Chevrolet Bolt Earns An ‘A’ In Car Seat Check

Chevrolet Bolt


Chevrolet Bolt

2017 Chevrolet Bolt

According to the Chevrolet Bolt earns an ‘A’ in the car seat check.

Apparently it’s not only six-foot tall passengers that benefit from the Chevrolet Bolt’s interesting shape and spacious rear seats. You can fit two cars seats back there with little issue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit three, which is a notable challenge for some families. Though, few compact cars can accommodate three car seats, but in the case of two, the Bolt does everything right.

Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt rear seats

The Bolt received an ‘A’ for four out of five seat types; Latch, Infant, Rear-facing Convertible, and Forward-facing convertible. For those with bigger kids, know that it earned a ‘B’ for the Booster seat. According to Cars, grading criteria reads as follows:

A: Plenty of room for the car seat and the child; doesn’t impact driver or front-passenger legroom. Easy to find and connect to Latch and tether anchors. No fit issues involving head restraint or seat contouring. Easy access to the third row.

B: Plenty of room. One fit or connection issue. is a good source to seek information regarding car seats, because three of its automotive editors are certified child safety seat installation technicians. Standard equipment for their tests includes:

  • Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30 infant-safety seat
  • Britax Marathon convertible seat
  • Graco TurboBooster seat

The test found that the Chevrolet Bolt had more room for car seats than some compact SUVs such as the 2017 Mazda CX-5 and the 2017 Jeep Compass. This is because – due to creative packaging – the Bolt has the footprint of a compact car, and the interior space of a mid-size. GM’s Fred Ligouri explained:

 “A flat pack battery design, mounted underneath the occupant cabin, helps free up space for passengers. And the thin seat design, a first for Chevrolet, offers a unique suspension within the seatback that allows for reduced foam use without compromising back support or comfort. The space savings result in an additional inch of legroom for rear-seat occupants.”

Additionally, the testers had more front-seat leg room after installing the car seats, than they had in comparable compact SUVs.  (But no, they did not do any testing of front seat comfort, which has been an oft-reported issue with the Bolt EV).

There is one loss in this equation, however. The Bolt takes away cargo space to add legroom. So, while competing compact SUVs have less room in the back for taller passengers, and car seats don’t fit as well, you can put more “stuff” behind the rear seats.

If you have three kids that need car seats or boosters, or you plan to pack in passengers plus cargo, you may have to look elsewhere.


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I’ve done 3 car seats in the back of my LEAF, so this isn’t high praise.

The width of car seat models vary significantly. Without specific model numbers, your example doesn’t reveal much.

I seriously doubt you would be able to fit 3 Britax car seats in your LEAF.

In fact, most cars can’t even fit 3 Britax across, especially those with side bolsters.

Try Diono I bet you can fit 3

Funny, a lot of reviews mention short and narrow front seats. Ironic!

This is probably a personal preference, but I’m not thrilled with the 60/40 seat split layout. They put the 60% split on the passenger side. With one car seat, people will naturally put the car seat on the 40% split to allow max cargo capability without having to remove the car seat. Putting the child behind the driver seat vs. behind the passenger seat is a poor choice, IMO. If you’re the only adult in the car with a child in the car seat, it’s better to have the car seat in a position where the child can see you and vice versa. You can hand the child a toy, etc. at a stop light. Try that with the child directly behind you.

For an adult only car, the split seat decision is probably better as you can move the passenger seat all the way up and maximize the cargo capacity on the passenger side. The better SUVs have a 40/20/40 seat split config to maximize cargo any way you want.

Ultimately, it’s not a deal breaker as it’s more of an annoyance.

If you have only 1 child seat, you put them in the center.

Why? That is the safest spot in the car!!!

Speaking as a parent!

I’m sure you can fit three Cleks. I have that setup in my C-Max Energi.

Looks to me like three could fit.

Of course, an extra kid already blows your CO2 footprint more than an SUV.

Not to mention a family’s CH4 footprint…

Within two weeks of first intro I saw a family of five get out of a Bolt EV.

At least two of the kids were small enough to be in car seats, if not all 3.

I wish I had seen how they fit in there.


Now about those front seats… Ah… Mmm… Well…

The backseat may fit three car seats, but what about older kids? Notice that the U.S. Bolt version backseat is missing a center position headrest. That is a neck injury (or worse) waiting to happen in an accident!
However, the European version (Ampera-e) has three headrests. Both models are made in the save factory in Michigan. GM, what gives? Why not put three headrests into the U.S. version?

You can see the Ampera-e interior images at: (filter for “interior”)

Because it is a COMPLIANCE car! It is amazing and ONLY through the capability of Mary Bara as CEO that this automobile is so good! But some annoyances were put in to make you think twice about not buying/ leasing. One example no light for the mirrors inside the sun shades( your female passengers love that !) A 38,000 dollar vehicle! I am an Uber driver and when I have four passengers and a woman in the front seat this is a complaint I get immediately. The Driver’s seat especially is another irritation.

The front seats are atrocious! Hateful in all ways. I hate every single drive I have to do in this thing and am biding my time to ‘bend over’ on the trade on on a 2018 LEAF if the range is there. I’ve spent ~$700 in modding the driver’s seat on the BOLT and it’s _merely_ not _as_ painful to drive the thing.