit slacking.

So it’s more to avoid a potential accident. Not intended to steer the car for you. At least that’s my understanding. 🙂

I know they’re working on self-driving tech with the Bolt. So in a few years that option should be out there I hope.

The Lane Keeping Assist in my Fusion Energy won’t lane center but I can get it to hug the divider line.

They should have taken the tax credit out of the lease payment. Get the details.

Hi Wade:

I have been waiting on this revolutionary car for 3+ years, refusing to buy another combustion engine car. But I am now in wait mode until it becomes public domain of whether or not the BOLT will have Takeda air bags. Has then news about the injuries/deaths from these airbags factored into your or any other potential BOLT buyer/leaser’s decision making process?

Black? Yuck! Is there a color choice, anything but black?

Didn’t you know? Black is IEV’s favorite color. 🙂

Really, that is surprising. I just thought it was Jay’s favorite. I did not realize that all of iev’s staff had no taste.

Black EVs are everyone’s favorite thanks to its scientifically proven advantages, and the general “coolness” of those who drive them.

/the only persons who don’t opt for black EVs are mental patients, and Texans

…and of course, you are now totally banned for your heresy ffbj, (=

Guilty on both counts, but ok, black is black…

Living in Phoenix makes me shun dark colored garments and cars. If I lived in Alaska, most likely I would seek out dark colored clothing, housing, and car exterior and interiors.

I have a black volt here in Florida, and I will never buy a BLACK car again.

Well then you will be markedly uncool…and of course get less range and performance out of your plug-in.


As a sidenote (and resident of Florida for a couple months each year myself)…man up Nancy, (=

No soup for you:)

There are other colors besides black?


ffbj said:

“Black? Yuck! Is there a color choice, anything but black?”

Uh-oh. You just poked the bear. Don’t you know that black is the only proper color for any and every EV?

Beware the terrible wrath of the InsideEVs’ Chief Editor! 😉

Ya because 99.9% of all EV’s are ugly so black hides the ugliness the most!

Bolt-certified Chevy dealers are required to install at least 1, 480V, *80 kW* fast charging station in their service bays.

Why is GM making Bolt dealers install 80 kW DC fast charging stations? And not 50 kW? Because the Bolt’s max charge rate is 80 kW!

“About 1,200 of Chevy’s 3,000 dealers will sell and service the Bolt, and each must have 480-volt, 80kW fast-charging capability in the service bay.”

Nowhere does it say that the Bolt can charge at 80 kw.

And nowhere has GM actually stated what the max DC fast charging rate is. Just quoted figures of “90 miles in 30 minutes” and “160 miles in 60 minutes”.

Why would GM require Bolt dealers to install 80 kW DCFC stations if the Bolt only can take in 50 kW? I’m sure it’s not just to push extra costs on the dealers…just because.

Read between the lines, and it’s obvious the Bolt’s max DC fast charge rate is actually 80 kW.

or future proofing for a 2018 bump.

Future proofing sounds right. Though the margin suggest it will only cover the next gen.

I agree about it being futurproofing. I HOPE there will be an upgrade to 75 kW charge rates next year, if not then, then in 2018. GM would look pretty silly if they forced BEV selling dealers to install a 50 kW charge rate capable charger and then just a year or two later increased the charge rate on their BEV to 75 kW.

It’s a pretty reasonable assumption if Chevy is forcing dealers to install it.

Either the Bolt’s max charge rate is 80kW or they’re preparing for a future model (Bolt or otherwise) to have a max charging rate at least 80 kW.

Right on bro. I bet u r right

This is the 2nd time the 80 kW figure has popped up. First time was when Josh Tavel, the Bolt’s chief engineer, blurted out the 80 number when giving his speech at a press conference. People dismissed it as a simple goof.

But now we have 2 instances of 80 (very specific number) being mentioned alongside fast charging. I think it’s a safe bet if you plugged a Bolt into one of those future 125 kW Chargepoint stations, it’d show a charge rate right around 80. 🙂

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

On a video test drive; engineer said Bolt CAN charge over 50, but the official statement is 50 for now.

Translation: probably 80 unofficial and maybe throttled due to heating — efficiency charging curve? Spark charge insanely fast

Here’s that video:

Question: Can the Bolt charge higher than 50 kW?
Answer: Umm….*long pause*……we’re saying 50 for now.

Then the engineer guy quickly changes the subject.

