Checking On The Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Build – Fully Charged Video

NOV 13 2017 BY MARK KANE 18

Earlier this Summer, we heard of a very special project in the UK that intends to build the Tesla Model S as an estate wagon (aka shooting-brake), now Fully Charged is on the scene reporting on the progress – which has been significant.

Tesla Model S Shooting-brake (Fully Charged)

The goal of the project, besides making the Model S even more exclusive (outside of just the pricing), is to increase the practicability of the car, while not harming the distinctive look at the same time.   In this case, the conversion doesn’t touch the power-train or batteries at all.

The first prototype is based on the Tesla Model S 90D, which has been provided by one of the team members.  The initial car should be completed by the end of this year.

All those interested in similar conversion will be able to order one thereafter.

“There may be a very slight Fully Charged – Scrapheap Challenge crossover in this episode. However, Jonny Smith takes part in a very high-end bit of bodging. Brilliant automotive engineers doing an incredible transformation. We are planning our ‘Christmas Special’ will be done in the Tesla Model S Estate Shooting-brake. And it’s all because of Ted.”

Tesla Model S Shooting-brake (Fully Charged)

Hat tip to Vexar!

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Has Tesla gone to the dogs?

He could get a model x instead.

Nice project tho.

The Pooch is indeed awesome ! The best part of the video !

This will look like Tesla would have made it.
With the quality of the build, and the people behind it – it must cost a lot.
I’m sure it will make people turn their head the first few times they see it.

my dream car

It’s amazing how much money and talent is being wasted on uglifying a beautiful car.

Have you seen the video at all? It looks on par with the original, if not better. I wish Tesla has offered such model themselves.

And, indeed, nothing can beat a practicality of an estate. It’s an SUV that drives well.

Obviously that’s just my opinion, and all opinions about style are subjective. I don’t like the lines of the car; it looks stretched out in a bad way to me, and I don’t like the high beltline at the rear.

If you like it, well nothing wrong with that. To each his own, and de gustibus non est disputandum.

I have always thought the wagon form factor makes more sense for EVs than the SUV/crossover format as it means less weight and drag, therefore more miles for your battery size. I do understand that Tesla can’t ignore the massive popularity of crossovers though so I understand it’s more interested in doing a crossover version of model 3 (“Model Y”)than a wagon.

Lower luxury class wagons are pretty popular in some markets though so I hope there will be a wagon version of Model 3 someday. Personally I would much rather get a wagon version of model 3 at the sort of low extra cost wagon versions typically come with than pay more for a crossover version with less range for battery size. Model S wagon probably makes less sense, there aren’t examples of full size luxury class wagons I can think of that actually were a commercial success.

I’m sure a Tesla station wagon would sell to simply hundreds of Americans. 😉

Americans just don’t buy station wagons any more. If they did, American auto makers would still make and sell them. No doubt it would sell in Europe, but Tesla doesn’t yet have enough different models to be aiming at such a narrow market.

How many people would pay an extra $2K or so for a Model 3 wagon? I think that could easily become the bestselling version, not just in the European but also the American market if it looks like this:

The reason Americans don’t buy wagons no doubt has a lot to do with the fact that they aren’t offered to them by an industry that needs higher utility vehicles to be qualified as trucks for CAFE purposes. This is a chance for a brand like Tesla with zero CAFE concerns to offer something many others just can’t afford to.

The X-TOMI Design would have me on the fence, with my potential upcoming Model Y reservation. I would wait for Shooting Break Tesla Model 3 over the Model Y renderings that have been posted so far.

If Tesla had made the Model 3 as a wagon like this, I would be amongst the thousands waiting and frustrated. I would have bought this even with the dumb interior and iPlank touchscreen drive system. However they chose the lame sedan route and I can’t blame them, because that is the most popular body style for a car in America, but it is useless to me.

Best marketing ploy in history, how to convince the population they need a big SUV over a small economical car. Just how much money people have access to is obscene, I’d say where I live it is 50% SUV 4WD. Every day of the week these monster vehicles driving kids to school and picking up groceries. And many families have two of them!
If we could brain wash the population that EV’s were the best thing then you’d see some real change, but people just seem in love with these trucks for some reason.

This would be a very practical vehicle. Maybe Americans would warm up to a Sports EV Wagon? The rest of the world does… 🙂
Great bunch of British, good on them. Later if it was done by Tesla it wouldn’t be much of variation, could be clever move of use from the same platform 🙂

I’m American and I’ve owned several wagons. I love them! An awesome BEV sport wagon, or “Shooting Brake” as the Brits seem to call them and I would be in love. I would want more Model 3 size rather than S though. Screw the Y, just do a Model 3 wagon.

This is what the X should have been. A lot more practical, and would have saved Tesla loads of time and money on the X production.

You know how they say owners look like their dogs …

Most consumers have trended towards SUVs and Crossovers over Estate Wagons. Just shop around and see how many Wagons are offered compared to SUVs and Crossover. If TESLA have opted to produce the Wagon vs the SUV(Model X) incremental sales will have suffered. Granted they would have saved a ton of money in developmental costs but as Elon has stated, it’s also due to over designing the X to become the “most complex car to build”.