Chevrolet Bolt Is Only American Car Among The 6 Automobile “All Stars” Winners


Chevrolet Bolt

A few days ago, we reported on the Chevrolet Bolt being among the finalists for Automobile’s annual All Stars award. The Bolt was the first non-Tesla electric car to make it to the round of finalists.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce that the Bolt made it a step further by becoming one of six 2017 Automobile All-Stars.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

But wait, there’s more…

The Bolt was the only All Star for 2017 from an American automaker, and the only plug-in vehicle to make the cut. The other All Stars, aside from the Honda Civic Hatchback Sport, are expensive rides.

Here’s a look at the six winners:

  • Chevrolet Bolt
  • Acura NSX
  • Porsche 718 Cayman S
  • BMW M2
  • Volvo S90
  • Honda Civic Hatchback Sport

And here are some excerpts (full article here) from Automobile on the reasons why the Bolt was among the winners:

EV for All: Chevy’s Bolt is a real car for real people

“Ever-acerbic contributor Michael Jordan stated, “Now that we’ve all driven the Chevy Bolt, it’s clear that anyone who still doubts the era of practical EV motors is upon us should be awarded honorary membership in the Climate-Change Denial and Flat Earth Society.” He went on to say, “A low center of gravity from the battery packaged under the floor sounds like a good deal, but often the price is a high step-in height and heavy-footed dynamics. However, the dynamics of this package are as impressive as the cruising range.”

“Lively handling, mounds of torque, and impressive range make for a package that both satisfies and entertains.”

“The Bolt is an electric car that I — and tens of thousands of others — could easily live with. Dynamics, ergonomics, and comfort are perfectly satisfactory for a daily driver.”

“Its size, utility, and simplicity are ideal for my real-world needs in a personal car for local driving.”

Source: Automobile

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The Chevy Cruze wins car of the show at the Mpls auto show. Now why does that seem odd when the Bolt winner of NACY, Motortrend best car..a couple of others.

It’s small potatoes but I think it reflects something of the undercurrent of resistance evs face in overall adoption, now that they are being perceived as clear and present danger, to the powers that be in the auto industry. Time to mobilize the troops for one thing. Those limbots that take their daily marching order on who and what to hate.

I know the Bolt was there, but maybe it was not entered, and the show was sponsored by SA Super-America, gas station consortium. so Clearly to have the Bolt win would be an embarrassment to the host.

What I am saying is ‘the fix was in’ …and it is in for evs, too. Luckily they are so much better than legacy vehicles, they eventually will win despite the inertial clinging to the old ways, various roadblocks removed for legacy autos, others set up to slow evs. It’s an old story.
Monday Minirant).

I think the Volvo S90 will take the award.

Funny there use to be only 1 winner.

BEV in the house.

Not bad !

Over abundance of “BS”

Today the Bolt won the only award that counts in our house. My wife drove the Leaf back in 2011, the i3 Rex in 2014. She declared this one the winner, after driving it.

Indeed, the dynamics of the car are noteworthy, as is it’s range. However, the comfort and quality of interior materials are not. Compared to the i3, the Bolt only surpasses in range.

As a person who has sat in the back of both I completely disagree. Comfort includes being able to fit and people fit much better in the back of the Bolt. And being able to let people in and out of the back without unbuckling driver’s/front passengers’ seatbelts should probably count for something too.

I’m not really sure what people are saying vis-a-vis quality of interior, putting a little pet hair on the plastic doesn’t make the interior better for me. But I do understand others see this differently. I think the FFE has a better dashboard than both of them on the whole, door panels too.

As a daily commuter, my comments were meant to apply to front seat comfort. I can admit that the Bolt is a bit larger in back, and much better in the trunk. But the driver must fit his (or her) skinny butt into a seat only 18″ wide. It is not comfortable for more than a few miles for us wide-asses.

As to the interior quality, the i3 is several levels above the Bolt, with hard plastics which remind me of my ’82 Toyota Tercel. I would be willing to spend a couple thousand more for something more appropriate to a $45,000 car. Apparently, LG developed the battery, drive train, and entertainment system for the Bolt. GM developed the rest. LG deserves kudos, while GM performs normally as expected.

I agree completely. The hard plastics in the i3 remind me of an ’82 Toyota. Pet hair on it doesn’t change this.

And the rear seating space in the Bolt isn’t a little bigger. It’s a lot bigger. The trunk space is similar if you don’t remove the trunk false floor in the Bolt. In fact it is near identical (less than 1″ difference in depth, width and height are similar too). If you remove or tip up the false floor you get a lot more space although the width is still an issue for golf clubs. I’ve never tried to load my clubs into an i3 but I’m sure it’s the same way.

