Chevrolet Bolt (CrossVolt) Revealed


Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept (Image: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept (Image: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Just moments ago, General Motors pulled back the curtain covering the Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept.

Here are the first images to surface of the 200-mile electric Chevrolet.

We’ll have more live images of this electric Chevy shortly, so stay tuned.

Update:  Full reveal with specs, pictures and video can be found here

Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept (Image: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept (Image: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Chevrolet Bolt Debuts In Detroit At The 2015 NAIAS

Chevrolet Bolt Debuts In Detroit At The 2015 NAIAS

Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept (Image: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept (Image: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

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26 responses to "Chevrolet Bolt (CrossVolt) Revealed"
  1. Draighven says:

    Very nice!

    1. Mike999 says:

      Uh-Oh! Looks Good = They want to SELL IT.

  2. Josh says:

    Hmm, can’t tell the size really well from these shots, but it looks like it is going squarely after LEAF proportions. Looks better than the LEAF at this point.

  3. Anon says:

    I dunno… Needs a nosecone. 😉

    1. Jim_NJ says:


      The front looks like it has a fat lip. Something needs to be done about that before production.

    2. pjwood says:

      I’m OK w/form catching up to function. No need for a manta ray grill. No abuse of two-tone.

  4. Big Solar says:

    Where is the battery that takes this thing 200 miles?

    1. Anon says:

      As tall looking as it is, I would presume the floorpan? The side doors look like they ride really high…

      1. Josh says:

        Agreed. I was imagining that where the orange paint turns to black trim at the bottom is where the battery starts.

  5. Josh says:

    Does this mean that CrossVolt naming is still available? Could we get a third reveal at the show? Having a BEV named CrossVolt would be really confusing.

    1. Anon says:

      And Volt/Bolt isn’t already confusing?

      1. Josh says:

        I am not suggesting the Bolt name is great. I just hoping they save the CrossVolt name for a CUV/SUV with a Voltec drivetrain.

        For those who’s only complaint about the Volt size, it makes it an easy sell.

      2. scott franco says:

        Don’t be a dolt.

        Swap your Volt

        For a bolt

        And get ready for a Jolt.

  6. IDK says:

    Looks like a cross between a Honda Fit and a micro car. Why is GM designing cars like a Honda? IMO…both the Volt 2.0 and Bolt look like Honda’s to me. I think Tesla has nothing to worry about with the Bolt.

    1. Mike999 says:

      The new Fit is selling well.

  7. Mutwin Kraus says:

    Reminds me of my i3. Especially the interior and dashboard design shown on Chevy’s website. Nice job.

  8. pjwood says:

    So, the day we stop one “5th seat” debate, we start another?

    I like the style. It’s big/high, like C-max, B-class (if not as long). Looks like it has a moonroof.

  9. SIvad says:

    This looks more like an i3 killer. Looks like the same proportions with 4 usable doors about the same cargo volume. I think it’s telling that it is even painted a similar color to the i3 orange that is available and was used on the i3 reveal.

    If the Bolt can get 200 miles AER and come in $10K under the i3, BMW will have to rethink their strategy pretty hard. Even if they cram a larger battery in the i3 to give it a 200 mile range it will still have to come down $10K in price to be in the same ballpark as the Bolt. Now I’m sure the Bolt will have less impressive performance specs than the i3 but that subtlety will be lost on most customers.

    1. Someone says:

      Not so sure. People buy BMW’s for the hood ornament… sort of

    2. Craig Askings says:

      I think BMW can keep their price higher and be successful in the market. But they will have to match the range.

  10. Someone says:

    Looks like they’ve been inspired by the i3

  11. Warren says:

    It has to have 60 kWh in there. The floor is the only possible place for that much battery. The OEMs this size use 270-290 Wh/mi on the EPA scale. Even figuring 90% DoD, that is 60 kWh. LG must have really sharpened their pencil. They clearly hope to make it on huge volume, or they are counting on a new breakthrough soon.

  12. Warren says:

    If we assume the Bolt is as aero as the Spark, but heavier, the pack could be as small as 47 kWh. This still means they are getting these cells for half what Nissan is paying.

  13. Marshal G says:

    I’d love to see this in a metallic gray or matte black. Why do concept cars have to be so gaudy?

  14. MDEV says:

    Can Tesla take a note of how to design a nosecone?

  15. scott franco says:

    I like it. I suppose it had to have the chevy logo on it. Bet I could pry it off with a screwdriver 🙂