Chevrolet Bolt Makes You Fall Into A Crazy Kind Of Love – Video


A dealership obviously had way too much fun with this hilarious Chevrolet Bolt commercial.

It seems that maybe they are trying to appeal to a younger audience. The buyer (presumably single) is not interested in commitment. He envisions himself in a sudden, long-term relationship with the Bolt, which results in marriage and divorce, all inside of a minute. Fortunately, now you can lease a new Chevrolet Bolt, so the commitment is temporary.

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Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

This makes sense since leasing is so popular these days, and many see the younger generation as non-committal. One would think that there is an even stronger case for this attitude when we are talking about a brand-new model, from an up-and-coming segment.

While offering the Chevrolet Bolt nationwide, and with better lease prices, will hopefully get more of them on the road, GM also has to be careful about timing. There is still a large group of people trying to decide between the Bolt and the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Will it help GM to get these leased now, even though it may time out so that many customers can turn in their Bolt lease and get a Model 3? Or, once they fall in love with their Chevrolet Bolt, they may no longer want a Tesla?

Regardless of how it works out, at least GM can generate more interest in the Bolt, and lease as many as possible in the interim. Only time will tell how competition pans out between the two affordable long-range electric vehicles. With all of the announcements as of late, there will be many more players in the game soon enough.

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LOL what the heck… that was simultaneously awful but also great. The possibility of an “open relationship” isn’t a selling point I would expect from a car commercial. But $0 and $295 a month for a new Bolt sounds pretty freaking nice. Why commit?

I wonder if this MA dealer always has such goofy commercials or if this is a one off. 😛

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

Me thinks that they’ll probably get a cease and desist letter from the lawyers representing the estate of Whitney Houstan that will be followed by a threat of lawsuit, unless the dealership pays damages for using/misappropriating Whitney’s song and voice in their commercial.

The rights to use such a popular song from such a popular artist don’t come cheap. GM could afford the song rights for a national commercial, especially for a highly viewed event like the Super Bowl. There is just no way a single dealership could afford to pay for using the song for just a local TV and internet advertisement.

Tim Miser

Geez…. what a buzz kill!


That’s not Whitney Houston, it’s Dionne Warwick. (Interestingly, they’re cousins.)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven



Do you seriously think this dealership produced a commercial with a song they didn’t have the rights to?

That’d be an extremely amateur mistake. I’d not accuse them of such things without some evidence.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

Who’s accusing? I said “me thinks” and “probably.” I’m opining.

Can you think of any other local business that used a famous pop song for their local commercial? No, because the license fees to use that famous copyrighted pop song in a commercial to sell your product or promote your business would be too expensive.

Dionne Warwick might not like how her voice song is being used in this commercial. It’s her decision (and any other rights holders like the song writer). For all we know Dionne Warwick might be a petrol-head and climate science denier who loves gas-guzzling ICE cars and hates all EVs. Not to mention that scene with the campaign bottle could be viewed/interpreted as an allusion to masturbation and ejaculation. She might not want her voice and song to be associated with that particular allusion. Just sayin’.

Who knows, maybe Dionne Warwick is hurting for cash since her last gig shilling for the Physic Friends Network, and she did license her song to the dealership for a mere pittance.


PSYCHIC… Why is it predominantly women customers who believe this blatant scam?
Whitney, Whitney… how are the mighty fallen?


$295/month,0 down payment sounds like a good deal. The $2500 rebate makes this even sweeter, making it about $230/month.

George Bower

295/month and zero down sounds decent. What’s the catch?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

You will continuously encounter random Tesla fanboiz and be forced to incessantly suffer the slings and arrows of their pointed barbs. These detractors will level the following criticisms at you:

– you’re driving a CARB compliance car,
– GM doesn’t even want to sell the Bolt,
– GM can not and will not ever make more than 30,000 per year,
– the Bolt was engineered and designed by LG Chem and GM only slapped a Chevy badge on the car (aka badge engineering)
– the car should be called an LG Chem Bolt.

Did I miss any?


Utilitarian vs sexy
GM killed the electric car
Probably more but can’t think of anymore right now 🙂

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

“Utilitarian vs sexy”

That reminds me, how did I ever forget this one:



Tesla “fanboiz”. Maybe you should shorten it to ‘boiz’, so you can say it’s not name-calling! But I’m kinda thinking the intent would still be there! By the way, you didn’t address the question georgeS posited.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

Oh boy, I’m so misunderstood!

