Chevrolet Bolt To Be Used In Collegiate Competition For Autonomous Technology


Chevrolet Bolt outfitted with Autonomous Equipment

Chevrolet Bolt EV outfitted with Autonomous Equipment (via InsideEVs reader Glenn Lym)

General Motors has released information regarding a partnership with SAE International, as part of the organization’s International Collegiate Design Series. The program will be known as AutoDrive Challenge and will feature the all-new Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Director of Pre-Professional Programs at SAE International, Chris Cuica, shared:

Chevrolet Bolt EV with Cruise Automation Tech

Chevrolet Bolt EV with Cruise Automation Tech

“SAE International is excited to expand our partnership with GM to build the future STEM workforce through the AutoDrive Challenge. Building on our success through programs like Formula SAE, the AutoDrive Challenge launches a new platform to engage industry and academia in working towards a common goal of preparing the brightest young minds for the future of autonomous technologies.”

Up to ten teams, from specific “invitation only” universities, will be chosen and announced by April of 2017, and the three-year competition will begin in the spring of 2018. Each year a continuing competition will take place. Basically, students will have to “develop and demonstrate” a fully autonomous car. By year three, the vehicle will have to make its way through a planned “urban” driving course, utilizing level 4 autonomy.

GM and SAE will provide continued technology workshops for students and faculty, throughout the process. This way, there will be measurable academic growth in terms of concepts and technical facility. Over the course of the three years, students will increasingly develop knowledge and skills pertaining to autonomous technology, and will then be expected to gradually adapt their product. GM is providing each team with a Chevrolet Bolt to use as a platform. This creates an even starting point, and a control, so to speak. Ken Kelzer, GM vice president of global vehicle components and subsystems, explained:

“AutoDrive Challenge is another way General Motors is preparing the next generation of automotive engineers. By partnering with SAE, we will offer a unique experience for students to work with industry professionals to tackle the next big opportunity facing vehicle technology – autonomous driving.”

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Looks like GM is light on autonomous drive engineering talent.

Nope. Keeping a excellent farm system though will maintain a talent pipeline if/when other companies poach GMs talent.

It will give nerds something to nerd out on.

“Nerds” create our future.

I hope/assume that Kettering (formerly GMI) will be part of this.