Check Out The Tesla Model X’s Unique Panoramic Windshield/Roof – (w/video)

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Recent blue Tesla Model X videos attract probably the most attention these days, because of the rare front look.

In the video above (via Mobypicture/Mark Coker – link here if your device disables embed playback) you can also see the Model X’s unique windshield/roof in motion, which extends up to Falcon Wing doors.

The construction of the windshield isn’t new, as you can see it on the early concept, but still it’s unusual.

According to TeslaMondo, the singular windshield/roof enable X to “slip through the air like a blob of mercury flung across a freshly-waxed linoleum floor“.

Which means that by buying the X, you must get lifetime sunshine!  Also of note, where are the windshield wipers?

Tesla Model X Production Interior (w/visible panoramic roofline)

Tesla Model X Production Interior (w/visible panoramic roofline)

More about Model X ordering process for Signature Series here.

Another blue Model X video (via YouTuber cgiGuy):

For The Record, Tesla Model X Will Have Falcon Doors

Tesla Model X concept

Source: TeslaMondo

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Hmmmmm, I am a bit disappointed, Model X is not sexy at all, I would even call it ugly. It’s just disproportional with large blobby rear end and small wheels…

i really hope this is not the final design
Come on Elon & Franz, you can do better than this!

it looks really nice with 22’s


You can hear one of the people in the video say: It looks like a Prius.

A Priesla? Or a Tesrius?

Since the rear active spoiler is raised even when driving slowly through a parking lot, Tesla probably went with the active spoiler to prevent the Model X’s rear end from looking like a Prius rear end when parked. Tesla uses an active spoiler instead of shaping the bodywork to match the raised spoiler shape (Prius shape). This way when the Model X is parked is doesn’t look like a Prius from the back, while retaining most of the aerodynamic benefits of a Prius back end while the car is in motion. The Mini Cooper Coupe does the same thing with its active spoiler.

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It’s ironic that a Mini pic is too large. 🙂

Yep, I had scroll bars on full screen on my 4K monitor!

i don’t see how anyone can conclude that the model X looks like a prius.

On a positive note, just be glad that nobody thinks it looks like a Mirai. 😉

Or an Aztec.

To some everything that looks different looks like a Prius. It’s a meme that’s come to infiltrate the subconscious of many and is reliable in invoking a humorous or agreeing response.

Is that Mirai blue I see?

Looks like a bloated Model S to me. It got bigger to hold 7 adults in a more upright position and higher off the road.

GeorgeS said:

“You can hear one of the people in the video say: It looks like a Prius.”

Obviously on drugs.

i’m skeptical on the prospects for this car. i thought that tesla was going to begin a downward price trend and price the model X to be comparable to a benzo e-class. instead, the model X is more expensive than a model S. i understand the rationale from a manufacturing cost perspective, but to effectively make the model X tesla’s new flagship product makes no sense. even setting aside the rather unsightly seams in the model X, my thinking is that people are in the market to buy a tesla are going to look at the model S and then model X and ask: why would i want to pay more for a model X?

We still only know the price of the signature model which is the most expensive one but I agree that the X will be a harder sell.

I disagree. I know where you are coming from, I too never thought Porsche would sell the Cayenne in any significant numbers but it became their #1 top seller!

At $58,000-$157,000 for a Cayenne, I believe this proves the market for Model X is rather promising.

product lines are managed in a portfolio and the pricing of the model X doesn’t make sense from a portfolio perspective. for example, the porsche cayenne is not more expensive than the porsche flagship product, the porsche 911. that the model X is going to be more expensive than the model S suggests that the model X will be expensive compared to other luxury utility vehicles, because other luxury auto makers tend to not make utility vehicles their most expensive automobile.

Or the rational could be: an extra row of seats, much more storage, bigger therefore safer, for only $5K extra?

To be fair, the Model X should be compared price-wise to its competition in the luxury SUV coupe segment: BMW X6, Mercedes GLE coupe, and the upcoming Audi SUV coupe.

Mercedes GLE Coupe:


…you and your wallpaper sized pics, (=

the GLE coupe is not more expensive than the benzo s-class. i mean, for the kind of money that you would spend on a signature model X, you could be rolling benzo amg s-class. the pricing of the model X is ridiculous.

For the price of a Model S P90D you could also drive a AMG S Class but why would you?

Tesla is a superior vehicle. Whether in S or X form.

Tesla has always said X would come at a premium. It is a bigger vehicle with seating for more adults and/or much more cargo.

Model 3 in sedan and crossover form is the cheaper model in the $35k-$70k range.

Regarding Sexiness; no crossover is sexy. It is an oversized sedan meant to haul lots of people and their stuff in comfort.

SUVs are only sexy if you think grotesquely unaerodynamic vehicles with brick profiles are sexy.

The lower range of the X is a premium?

Pretty much. I think the X will do other vehicles in its class, as the Model S did to its competition. Ipso facto, since it is a superior vehicle.

“no comment” said:

“i’m skeptical on the prospects for this car. i thought that tesla was going to begin a downward price trend and price the model X to be comparable to a benzo e-class.”

No, the Model X was always said to be a side development off the Model S platform. The Model ≡ will be the next step in Tesla’s pursuit of less and less expensive BEVs.

“…to effectively make the model X tesla’s new flagship product makes no sense.”

Not sure why you think Tesla making a CUV version of the Model S makes it their “flagship product”. It’s not the “flagship”, it’s just just the New Thing.