Sure sounds like 50 kW ain’t the max charge rate. :p

Wait – the car is on its way to dealer lots, and GM still hasn’t announced what the DCFC spec is? I have to question what is going on inside their head to just not come out with it already?

Mine turned out to be about $44,000 with fast charging and Driver confidence package. I didn’t choose any of the cosmetic options. It only takes < 1 min to configure – try it your self.

I do wonder what a decked out model 3 will cost.

Double the base price and you’re in the ballpark.

Of course that does include the dual laser’s mounted and functioninal.

functional, or functioning.

Double the price but it will probably come with a larger pack with more range and more powerful dual motors as well as functioning autopilot with the new 8 surround cameras, 12 surround ultrasonic sensors and new forward facing radar.

It might be around $60K but it will be a longer range performance EV. The Bolt won’t have that option.

Anyone wanting a Model 3 next year will need to check ALL those boxes to have a chance at getting one.

That and be a current Tesla owner….and live in CA. And have submitted a deposit on 31 March.

And pray for no delays.

I heard from SOME circles, the first Model 3 deliveries won’t be till 2118 at the earliest!

None of us will be alive to see that, unless they save Kdawg’s head.

It could happen..

Guarding the hallway leading to the floating head collection. Ala Futurama.

2118 would be a really long delay, even for Tesla.

+ 1

TM said:

“I do wonder what a decked out model 3 will cost.”

Elon said they estimate the average selling price of the Model ≡ will be $42k.

Forward collision prevention is only “low speed”.
The Volt has high speed.

Once you experience a heated steering wheel in a cold climate, it’s hard to go back. To me it’s worth the premier jump. Then the 2 additional package options + DC fast charge are chump change.

You can get the heated steering wheel and front heated seats in the LT model with the comfort and convince package ($555).

I kid.. I kid..

Ours is $38,800. Of course, who knows what the dealer will actually ask, if/when they finally get out here in pickup country?

Just tell them right up front its msrp or no deal.

We are being quoted MSRP for ours.

I will probably wait 3 yrs to get mine (as I normally do with other cars) when the leases start expiring. Hopefully it will be at half the cost (or lower) as with my 2011 LEAF and 2010 Prius.

Those of us no longer buying green bananas can’t wait. 🙂


I posted this late on another Bolt thread but thought I post again here. is advertising a Class I trailer hitch for the Bolt EV. There is actually a picture of the Bolt EV on the advertisement on this webpage.

It looks like insideevs is rotating adds, the add was there a minute ago. If you want to look at the hitch just go through the selection menu and select Bolt EV.

Very nice, and it’s only $111! It’s rated at 2000 pounds, which will be about 2000 pounds higher than what Chevy rates it at. I feel that the manufacturers recommendation in this case is just their lawyers covering they’re assess. 2000 pounds is very useful!

I contacted etrailer about the Bolt’s hitch and inconsistent weight ratings, and here is their response:

“I called Curt about the discrepancy. But apparently that hitch is still going through the approval process and it hasn’t been finalized yet so it is not yet for sale. No one is sure how it ended up on our site. So I talked to my sister who is in charge of this line and she said they only add the parts that Curt sends to us in a big list. So basically what we think happened is that it was added to that list accidentally by someone at Curt and that is how it ended up on our site.

Eventually it will be a readily available hitch but until then they can’t sell it to us and we can’t sell it to you. I apologize for the mix up. In all the years I’ve been here this is the first time this has happened.

Oh, and since the hitch hasn’t been finalized yet the tongue weight capacity is still up in the air.”

So Curt will have a hitch available….just not yet. Someone goofed. Whoops.

Don’t kid yourself, they’re going to sell this hitch. Curt sells hitches for the Volt and the Leaf which also don’t recommend towing. The Bolt is a tough EV and should be able to easily tow 1000 lbs regardless of whether Chevrolet wants to rate it for towing.

I might also mention that there a lot of Volts and Leafs driving around pulling trailers, just Google it and see. If there’s a trailer hitch available for the Bolt EV people are going to be pulling trailers with it. Are you going to be one of those people?

Nope, just bike racks and cargo boxes.

We need to look at what the Ampera-e’s ratings end up being. I doubt the Bolt will get rated for any kind of towing in the US, but the Ampera-e is another story. Whatever it gets rated at is what Bolt owners in the US should feel comfortable towing stateside.

Google “Volt” or “Leaf trailer pictures”. When I did I saw a lot of EVs pulling jet skis, motorcycle trailers, garden trailers, etc.

