Check Out The World’s First Tesla Model 3 Display Model – Video

7 days ago by Eric Loveday 8

As we reported yesterday, Tesla now has at least a couple of Model 3s on display at showrooms in California.

The first such 3 to be shown is this one, at Tesla’s Stanford Shopping Center location.

We can confirm that this Model 3 has the textile headliner. No alcantara here.

Tesla says that Model 3 will gradually make their way across the country to be on display t showrooms. The automaker hasn’t released a timeline for this display-car rollout.

Interest in checking out this 3? Here’s its location:

Tesla Palo Alto Location

And here’s an image (thanks to Nick Alenkin!) of the Tesla Model 3 on display at Tesla’s LA-area Century City site:

Tesla Model 3 At Century City



8 responses to "Check Out The World’s First Tesla Model 3 Display Model – Video"

  1. Bryan says:

    Well we are going wine tasting today. So after we will be heading to Palo Alto.

  2. Me says:

    So no more “anti-sell”.

  3. Elooney Muskey says:

    Not a good sign at all. Earlier, their store clerks were saying the car will be in stores in Mid 2018 because there is already such a long waiting list to fill.
    Now we see, even before hitting the beginning of the hyped-up “S” curve, Tesla is trying to get more orders to keep the Model 3 line moving.

    1. Anti-Lord Kelvin says:

      Yeah sure hater. You are so right. Lol…Apparently demand is still a problem for Tesla…

      1. Haha, Tesla lover! Here is a page from the history books.

        “Tesla Powerwall: sold out until mid-2016 due to “crazy off the hook” demand
        Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery has received 38,000 orders”

        (Eloon takes two doses of Ambien, sings Looney Tunes and eats marsh mellows on Gigafactory rooftop)

    2. Paul Smith says:

      Dear E-looney, hahahaha. Ooops, sorry you lost your shorts.

  4. Will says:

    Base model my a**. It’s becomong more varporware

  5. StephenK says:

    There are a couple Model 3s parked in my neighborhood; it’s nice to be able to get a close-up look and peer in the windows. But as a reservationist I’d like to know when I can go to Tesla store a do a test drive.

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