Chevrolet Bolt Becomes First Non-Tesla Electric Car To Make Automobile’s “All Stars” List


The Contenders – Via Automobile

Automobile magazine has releases its “The Contenders” list for 2017 Automobile All Stars.

Among the contenders is just one pure electric car: the Chevrolet Bolt.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The only other plug-in on the list is the Toyota Prius Prime (though perhaps Automobile includes all versions of other vehicles like the Pacifica and CT6, which are offered in optional plug-in hybrid form).

Moving on, Automobile says that the Bolt is the only pure electric without a Tesla badge to ever even make “The Contenders” list. Quite the achievement for the 238-mile Chevy EV.

Automobile contributor Michael Jordan (no, not the basketball legend), stated this of the Bolt:

“It’s clear that anyone who still doubts the era of practical EV motoring is upon us should be awarded honorary membership in the Climate-Change Denial & Flat Earth Society.”

Automobile will run “The Contenders” through a series of tests before evaluating the group of vehicles and deciding on winners. Those winner will be announced at the 2017 Automobile All-Stars awards event during the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance on Saturday, March 11 at 11 AM Eastern/8 AM Pacific.

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When will Bolt be available in Orlando Florida?

Call your local Chevy dealers and harass them.

By July.

Chevy seems to be sticking to this schedule so far. I have no reason to doubt they will continue to do so.

You are a trusting soul.

Chevy can build them fast enough to meet this intro schedule. There are over 1600 unsold cars available at last count, and the supply chain and the factory are on track to meet the 30,000/yr pace without much risk: way more cars than are needed to hit the schedule you reference.

I like the Bolt. Wish I could make sense of buying or even leasing one, but I can’t (and it’s not a fiancial limitation, just a common sense, prudent decision). Neither can a lot of people, including many who are rationally and reasonably in the market for a new vehicle.

30,000 would be a GREAT year for GM and a real stamp of approval for their current strategy. It’s just not gonna happen.

Yeah, it’s sad. The Bolt is pretty great, but it’s stuck in purgatory between two worlds. It’s built and designed for the general car buying public, but it costs way too much for them to take a chance on a battery powered car.

On the flip side, it’s no where near hip and cool enough to inspire many in the EV community to buy it with the Model 3 looming. GM doesn’t seem eager at this point to discount the hell out of it and sell at a loss at this point, so it does not appeal to the bargain/budget EV buyer either with so many discounted compliance cars and the old Leaf out there.

So on the lots it sits…

The only way I see them getting to the 30,000 by the end of this year they hope for, is something goes terribly, terribly wrong with the Model 3.

That’s good I will call in a purgatory car not a compliance car

I will call it a purgatory car not a compliance car even know that’s all it is for now

Dude, you had one sentence to get right, tried twice and failed. I don’t think anybody cares what you’ll be calling the Bolt.

Demand has been so high in the Seattle area for the Bolt that dealers here are making special arrangements with GM to have Bolts shipped here now, more than 3 months ahead of schedule. These first shipments have all but sold out already.

I’ve seen them on the streets of Seattle. It’s inspiring, to say the least.

July but you can place your order in May.

If you can’t wait that long you can take a weekend trip up to Maryland or Virginia and buy a Bolt. There are about 100 Bolts in the Northeast states being advertised on AutoTrader right now with more showing up every day.

If you did go up to Maryland to buy your Bolt there are enough CCS charging stations for you to DCFC all the way back to Orlando.

Or buy a ticket on the Auto Train in VA and let Amtrak to the driving for you!

Well we got, count ’em, 1 in Mn. It’s cool it made the news. A Bolt that is Blue. I like that color.

Well deserved. Go Chevy! Go GM! Go LG Chem!

The “total” range is 1 km less than “all electric”, but the miles are the same. It’s a crazy world 🙂

It is a crazy world!

Prime in the same “contender” list as Bolt, GT-R, G90? Volt should be on this list, not Prime. Toyota must be paying them handsomely.

I’ve got no cause to suspect chicanery but you’re right that the Prime is a misfit for that list. There are plenty of interesting contenders on there for different reasone, with my favorite actually being the NSX.

Is there a requirement that the car be available in all 50 states, or perhaps the continental, contiguous states?

Apparently not.

In this case there is no reason to think GM won’t make the car available across the US either. So I don’t really see much of an issue.

And if you’re thinking that even if GM offers is it to dealers in all states it still won’t be available in all states note that you can’t buy a Maserati Levante in South Dakota either, btw. There are no Maserati dealers in that state.

Not too surprising. I was just wondering. So there will be no consideration of availability or cost when making this selection.