That would be me! My Leaf is pictured on Torklift Central’s site too. I pull 2 Seadoo Sparks on a double trailer to the lake every weekend in the summer. And every winter, i pull 4 tons of wood pellets home from Tractor Supply for my pellet stove (2,000 lbs at a time) Every car ive owned has had a hitch, my 2000 Corvette, my 91 Geo Metro, my 2008 Mini E, my 12 and 15 Leafs, and my 12 iMiev. Can’t wait to bolt one up to my Model 3.

I don’t think you got the whole story. Almost every I’ve seen on Insideevs has a picture of the Bolt EV hitch. Somebody at is pushing the Bolt EV hitch.

I loaded up the installation PDF for the Bolt hitch, and it’s missing a bunch of pictures. Hmmm

I actually ordered one yesterday, and got a shipping notice this morning. If it actually shipped, I may be the only “regular” person to have a Bolt hitch for a little while! Lol

The etrailer guy said that while the ratings aren’t official, to bet on it being rated 100 pound tongue weight/1000 pound towing.

I took pictures of the rear bumper mounting bolts of the Bolt EV at the Texas State Fair. I can confirm that the hitch advertised for the Bolt EV is specifically designed to fit on the bumper mounting bolts of the Bolt EV. I can also confirm that the Bolt EV hitch should be very easy to install.

So it turns out Etrailer may have inadvertently shipped me the only Bolt EV hitch in existence outside of Curt HQ. Etrailer guy said Curt sent them 1……for whatever reason.

I feel special. Lol

It may not be officially rated yet, but there is no doubt they’re working on it. I will be getting one for sure. 🙂 They probably just threw it up too soon… like Costco did with their Bolt EV configuration.

The ads are probably similar to Amazon or google ads. As long as there is a listing for an item on their website, it will use your web browser search history to automatically generate an ad.

Any etrailer ads will look at your most recently searched items on their site and generate an ad with the item they think you are most likely to buy. If you went back to their site and started looking up nothing but Ford Explorer trailer hitches, they would probably show up as well.

I want to know what roof rack options will be available!

I’ll still wait for official word from GM on towing capacity. In the unlikely event that warranty service is needed, I wouldn’t want them to have any question. SparkEV battery cost $35K ($10K more than the whole car), and risking warranty service denial is just too expensive.

Another thing to look at is GVWR. If it’s only about 4500 lb (about 1000 lb more than base weight, or five 200lb adults), then most likely it won’t be rated to tow. SparkEV GVWR is only about 900 lb more than the base weight.

Vehicles that tow have a Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, CGVWR that includes both the trailer and the vehicle weights. I was able to calculate the CGVWR of my FFE based on the rated towing capacity of the European FFE. Calculating acceptable trailer weight based on CGVWR is complicated but the trailer weight can exceed vehicle load ratings under certain conditions.

I think I’ve been over this with you before. The CGVWR calculations are complicated and apparently only Europeans are smart enough to perform these calculations on smaller vehicles. It’s kinda like calculating how much fuel you can carry in a plane with the load you have.

BTW, does sell hitches that will fit the Spark EV and I have seen pictures of Chevrolet Sparks pulling trailers.

I’ve seen a Chevy Spark pulling a Seadoo Spark. Pretty cool!

I need a class 3 hitch not for towing a lot of weight but to attach a scooter in the back of the vehicle for my mother to use. So here is hoping someone makes one.

The most important revelation from the site is that you don’t have to get those hideous two tone seats. Those almost outweigh the 238 mile range!

Wow, you’re right. It seems dumb but that was one of my biggest hang ups with the Bolt. The two-tone seats just look super cheesy… like some 10-year old seats left over from “Old GM.” I’m really glad there’s an option to make them all one color.

According to there aren’t any Bolt EVs on dealer lots yet. With all the factory orders it might be six months before you can just go down to the dealer and buy one off the lot. I would like to at least get a test drive, I might have to wait awhile.

Customer-ordered Bolts (real people like you and me) have reported their Bolts have been confirmed as being built. Latest update I saw is someone’s Bolt was ready for shipping as of yesterday.

$395 for Red/blue/orange paint? Clearly they are enjoying the $20k-$30k price gap between the Bolt and the Model S a little bit. 😉

I don’t understand how $145 a kw hour for the LG battery brought the Bolt price all the way up to $40k. I mean, if you take any regular $16k-$23k sedan and add $9,000 for a 60kw, it doesn’t come out to ~$38,000 (with blue paint).

