Check This Out! UK Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up Big Time In January


This isn’t our full UK sales report, but this January 2015 sales table presented by the UK’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows the direction the UK is heading in regards to plug-in electric car sales.

Just look at the numbers: BEVs up 57.5%…PHEVs up an astounding 1,034.9%!!!

Exciting times these are!

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Either they buy an EV NOW, or they get a massive pollution source from Exxon and Total in Belgium, where they intend to import and Crack tar sand.

That’s a massive new pollution source, an electric power HOG and clearly will set the EU back decades in reaching an kind of climate change accord.

Then need to ditch as much diesel as possible to dry up any need for this new refinery, because Exxon and Total have no intention of helping till we’re all extinct.

The IPCC’s forcasts so far have been Gross Underestimations.

It’s good the UK is swapping the certain risk of fossil, for the episodic risk of nuclear. To many people think ~3 windmills replace a reactor. IPCC numbers are a tall order, and 19GW will help.

EVs over 1% market share 😉 wohoo

thats good, they were much much less than that a couple years ago

Feb 2015 there will be even more. February 2014 – 122 cars sold…

The Mitsu Outlander PHEV should be the major contributor to that growth, with the Golf GTE also helping along in the near future.

The whole of Europe as a total should be above 1% this year. Almost exactly 1% of European car sales were plug-ins in January.

If the large markets like UK, Germany and France keeps growing it might be closer to 2% in a single month at the end of the year.