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I did address the question georgeS posited. Catch my drift?


I believe the “catch” with regard to why is the lease so low, NOT your nonsensical barbs at Tesla fans who might be critical of the car itself!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

Yeah, the “catch” for the low price is you have to put up with the nonsensical barbs of Tesla fanboiz when you lease a Bolt.

Lighten up, man.


What are you 12?

Are you saying there is no catch? Just say that if that’s what you think.


The low milage requirement on the car is one reason. They are also probably banking the tax return on the car for you to drive it for 30,000 miles or less and then they can sell it like a new car after your done with it.


sven said:

“Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.”

…whines the troll who is trying to turn a discussion about the Chevy Bolt into yet another Tesla bashing festival.



Yeah, Tesla fanbois don’t care much about you driving a Bolt EV, some are actually happy for you. But if that’s how they you about the car little can they do other than to point you to a Model 3 😉

George Bower

“But if that’s how they you about the car little”

I understand can’t:)


Sorry, “if that’s how you feel about the car” 🙂

George Bower

LOL Sven:)


You will never find a place to charge, and if you do it will cost more than buying gas.

You wont be able to charge at a Tesla Super Charging Station.



Oh and you missed the fact that you can charge it nowhere. That absolutely no charging stations exist at all. And that the letters CCS will cease to exist in that sequence.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

At least they’re trying to advertise.


Who’s they? That’s a dealership ad.

George Bower



Wasn’t one of the big complain that dealers didn’t want to sell EVs, especially Chevy dealers?

So, this should put end to that stupid claim, no? At least one deal does want to sell them?


No, the biggest complain was that GM doesn’t want to sell the car. Dealerships have slowly come to their senses.

Scott Franco

The commercial has it right. He gets divorced at the end.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

Marriage is a financial transaction that really should be like a 3-year lease. At the end of the lease, you have an option to renew/extend the marriage lease, or you could trade the wife in for a newer, sportier model. 😀

George Bower

I bot the car:)


Except for money, property and kids, yeah, OK.


Bolt EV, for the playa in all of us.



GM knew what they were doing looks-wise with this model. For all talk to the contrary. This isn’t the weird-mobiles of the early 2010s (think Leaf and i3). This is pioneering an era of bland EVs. You are not supposed to think about the drive train.
GM will have to cannibalize sales of the Cruzes and Malibus and Silverados of the world but only ever so slowly. The first step: a bland little crossover that does just about everything right.

George Bower

“This is pioneering an era of bland EVs.”

You guys are killing me today.


Here is in Canada, it’s $695 a month for a 36 month lease.

Crazy pricing for us crazy Canucks.

George Bower

“Crazy pricing for us crazy Canucks.”

We use the funding for Trumpcare:)


And still ending paying more than us for healt care that most of you cannot have.

I cry for you.

(And us by rebound also)


MRI machines per 1M ppl: US=36, OECD32 avg=14, Canada=8.8

CT scanners per 1M ppl: US=44, OECD32 avg=25, Canada=15

It just means there’s fewer unnecessary medical machinery in Canada, not long lines. 🙂

George Bower

Sorry if I offended. It was a sarcastic, tongue in cheek joke.


That’s certainly entertaining and creative, especially for a locally-produced ad. But it fails to tell me why I should lease or buy this car, instead of some other.

And I commend Sven for bringing up the point about using a pop song, for which the dealership almost certainly did not pay a royalty.

For those who think this isn’t an important issue, or amounts to being a stick-in-the-mud, just consider this: How would you like it if people decided it was okay to use your personal property without even asking your permission? Hmmm?

Eric Cote

Perhaps if they used the full song, but a 5 second clip? This could be considered a derivative work.

There are laws governing derivative works and in most cases, the creator of the derivative work is within their rights.


Maybe you could hold off condemnation until you actually knew if they made arrangements or not?

I do agree the ad doesn’t bother to sell the car to anyone who didn’t already want it. A lost opportunity.

Roy LeMeur

The ejaculation metaphor with the champagne bottle was a little over the top 🙂


The ad should show him give his Bolt back her ring, and run off into the waiting doors of a Model 3!!!

I think the lease angle works pretty good for folks waiting on the M3, and some will no doubt like their Bolt EV enough to keep it.

And just what was that document he got in the mail that got him so steamed at his Bolt EV? His electric bill?!!!

– Not such a good promo for an electric car, me thinks…