$145 is cell price. Pack price is probably lot higher due to cooling + well designed pack structure. It could very well be over $200/kWh ($12K+).

Also, Bolt gets ZEV credits, which should make it even cheaper. Everything else is nice healthy profit for GM. Of course, they won’t come out and say it.

It seems that the rear view camera (and I don’t mean the backup camera) is not available; even on the Premier. Or, did I miss it?

Rear view camera is standard on both trims.

The SURROUND vision camera comes standard on the Premier trim only.

If you are referring to the rear view mirror camera, it is standard but on the Premier only.

No, the rear view vision camera is standard. Period. Regardless of trim.

Actually according to the build page

The LT states: Rear vision camera

Premiere description states: Rear Camera Mirror

The “rear vision camera” is the typical rear view camera that you can get on most Chevy products going back years. It is viewed on the center dash.

The “rear camera mirror” is the one that is embedded in the rear view mirror. Its very cool and one of the main features I want. 🙂

They are different and I was asking him if he is referring to that. If so, it is not available on the LT as far as I can tell.

Oohhh…..I think I see now. In that case, you are right.

I’m planning on getting a loaded Premier, so a moot point for me. :p

Haha same here! That and the surround view are my two favorite features of the car. Totally worth the price difference.

Yes. I believe if you get the non-Premier you have a rear view feed on the center cluster. If you get the Premier you have a top-down view on the center cluster and a rear-view on the mirror (when activated).

Argh, incandescent interior/hatch lights. I’ll have to swap those out with LEDs.

Someone get a black LT and get the rims painted gloss black and get the Bowties wrapped gloss black.

Then get the brake calipers painted either Yellow or Orange and then get some stickers to put on the center hub caps and theme it out like batman or biohazard symbols or pumpkins or tigers

And that’s how to make your Bolt cool.

“Every Bolt EV comes with a ChargePoint card”, that’s what it says on the Chevrolet website. So it looks like Chevrolet is investing in charging infrastructure after all. I knew Chevrolet was saying one thing and then doing something else.

ChargePoint has already referenced this. And I think that is just ChargePoint doing their own giveaway to try to add to their customer base.

When I got my LEAF I honestly couldn’t comprehend why it didn’t come with one or more local access charge cards. Having to sign up separately and wait for cards is just nutty. Give out free cards with $10 on them so the customer can get started right away.

Especially when I (like most EV buyers at the time) had no EVSE at home yet. If I wanted to charge fast I had to do it away from home for a couple weeks.

My Texas dealer said he can’t order the Bolt EV until 1st quarter 2017. I told the salesman I hoped that there would be a Bolt EV to test drive at the Dallas Auto Show in March. The salesman said that he thought there would be Bolt EVs on the Texas dealer lots to test drive before the Dallas Auto Show.

Looking at this configurator has made me realize this car is kind of pricey. I’m not saying it isn’t worth it, but it’s going to be hard to get people to just take a flyer on an EV when the price is that high.

Your right, people that aren’t serious about buying an electric vehicle will shy away from the Bolt EV but people who really want an affordable EV will look at the Bolt completely differently. People who want an EV will look at what features they want and try to figure out how to make it affordable, almost nobody buys a car because it’s the least expensive car they can find. People who really want an EV will look at tax credits, leasing and life cycle cost to see if the cost works for them.

EV range is really important to me. The only EVs with 200+ mile range right now are the Bolt EV and the Tesla models. Compared to the price of the Teslas, even used ones, the Bolt EV is a steal.

This is one reason why I really wish Chevy would bring the Spark EV back on the market after tax rebates have been exhausted up on the Bolt/Volt.

A 100+ mile Spark EV built with the much more attractive new body style would be a great second car. A nationwide roll out at current battery prices would make a new Spark EV much cheaper and far better than the original.

Not likely for them to do this, but a guy can dream! Roughly 10% of all Spark sales the past two years were the EV variant. That’s actually pretty impressive I think. 🙂

Better would be to offer Bolt with smaller battery. 30 kWh would be good for about 120 miles, more than new FFE. Assuming pack pricing of about $225/kWh, it would be almost $31K pre subsidy ($23.5K post subsidy). But smaller battery Bolt would be quicker than any car in the world at $23.5K, like how SparkEV is quickest car in the world at $18K (or $15K in CA).

