Chevrolet Bolt Configurator Goes Live – Build Your Own Now


Via Costco’s auto program, we now have our first full look at the configurator for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.

Pricing for all options are listed, so essentially you can now go ahead and build the Bolt to your liking and see exactly what it’ll cost you (both invoice and MSRP).

The 2017 Bolt comes in two versions: LT and Premier.

Below, we’ve screen captured all the listed options for both versions, as well as pricing for each option.

First up, the cheaper version, the Bolt LT, which starts at $37,495:

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Now let’s move on to the higer-end version, the Bolt Premier:

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Just for fun, we maxed out a Bolt too. Here’s the pricing on our loaded Premier:

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Chevy Bolt Configurator Via Costco

Hit up this link to begin building your own 2017 Bolt over at Costco’s auto program website.

Update (Nov 11th, 8:57 AM/ET):  Perhaps Costco has jumped the gun before GM was ready to officially announced the specs, as the discounters website has now removed the configuration option.  Good thing we grabbed all those screenies!

 Also, one can now find many of the same pricing specs (and some further details) on the 2017 Bolt EV’s page on here.   (Hat tip to bro1999!)

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Build them and ship them! I want to see Bolts on the road by New Years!

Now that he won, will GM make cars that run on coal?

what on earth are you talking about? The Cubs manager? I do not see anyone winning that would cause this crazy statement.

They are referring to Trump’s support for coal.

Now that was funny

This one can! Just depends where you plug it in…

Nah, coal is dead. He just lied to coal miners to get their votes.

Utilities don’t want coal. Why?
1) Natural gas is cleaner.
2) Natural gas is much easier to ramp and up down such that it works much better with renewables.
3) Natural gas is much easier since you have pipelines that zip it right to the burner point instead of trains spewing coal dust and solid material that you need to move around.
4) Natural gas doesn’t create an ugly problem of coal ash pits filled with radioactive materials and toxic heavy metals that have to be carefully monitored for decades (or centuries?) to prevent water table poisoning.
5) Most importantly, NATURAL GAS IS CHEAPER.

So the Orange Birther clown is not bringing back coal . . . just like much of his campaign, it was just a bunch of stupid lies to sucker people. He is quite the con man.

HRC does not get a pass either. A non issue now. Any Bernie fan can tell you she stopped taking about green as soon as he was out. OK, a little bit with absolutely necessary. Most agree just by studying the data. Unfortunately, she was in with big oil. Syria was/is about an oil pipeline. Big surprise. Middle East conflict over oil.

Even neutral Clinton would uphold Obama policies.

Trump? He as well may dismantle some of them. Coal was hit hard by health&life saving regulations during Obama tenure.

Yes coal is less profitable then other fossil fuels, nothing will change that.

But if those health and life saving regulations are repelled some coal plants will be in operation longer.

Will Trump use that as”full filing a promise” move? Who knows.

Before we panic, can anyone quote where he said anything against alternative energy? I am not talking about being pro coal. If you you were reading world news during the election (most of us were focused on domestic) China was basically saying they would flood the world with coal when we stopped. That does not really solve anything. But a threat of, we don’t need it, may help stop the China threat. We shall see.

Plus, pro America manufacturing. Bolt = Made in the USA. Tesla cars, batteries, and solar, very American. In fact, most of the American solar is hurting it went under due to the influx of cheap Chinese panels. There is a strong possibility thing will go better than we think. Add the fact that one the Gigafactory is building all the batteries for Tesla cars, it will be the most American car made. That is huge … or should I say Yuuge.

Which alternate reality do you inhabit, Micheal?

You can avoid looking at the big picture if you choose. In a political world, you can accomplish the same goal with different wording. Most people don’t believe in climate change. I am not saying that. They is what the study shows. So let’s say we are not pursuing climate change. Instead, energy independance. How is that more realistically accomplished you ask, EV and PV … with natural gas as a stop gap.

With Tesla manufacturing the most American made car, it would be doubtful they don’t benefit, especially with Peter Theil in a very powerful position.