The seats of the Bolt haven’t been a problem for me. And I’m not skinny. Yes, you notice the bolsters touching your thighs. No, it isn’t uncomfortable, it’s less pressure than sitting on your wallet produces.

The seat bottoms (not backs) are the same as in the Buick Encore which has been around for years without the seat width becoming an issue.

Sitting on your wallet is awful. It reminds me of the saying: better than a sharp stick in the eye. 🙂

Do you have another comparison?

No. I don’t have another comparison. It’s less bad than sitting on your wallet. If you find sitting on your wallet to be intolerable then you better investigate these seats before you get a Bolt.

If you find sitting on your wallet tolerable (I’m doing it right now) then you probably can find your way to sitting in these seats with no problem — at least if you don’t psych yourself out first by reading the scary comments on the internet.

I find the car very comfortable after a 3 hour non-stop drive.

People who say no one would ever do this really mean THEY’D never do it. But if its comfortable after 3 hours its comfortable after an hour.

If you are 300,400, 500 or more pounds, you need a larger vehicle.

Some people who are skinny have said they’ve found the BOLT ev uncomfortable, but I’d say they need to exercise more to develop some muscle tone. I’m reasonably comfortable on a bicycle seat and the BOLT’s are mammoth by comparison. The standard cloth seats are comfortable to the touch, just about the right firmness, and are relatively warm in the deep cold here currently (under 15 deg F), and presumably cool in the Summer Sun.

There are photos on the Internet showing that the cloth seats have more cushion than the leather ones. I sat in the cloth seats without any discomfort.

It’s recycled. Not cheap.

It’s actually plant material.

Why do you need a bunch of soft touch plastics on things you’ll never touch? My Malibu has the upper dashboard soft touch, but the lower dash looks exactly the same and it’s hard. What will people say about the model 3 that basically has no interior?

“Compared to the i3, the Bolt only surpasses in range”

Also, much lower in price.

Seats and interior are totally fine. Exterior is totally fine. Wife liked the storage space, handling, acceleration, and regen. Done searching for our last car.

People keep saying the seat width is an issue but I’m 5’10” and 220lbs and I have NO ISSUES with these seats. I commuted to work for about 45 minutes today and the seat was the last thing on my mind. The only time I notice is when you get out of the car, you can definitely feel the edge of the plastic while you’re getting out.

Getting in and out I feel the plastic and I feel the leather seat wrap over the plastic. Pinching the leather between a fatso like me and the seat frame seems like it would lead to accelerated wear with repetition. I hope GM has done their homework on this.

But for me, sitting in the seat isn’t an issue at all. In fact, I think more about the non-adjustable headrest (fore-aft) than the seat width. I even have room to man spread in the seats. I don’t get what the hullabaloo is about.

She said it was firmer, and more comfortable than the driver’s seat in her Corolla. This was the LT with cloth seats. I found the rear seat roomy and comfortable. I won’t have any trouble sleeping while she drives….my version of autopilot.

I happen to be one of many (just pop over to to see) who find the front seat of the Bolt to be uncomfortable. My thin frame, 6’2” | 160lbs | 32” waist, falls in between that hard plastic edge causing uncomfortable pressure points. Why any carmaker would design a seat where one could potentiality contact hard plastic is a mystery – I was consistently reminded of Steve Martin’s ‘Cruel Shoes’ bit after each successive test drive. I believe someone who is wider may actually fare better. I extended my Leaf in order to lease the Bolt. However, the idea of using aftermarket solutions in order to lease a brand new car seems inane.

I can’t see how anyone touches the plastic on that car. Thin or fat. The shell of the seat is outside the bolster of the cushion. You always touch the cushion, not the plastic.

I wish someone would post a picture showing how they are contacting the plastic when sitting in the seat facing forward. I just can’t imagine it. The only think I could see that a person could contact other than the fabric/leather is the metal frame that holds the seat back to the seat bottom. But that’s not in any different position on the Bolt than the Volt and no one complains there. And it’s very close to the crack where the back meets the bottom so I can’t see how people would contact it.

I looked on that other site, and even in the pics posted of a person contacting the plastic they aren’t contacting the plastic.

Not the lease price.
GM or the dealers can’t do math, and are taking part of the federal tax credit, making the i3 cheaper to lease.

GM is one of the few companies that can’t seem to get the leasing right, and that’s going to hurt sales.

Love the Bolt; glad to see it get recognition (again) which is well-deserved. But on this list of six the NSX is clearly the breakout car. Go Honda.