Of course, if they could also offer SparkEV at $18K pre subsidy and 110 miles range (25 kWh?), that would be great, too. But chopping battery from Bolt might be lot easier and cheaper than new EV development.

While I like the Bolt, I can’t help but be turned off by the nickel and dime stuff.

Asking 750$ for fast charging rubs me the wrong way. That is like making the inlet to the gas tank of a Suburban the size of a soda straw and then asking for 750$ to make it normal sized.

The level I charge cord is a 500$ option? If you have never bought an EV before, you sure the hell aren’t going to have level 2 charging in your garage and most of the US has pretty poor charging infrastructure. I was just looking at the Leaf Group Buy and they include the level 2 charger and fast charging. Yes the Leaf is an inferior car to the Bolt, but the optioning isn’t insulting.

Two things: why pay for normal if all the area gas stations use straw sized gas hoses? The $500 charge cord is for a SECOND unit; a 120v EVSE comes standard.

OK, three things since you mentioned a Leaf. All the ones I looked at over the years charged extra for chademo.

McDonalds employees demanded $15 an hour. They got replaced by kiosks.

GM looked at the Volt data and saw everybody using wall outlets. Why give fast charging for free?

Are stock holders SUPPOSED to lose money?

Some of us, have respect for basic human dignity, and stopped patronising kiosk McDonalds locations.

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

I suppose you don’t fly either now or buy cars either made by robots.

Automation, whether through end user interface or during manufacturing, is progress from our industrialization.

Just frees up more labor to be more innovative and find the next best industry to modernize. — hotel services is next.

Nothing’s free. Would you rather have $750 higher price or $750 option? I prefer the option.

If it were standard I’m sure it wouldn’t add $750 to the price. My guess is $300.

That is an additional level 1 charge cord. One already comes with the vehicle.

“Leaf group buy”.

You get what you pay for. If you are willing to buy that car because an L2 EVSE is thrown in then really you will get exactly what you are in for. You will save a lot of money but will invariably find you end up with a Leaf.

I do think DC charging should be included in the Premier package. And it really was until GM pulled it out AFTER announcing it. That’s now Nissan does it, includes it in a higher package.

I live in Toronto so I just looked at the site. We can’t yet order the Bolt, but there is a lot of detail comparing the two trim levels (different from the .com site). Most interesting is that DC Fast Charging is listed as STANDARD on both trim levels. The heading is “DC Fast Charging Capability” and it’s listed as “Standard” for both LT and Premium. On the U.S. Site, it says “Available”. I guess we won’t really know until the Canadian site is updated further for ordering.

Chevrolet Bolt EV In Canada Priced At $42,795 – Includes Fast Charging, Arrives Early 2017

Thanks Jay. I don’t know how I missed that article. It’s very informative for Canadians. Since that article came out (it may still be old news) the Premium price has been set at exactly $5,000 CAD over the LT. My local GM dealer told me the Bolt will be on display again at the Toronto auto show in February, but this time you’ll be able to try out the seating and possibly even test drive it. Between the favorable Canadian pricing and the $14,000 Ontario rebate for the Premium (just under $13,000 for base model) it will be a very compelling car.

No problemo,

And yupe, definitely at the CIAS (Toronto) autoshow again this year. We could only get inside it last year for press days, but will be a “gen pop” car (or two) for 2017.

Totally agree that the new Ontario program makes the Bolt EV a very attractive offering for Ontarians. The tax always nicks you of course, but the $12,839 off the $42,795 makes it ‘kinda’ like $29,956 CAD (~$22,400 USD). Should put leases in the low to mid $300s (~$250 USD).

Couple things, math/pricing isn’t so great outside of Ontario (BC/Que is still ok), and you also have to be careful on how your dealer applies the rebate if you are leasing…but overall pretty great in ON, especially if one makes their living in USD.

Known issue. In Canada CCS is standard on All Bolt Vehicles. In the US it is a $750 addon. We don’t know about Europe yet.

Look at the comment by Viggo here —

apparently DCFC is standard on the Bol.

“80 KW charger mandatory for service bay”

If this is true, then that means there will be only 2 dealerships in my area which will sell the BOLT. Bad news for me trying to get a good deal on one.

I’ll have to wait for a used BOLT then.

I can’t find the dual motor option, damn.
With it, one can pit the Bolt against some Porsches and Ferraris out there.

Bolt aesthetics leave much to be desired, as does our Leaf’s. The Bolt really does look like my 2005 Vibe with an update.