Are you going to panic now?:

“We will end the war on coal, and rescind the coal mining lease moratorium, the excessive Interior Department stream rule, and conduct a top-down review of all anti-coal regulations issued by the Obama Administration. We will eliminate the highly invasive “Waters of the US” rule, and scrap the $5 trillion dollar Obama-Clinton Climate Action Plan and the Clean Power Plan and prevent these unilateral plans from increasing monthly electric bills by double-digits without any measurable effect on Earth’s climate.”


So every car buying site has detailed Bolt pricing…..except Lol

Another bungled GM launch perhaps?

Magic 8-Ball says:
“Signs point to Yes!”

Maybe they are worried about getting too many orders? Perhaps? I dunno.

The link to Costco sez:

We’re sorry, but our server encountered an error processing your request.

When I go to their homepage, and try to look it up from my zip code, the Bolt does not appear as a 2017 Chevy model.

I can look up Fiat 500e, and every other EV that is not available in Virginia….except the Spark EV, and the Bolt. 🙁

Hey Warren,

It appears perhaps Costco got its wrist slapped by GM, as the specs appear to now be removed. Thankfully, the Internet is forever, and all the screenshots remain, (=

So what would you pay through Costco? Do they have a set amount below MSRP?

Yes, it differs on a car by car basis. Probably close to invoice price.

$40k for a sub-compact econobox. Electric or not, it’s not an option. And I think GM knows that, which is why they put the largest pack under the most undesirable, worst selling, worst aerodynamic(GM engineers even point that out) vehicle body and size segment in NA.

Only a few early adopters will be willing to buy/lease a $40k+ vehicle that looks like a $17k Honda Fit. Others will wait for their Model 3 to arrive.

Or buy a used 2013 Model S with 265 miles of range for $41k – $45k, with Supercharger access. Hummmm…I really have to think about that option….

$40k minus the $7.5k tax credit. Right now the cheapest certified pre-owned Tesla is $50k on their site and obviously you don’t get the credit. That’s at least double the price, so not a great comparison.

And for the Bolt it’s really $37K minus the tax credit, not $40k.

But that used Model S will have less passenger room than the “Econobox” Bolt EV. And you sit low. And you have to deal w/a land yacht. And there’s no where to get it fixed. Oh.. and it’s used… are we comparing used prices now? How much will a 3 year old used Bolt EV cost?

Well clearly you are not interested in it. But you do realize that people have been doling out $70K to $120K for Tesla EVs. There is a sizable market for people that really do want long range EVs.

There certainly will be a market for $37,500 Bolt. (And remember the tax-credit drops it to $30K.) It remains to be seen how big the market is but it certainly exists. Heck, people have been paying $36K for the Nissan LEAF that only had a 83 mile range.

So don’t deny reality.

Options are very reasonably priced. How very unTeslaesque of them 🙂

Not on my computer. Can’t find one at any distance from my zip code. 🙁

If I enter a Maryland zip it will show me dealers in Virginia, but a Virginia zip won’t work. Does this mean that the Bolt is only a compliance car, for ZEV states?

Yes! This link worked for me. It was slow, but it works.

Not in Canada yet! 🙁

Better get it before GOP/Trump controlled government get rid of the federal tax incentives.

If they get rid of all subsides including oil (which was hinted at), then it will be fair.

If anything, they wear they are doing it now only benefits high earners. If you don’t make enough, you can’t take the full credit. It really should have been designed to roll over to the next year, like home energy credits.

$535 additional if you want it to come with an L1.

An additional L1. It’ll ship with one, you can pay $535 for a second.

EU version, Opel Ampera-e, test drive:

One of the interesting features I noticed, it can read road signs.

I’ve been wondering when we’ll finally get a speed limit display in the dash.

Let’s see if the Bolt will have that as well.

Not sure I like how busy the dash is, though, it seems there was constantly something changing.

Does anyone know if it will come with a very good mobile EVSE like Tesla or just a limited one like the Leaf?

Or perhaps I should say, “Make America grate again.”

I bet the stupid requests are rolling in. Not going to happen for the simple reason. Energy Independance is NOT going to be achieved without conserving fuel. That would be counterproductive to his agenda.

You can configure your car all day long, but then you get whatever is on the lot.