Chevrolet Bolt Compared To Kia Soul EV – Video


Remember that comparison video featuring the Chevrolet Bolt, BMW i3 and Renault ZOE?

Well, here’s a similar one with the Bolt and the Kia Soul EV.

Video description:

Bolt Compared To Soul EV

Technical comparison between 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV vs. 2017 Kia SOUL EV.

External dimensions (length, width, height, wheelbase), internal dimensions (head room, leg room, shoulder room), curb weight, cargo volume, motor (maximum power, torque), performance (top speed, acceleration), battery size, total range, MPGe, energy consumption, fuel consumption equivalent, price.

Please note that this is only a technical comparison, based solely on technical specification of both cars. Not a real life Chevy Bolt vs. Kia Soul test. Images are taken from the manufacturer website.

The most notable difference between the Bolt and the Soul is electric range (238 versus 93), but you’ll probably be surprised by how the two vehicles compare in terms of dimensions and cargo volume.

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In my books, if you cannot even come close to the range of the Bolt, you don’t compare, UNLESS your EV is a lot lot cheaper.

My book if you cannot buy the car and all the states including Canada them it doesn’t compare to the Kia

Ouch. The Kia may have soul but it doesn’t have much Umph!
Donde esta Jay?

Los Kia Esta Uno K9 N0 Umph Umph

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

We know the Bolt is considered a CUV but what does the Kia “Indentify” with????….lol


Kia classifies it as a crossover.

It identifies with chipmunks.

So if the Bolt is considered a CUV then the LEAF would be too, because they are almost identical in their dimensions. As far as I know the LEAF is on the bottom of the mid size class, and so is the Bolt.

Yeah, calling the Bolt a CUV is pretty lame. It’s a five door hatchback. I guess Chevrolet thinks calling it a CUV is sexier than hatchback. I think anybody actually looking at it can tell the difference, although admittedly, the lines are getting blurry.

Leaf is larger inside and better feeling.

Kia is “Small stationwagon”

Can you add the MSRP for the two cars to the article?

That would give an important metric

And I noted the Video – in Pricing – Mentioned Canadian $, and a CAN$ difference – in EURO’s!

How are these being compared?

Basically the same sizes…

Why does the author of the video use liters and cubic feet for volume?

The only difference worth mentioning is battery size for range.

Agree that cubic feet should be dropped as most of the world use cubic litres.

In fact the video should only use metric measurements.

The author uses cubic feet because that’s what the audience expects. EPA volume comes in cubic feet.

Leaf is better except for the range.

If LEAF had fake roof rails and was all jacked up in the air it might look even closer to the bolt. The pool looks like it still on shipping blocks. Too funny

The Bolt Looks like it’s still sitting on shipping blocks.

I just measured both. A Bolt and a LEAF are both 7″ off the ground to the door sill. The LEAF has an additional lower underbody, but you can’t see it unless you crouch down. It reduces ground clearance (and stiffens) but doesn’t do anything visually.

A Bolt has a 2 3/4″ wheel gap (above wheel to wheel arch), a LEAF has a 3 1/2″ wheel gap.

I’m not sure what you are talking about when you say the Bolt is jacked up compared to the LEAF.

Conveniently there was a LEAF parked next to my Bolt today so the measuring was very quick to do.

Model 3 Tesla is far better for the same Price. Just wait !!!

That’s fantastic that’s great but when u need a car now you need to car now.

That car is still is vapourware until you can start taking ? delivery

I’m waiting for the model 3 and happy to do so!

We need to recognize that battery range is a perfect example of the old observation of “a difference in quantity being a difference in kind”. The range of a Bolt is so much greater than that of a Soul EV, FFEV, Leaf, etc. that it’s effectively a different class of vehicle.

For example, the Bolt’s range of 238 miles is just a bit over the weekly driving for 12,000 miles per year. This changes the overall usability of the car significantly and seriously cuts into the need for public chargers for many US drivers.

ONe thing yet unmentioned is that it took over a year for the SOUL EV to appear in NY State.
I got mine in Buffalo (Bolt ev) at the end of February 2017. On this score alone GM has been much more prompt at producing a vehicle rapidly.

I test drove the following EVs – Kia Soul, Fiat 500e, Leaf, Spark, Bolt. The Bolt with 200hp just has this kick that the other EVs don’t have. It is surprisingly roomy on the inside, seemingly tiny from the outside – like the TARDIS. And then the awesome realistic range which makes it such a convenience to drive from Marin County to San Jose and back without range anxiety setting in. The white sticker also is great for use in the HOV lanes. I ended up getting the Bolt. Out the door it was $46K (after taxes and package-addons) not counting the FED7500 and CA2500 incentives. When Model 3 comes out, it will probably sweep several awards. And I get why 400,000 folks (including me) put down the down payment for the car. But I just don’t get sedans. My lifestyle and gear have always needed a hatchback for quick access to cargo. I even got a hitch receiver installed for when I need to take my bike. I truly believe given the track record for Model S and X, Model 3 is probably on track to win awards. But if it does not fit your lifestyle then ultimately it… Read more »

$43,000 and no navigation system??? Are you kidding me??? First off you are comparing a first year GM product (holy crap !!!) to a very proven Asian product that actually has a real navigation system in it, etc. Regarding range, because the Bolt’s on board charger can only charge as fast as the Soul’s, you would have to wait more than twice as long to charge it back from near empty, so either way, you have to experience the same amount of down time. EV issues are not just about how far they can travel, but also how long it takes them to get back that longer range.