Cheetah Versus Formula E – Race Video


The world’s fastest mammal(?) versus a Formula E race car.

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Just watch the video. It’s pure magic (hint…hint).

Video description:

“What happens when a Formula E car and one of nature’s fastest animals go head-to-head? Watch our car race against a cheetah in a coming-together of one of the animals most at threat of climate change, and a machine designed to help in that fight.”

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Cheetah cheated!


Amazing Video ! Even More Amazing , beautiful & intelligent is the Cheetah .

I got the joke, but no, the cheetah has an almost instant reaction.
Most human, even Formula E racers look like sleeper compare to animal.
Vergne is just too damn slow to switch on.

I like the video nonetheless.

For a big (ish) cat, cheetahs do make relatively good pets. Their aggressiveness is toned down due to being slaughtered by lions. I liked how the cheetah out accelerated the formula-e car in the beginning – given the same 0-100 time that seems likely.

I have the next best thing: retired greyhound. Incredible animal and, yes, fast but most folks don’t know the grey can go from stop to full speed in three full strides. Both the cheetah and the hound have incredibly flexible spines that allows maximum thrust and full extension from their powerful rear legs.

Check out super slo-mo video to see in art in motion:

Ok…I wonder how Huckleberry Hound would fair in a race like this…..stay tuned…..rotflmao….

I once fostered a part greyhound dog that’s always been at home and leashed, never allowed to run free in full stride. I let her run in wide open area, and she went for full speed runs. She was the happiest she’s ever been.

I hope you keep your kids happy, both the dog and EV, by regularly exercising their full potential and not keep them in “chill mode” all the time.

Yeah we have a huge backyard where she literally runs circles around me making me look the fool (not that hard to do anyways). Her big treat is going to a very large (10+ acres) fenced and gated school yard when they are closed and out of session.


This is much better than Michael Phelps vs Shark race

That was just dumb comparison… As amazing as Phelps is in the water, we aren’t fish for a reason…

When can we see some more animal versus EV competitions? /snark

Please explain the [?] after the word ‘mammal’???
& Yes, I do know the car has Cheetah in its name.

People forget that a Cheetah overheats in just 6 seconds and only wins in straight line races. That’s why a Gazelle has evolved to make sharp erratic turns at high speed.

Esta clase de juguetes. Peligro: Riesgo de ahoga.