Chevrolet Bolt EV Available To Order Now In Canada, Arrives In A Few Weeks – Nationally By Year’s End

DEC 11 2016 BY JAY COLE 67

Chevrolet Bolt EV priced to sell in Canada

Chevrolet Bolt EV priced to sell in Canada

While first deliveries are just getting underway now in the US for the Chevrolet Bolt EV, to the ‘North’ in Canada, GM has announced that the 238-mile 383 kilometre (it’s how it is spelled in Canada) electric vehicle is now also available to be ordered (link to build online here), but more importantly is arriving very soon for most Canadians.

A reconfigurable screen in the instrument cluster of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV offers the choice of several layouts to display vehicle information.

A reconfigurable screen in the instrument cluster of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV offers the choice of several layouts to display vehicle information.

For Canadians in those provinces with sizable plug-in vehicle rebates, such as in Ontario with up to $14,000  (details), Quebec (up to $8,000 – details) and British Columbia (up to $5,000 – details), first deliveries happen in just weeks, as GM Canada touts an arrival date of “early 2017”.

However, and like in the US, the nationwide roll-out for the ‘have-not’ regions is a bit delayed.

For Provinces without special incentives, GM promises to provide the Bolt EV “within twelve months of the retail launch” … sorry Albertans.

Using our OEM-decoder ring, we understand this statement to mean no model year 2017s for Canadians outside of the 3 provinces that drive plug-in vehicle sales.  If Bolt EV production timing is inline with other offerings, the 2018 Bolt EV would arrive in Canada no earlier than ~September 2017.

“The new Chevrolet Bolt EV provides an exciting new vehicle choice for Canadians looking for leadership in environmental and technological innovation,” said Laura Pacey, Chevrolet Brand Director for Canada. “This ground breaking vehicle will help Canadians to find new roads in design, technology, connectivity and environmental performance.”

Long term, and more important that the actual arrival timing, is that GM has priced the Bolt EV to sell in Canada, with the base model being offered from $42,795 (+DST) – an amount equal to $32,469 USD dollars; more than $4,000 less that the starting price-point of $36,620 (+DST) in the US.

Chevrolet Bolt EV - as low as

Chevrolet Bolt EV – as low as $31,434 (+DST) in Ontario after provincial incentive is applied ($23,850 USD)

In Canada’s most generous province for incentives – Ontario, where plug-ins get a 30% price reduction up to $14,000, the base Bolt EV receives a $12,839 rebate ($11,361 pre-tax), giving the Bolt EV an effective price of $31,434 or $23,850 USD.

Also of note:  all Canadian Bolt EVs include DC fast charging, which is a $750 option ($990 CAD) in the US



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I wonder how many will be available here?

Apparently dealer allocations in Toronto are in the range of 7-8 Bolts for all of 2017. So very few will be sold this year in Canada. Maybe more will get sold in Quebec

My dealer is getting 10 per location (20 total), deliveries to start at the end of January.

I’ve been told I should get mine in Feb. Ideally.

Where are you Brice?

BC. My dealer is in the lower mainland.

I’m on the island.

Congrats Brice, I’m on the list as a recipient of one of the 10 units allocated to that same dealer. Trying to wait patiently for my LT with Comfort & Conv. pkg. in Kinetic Blue 😉

Good choice on colour, Justin!

I keep checking back to see if it’s hit the order book yet, but apparently not as of Friday. Didn’t call today, mind.

I don’t have a build date yet either and according to my sales guy (probably the same fellow you’re dealing with) I’m number 2 on the list. Apparently lucky number one does actually have a build date in January for delivery in February so I’m hoping that I won’t be far behind.

It’s starting to look like there may be very few deliveries in Canada this year so I’m glad I sought out the correct dealer and contacted them early. First call was in late summer, then when I got a call saying that they were taking deposits I was in placing my order by the end of that day. I’ve gotta say, it’s been tough ordering a car without knowing what the options would cost or what it would look like in the chosen color, then waiting almost six months for delivery. I’ve had plenty of time to second guess my choices! But I’m stoked, having spent some time with a Fit EV, and most recently a 2nd gen Volt, I’m ready to replace IC with electric. Everything else just seems like old technology.

Does your salesman’s name start with Z? Because everything I’ve heard is more or less in line with your report.

First order has been accepted for manufacturing, 10 per location, yep.

I got in touch way back in April, but had to go through a couple dealers until someone unofficially told me that Carter was the only one getting them in (which may be incorrect now, but that’s what I got). Had to wait until October to confirm a few things before ordering, but Z did say I would be on the list and he’s still sounding hopeful it’ll be a Feb. delivery.

Actually no, we’ll call my salesperson “D”. I was fortunate that I knew a buddy who’s a mechanic and got some advice on which dealer I should reach out to. They suggested I go to Carter as they’re the biggest volume movers in the area and most likely to receive the cars. When I called in and found out that Carter sold the only two Spark EV’s that came to BC I knew I had the right dealer.

Good Morning,

I live in Nova Scotia and have been trying for at least 2 years to buy an EV. I’ve finally settled on the Bolt (2017). No incentives in this province. I am wondering if I can buy a car in Ontario. And I’ve called around to dealerships in Ontario and no salesperson seems educated on the EV (they keep trying to sell me a Volt!). Any assistance would be appreciated. This is so frustrating and there is no availability in NS it seems. My current car is on its last legs!

Kind Regards,

I wonder when they will be available in Europe then?

I wonder when the BOLT will be available in RHD.

GM gas said never for RHD

You might want to check for the Opel Ampera e which is the same car.

The estimation now for Norway seem to be ~June 2018. A bit delayed from first expected ~March launch.

I wonder if Germany will get any before that considering that even if it’s just rebranded Opel is still German.

Do you mean June 2017 or will it really take one and a half year from now before it comes to Norway?

2017 that is. I will get mine in june.

2017 of course. Don’t know where that 8 came from.:P

«GM has announced that the 238-mile 383 kilometer (it’s how it is spelled in Canada)”
…and anywhere else in the WORLD.
Correction done now!
O.K Bolt won’t be sold all around, but you get the idea.

Both are acceptable in Canada it seems. And Germans spell it “kilometer” also.

Metre and meter are two different word and have their own meanings.
Metre is a unit of measurement.

Meter is a device used to indicate a quantity

Woohoo! Been checking the website lately wondering when it’s arriving. Can’t wait to see people driving them on the road!

Still no build it option on the website.


The Bolt will be the new leader in 2017 EV sales for Canada.

What is this option: Portable 120-Volt Charge Cord (LPO) 800 dollars.

Do I need this? Isn’t this included?

That should be included. I believe if you order one it is a spare/extra. At least that’s how it is in the US

The order page says:
“Portable 120-Volt Charge Cord(LPO): $765.00”
but – if you have to order one – I would probably get the Turbo Cord, instead – – “TurboCord charges nearly 3 times faster than your Level 1 cordset, so you can get more electric miles from your EV conveniently. TurboCord simplifies installation. All you need is a 240 Volt
outlet (NEMA 6-20) – at home, work, relatives’ or friends’ homes. And with TurboCord Dual, you are getting 2 chargers in one (Level 1 and Level 2), costing you less than a replacement cordset.”

Order Page:

Or, if you want a bit more power – you can support the Sun Country Highway Team and get a SunCountryHighway Branded (Clipper Creek) EVSE – SCH25P EV Charger [C$899.00] – “The same quality and dependability of our trusted 25amp charger, now with a NEMA 14-30 Plug for better portability.” “Since the last thing you need is one more item in your garage, we packed close to 5kW of power in this small package. The smallest EV charger footprint in the industry. More than 200% faster recharging than 110V level 1. 25A Breaker rated, 20A continuous current, J1772 connector.”!/SCH25P-EV-Charger/p/43196245/category=10658153 PS. Don’t forget the ‘Electric vehicle charging incentive program’ – “Ontario is showing its support for electric vehicles (EVs) by offering up to $1,000 to help you purchase and install charging stations for home or business use. If you have already received the provincial rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle, you are eligible for a rebate to support the purchase of a Level 2 charging station. You can plug your car into a regular household outlet but upgrading to a Level 2 (220V, 30amps) station, connected to the same type of plug you need for a dryer or… Read more »

The pricing page has been up for a few days. I checked with my dealer and no aol action for dealer in BC at this time. I can’t find anything else that says it is ready for order. Do you know of any dealers getting allocation yet?

Not all BC dealers are getting them in, from what I’ve seen. Or at least that’s what I was told by my local dealer way back this year.

Which dealer are you looking at?

I just talked to the sales manager at Bannister GM in Vernon BC. He just talked to regional sales manager. No allocations at this time. I am number one on their list having paid a down payment over a month ago to assure my place in line. The regional manager says that Bannister will receive “at least one Bolt” but they still do not have any firm numbers on allocation. They said the firmest information they can give is early 2017 for delivery date. My “order” is already in GM hands. Now it is a waiting game. If the dealer in Quebec has 100 “orders” I believe there are going to be a great deal of disappointed people on that list. The regional manager said that interest in the Bolt well exceeeds expection in the interest for the car which is no surprise to me or others that are waiting for firm information. So my interpretation is that “orders” can be placed but but not guarantee to be filled. Allocation and time of placement of order are the true key to getting a car. My advice…check the dealer…ask how many people have they placed order request for before you…look for… Read more »

Inside EVs will have a count of BOLT delivered by month. We will see how that compares to Tesla.

Dealership in Guelph says orders placed now will arrive in “6-8 months”.

It seems most dealers had waiting lists.

Last info I had was that Barry Cullen got an initial allocation of 6 that are all spoken for. They are the top Volt seller in South Western Ontario. They tend to be very conservative with their promised deliveries.

Good to know, thanks!

Build tool was up but sort of hidden on the GM Canada site for a couple of weeks now. Been able to order a Bolt EV for almost two months in Canada. Someone from Toronto on gm-volt claims his car is going to be built next week (TPW of December 12th).

I find that quite interesting as I’ve been calling my dealership almost weekly since I provided a deposit and he indicates the build software he uses hasn’t been updated.

We have a center left government now in Alberta. Nothing has changed though, we are still run by oil and gas. You’d be more likely to receive a tax incentive if you bought the car with lowest MPG on the planet, certainly not for an electric car. We really are screwed here.

If you think you are screwed, wait to see what will happen to your US neighbours with the new 21th century “McCarthyism” against renewable energy and in favour of ICE cars that Trump will put in place there.

I ordered my Bolt at Carter GM in Burnaby BC on December 4. I was the 3rd or 4th order at this location. Sales rep said they have been allocated 10 at this location and 10 at their location in North Vancouver BC because they sell a lot of Volts. My vehicle is not yet in the build queue. Dealer suggested delivery in late February because the factory shuts down for two weeks at Christmas. I guess I will have to wait and see. Crossing my fingers.

Really? The fourth?

Wow, I ordered there in October and was told I was seventh. All the other info checks out, though.

So long as I am one the 10 I will be happy. The sales rep did say he had another 4 folks waiting to see the vehicle ordering. I got the impression the first vehicles would be used as ‘look but do not touch’ for potential customers. Of course they will only have a day or two to do this before the rightful has claimed their vehicle.

The province of Québec will probably get more Bolts. Thanks to it’s newly adopt zero emission law.

I’m envious of Canadians, besides the huge tax break, get around $4200 off the cost of the car, and even get options (for example, CCS) that US customers have to pay for, so, if you are a buyer who happens to want the CCS, its actually almost a $5000 gift.

Lucky Canadians.

> “get around $4200 off the cost of the car”

But that’s only if you compare it to the US model. We don’t see that savings, and our dollar has went down 30 percent in the last couple years, increasing the cost of many items for us. We pay more for a lot of things, but our incomes more or less stayed the same.

In the end, it’s a very expensive car. For the price, I could buy TWO Toyota Corolla’s for example, and that’s after the British Columbia $5,000 rebate has been applied.

Bolt EV LT $39,990

Also, we have 12% tax on cars, which adds $4,800 to the Bolt price, and $2,400 to the Corolla price.

You still think we are lucky? 😉

My home province of Alberta has yet to announce any plans for any sort of credit for EV purchases, and with the economy the way it is currently, I don’t expect there to be anytime soon. Even with a alternative energy friendly government in place (NDP), the chances are slim for an EV credit program to come into play anytime soon. I believe the timing of the oil price downturn has prevented them from following through with some of the ideas they were planning on introducing. It’s a double edged sword in Alberta for someone with ideals such as mine… I hope to see the use of fossil fuels dwindle, but if they do too quickly, our economy will be hooped and the government won’t be able to implement their green energy plans for the economy because they won’t have the money to do so. We also have a strong contingent of the population that lean very far to the right, which doesn’t help when the NDP are trying to introduce a carbon tax in which the money gathered will go towards clean tech jobs and innovation. Manipulation of the public is the name of the game, and it works… Read more »

Alberta NDP Gov. should be very pleased that it’s policy of protecting the environment is taken over by other provinces. It wouldn’t cost them an arm or a leg for a few
Bolts sold in Alberta . They should follow Ontario and other provinces on this issue and start the subsidies.

Unfortunately, our only hope in Alberta is a federal credit for EVs.

I’ve started a blog about my Bolt EV adventure. Check it out if interested. Jay has already commented on it. Lol

For those looking at this from a US dollar view point.

In BC (taxes 12 percent) a tricked out Bolt Premier in the clear coat red cost $51,777.

In the US for a stock Bolt you pay mlsr $37495 before taxes. $49,488 current exchange rate.

From there you can play with all the variables that come into play.

Oh yeah. Not taking into account the $3250 Scrapit program I will take advantage of. And the $500 rebate on the charging station. The HOV decal is priceless for those living in Vancouver.

So as a permanent resident of the free north I tend to see this as a pretty good deal. And when the dollar shifts in the other direction as it always does my investment will look even better.

Did I mention GM is taking a $9000 loss on the sale of this vehicle? Or that the vehicle is nearly maintainance free? Just saying. Grin

Arthur, I’m aware of the Scrapit program in BC which I’ll also be taking advantage of, but where can I find out about the rebate on the charging station?

Also don’t forget about running costs. Right now I put about $200 a month in gas through my focus, and I calculate that I’ll be spending about $50 per month in electricity to run the Bolt. If I can convince my work to let me plug into a 120v socket while I’m at the office that’ll drop my running costs down to about $25 per mo.

Canadian dealers who sell the Bolt will be required to install a level 3 charge at the dealership. My dealer is catacorner to the Mall. Starbucks while you charge!

And the Level 3 charging comes standard in Canada. In the US it’s a $750 option.

We don’t drive that much. 2.5 kilometer from house, work, shopping. An occasional 100 kilometer trip now and then. Computes our cost for electric…$17 a month.

Planning a May trip from BC down to the Oregon Coast. See what baby can really do!

My bad. It is no longer an active program. Died a quiet death sometime in 2015. I called the phone number listed and a recording stated the program was terminated.

In the muddle of my mind I thought there was a program involving BC Hydro but haven’t had a chance to look yet. Sorry for the bad scoop.

Current project. Say we get the Bolt Feb 8 (if we be so lucky) she has all weather tires. I was checking the Michelin website on winter tire replacements and found nothing. Dealership is working on it.

Too bad, you had me excited for a moment there (the charger rebate). I have been shopping chargers and was prepared to be spending $800 or so for a 32A indoor/outdoor charger when the time comes.

For the tires, I’m sure it won’t take long to find the bolt pattern and offset (probably TireRack will be on it), then it will just be a matter of finding a suitable wheel (probably available used on Craigslist from another GM vehicle) in a more suitable winter rim size, 16″ for eg. and taking a tire in a more readily available size like 215-55-16 or 205-60-16. Looking at the brakes in the photos, they should clear a 16″ wheel no problem. Way cheaper for winters than buying 17’s. I’ll probably do the same but I’ll throw my track tires on the new wheels see how it’ll do on the autocross track 😉

Got word from dealer, Michelin XIce is the recommended winter version. $1100 including tax. Hopefully it can wait til next winter. The charger is my primary as well. Looking at 32 amps on The chargers $800 … plus the electrician to run a 240 to the garage.

Oops….the 51,177 was after the $5000 rebate.

Re: earlier comment “sorry Albertans”
There is more to Canada than Ontario, Quebec, B.C. And Alberta!