“why would i want to pay more for a model X?”

If you’re not in the market for a CUV or SUV, then no reason whatsoever.

based on your previous comments, i think it’s safe to say that neither you or me is in the market for *this* utility vehicle.

Looks good to me. There is not much you can do when trying to design a tall car with lots of room inside and yet keep it extremely aerodynamic.

The beauty is in functionality, not form.

Um, yeah, she has a great “personality”…

i’m a guy, and i also think it’s a pretty nice looking car. from the driving position, i would like the windshield, even though it does look a bit odd from the outside; it reminds me a bit of the old amc “pacer”.

You think the Model X looks like the Pacer, a top contender for Ugliest Car Ever?

You’re definitely on drugs.

You think the Pacer was ugly? Well, there’s no accounting for taste.

@Steve said: “…Model X is not sexy at all, I would even call it ugly…”

Really? Compared to what???

I find the Model X to be attractive; as or more so than any other utilitarian cross-over/SUV on the market.

For someone looking for a low-slung sporty “sexy” car then Model S would be a better fit.

For sure debating taste is always difficult, but for a car in this price range there needs to be some sort I-want-to-have-it-regardless-what factor. This exceeds rational discussion on space, seating, etc. and is key to the midterm/long term success.

The model S has this totally. All people I know are stunned by the looks of S and wanted to have it the first time they saw it.
I just notice that now the responses to these videos are very subdued, and comments on Teslarati for example were mainly negative.
So this is not good IMO

We need Tesla to be successful for a couple of years at least and kick ass such that all automakers will be forced to start producing EV’s.

I hope I am wrong in my observations on the general appeal of this car.


I hope you are wrong too, but am concerned you’re not. I don’t think the reaction will be as good as the S.

I actually think this car will sell more copies than the Model S. Many who looked at the S desperately wanted a showy car to drive their clients, flock of kids and/or trailer around. This gives wannabe Tesla brand owners an option. Many families – right or wrong – also want a taller and larger vehicle for safety or a better view of the road.

Could be, and hope you are right. The Model S buyer demographic was what, 86% male? They worked hard to get input to have a vehicle that would appeal to more people, and just because I’m not excited about the result does not mean it wasn’t the right move. Keeping the wife happy, and improving how practical the interior is for the whole family are pretty high up on the list for a lot of guys too.

I disagree – Range Rovers are stylish and make no pretenses as do the German marques and the Model X which is hooked too closely to the Model S design language. Turning a sporty, sleek fastback design into an attractive utility vehicle ends up being oxymoronic.

There is no accounting for taste, but I don’t think the claim that “Range Rovers are stylish” is something the average person would agree with. Sticking a small box onto a big box and slightly rounding the edges does not qualify as “stylish”.

Here’s a 2015 model:

I think this car has much understated elegance indeed. The new Volvo XC90 has quite a similar design. Both are shaped for the job of a SUV (flat roof to carry things such as skis etc..)

@Steve said: “…I just notice that now the responses to these videos are very subdued…”
My Response:
Overall with the Model X “sighting” videos it seems that in total much more positive than negative is being said in the comments:


Stuart22 said: “Range Rovers are stylish and make no pretenses…sleek fastback design into an attractive utility vehicle ends up being oxymoronic…”

My Response:
So your saying that all crossover/SUV should be relegated to look like bricks on wheels because looking modern and sleek is a contradiction to being utilitarian? So just design them all to look like Land Rover square bricks on wheels? That’s nuts.

CDAVIS said:

“I find the Model X to be attractive; as or more so than any other utilitarian cross-over/SUV on the market.”

Exactly. I continue to be astonished at all the negative comments about the Model X’s body style. It’s a CUV. What did people expect? There’s no such thing as a “sexy” production CUV or SUV.

The Model X: It’s not sexy, but it works.

Pushmi-Pullyu said:

“There’s no such thing as a “sexy” production CUV or SUV.”

That is a matter of opinion, not fact. I happen to disagree with your opinion. I think there are much better looking SUV’s and CUV’s out there.

That said, exterior styling is low on my priority list. I’d rather have the Model X drivetrain. My bigger concern isn’t its exterior appearance but some lost functionality with the sloping rear hatch and lack of roof rack options due to the door.

I challenge you, and everyone else making negative comments, to post one picture (or a link), just one, of an actual production SUV or CUV that is “sexy”.

Put up or shut up.

PP, are you on drugs?

You’re missing the point because you are so obsessed about “negative comments” when people don’t praise all aspects of the Model X. The point is you are confusing your opinion with fact. It seems you are also looking at it as if there are just 2 opinions on the topic, when there are many. 1) There are many truck and SUV buyers influence by the perceived sex appeal of their vehicle. Reseach backs this up, and there are have been millions of dollars spent on advertising designed to target this appeal. 2) I said I think there are much better looking SUV’s and CUV’s out there. By saying “I think”, the difference between opinion and fact is clear. Note, just because I’m not saying the Model X is the best looking SUV/CUV ever (like it seems you want me to), does not mean I see eye to eye with the buyers I refer to in #1. 3) You said, “There’s no such thing as a “sexy” production CUV or SUV.”. I said that is your opinion not a fact. Just because you think a particulare vehicle is or is not sexy, does not mean that others have a different opinion.… Read more »

overall, i also think that the model X is a nice looking car although i do agree that the gaps are a bit unsightly and give an appearance of poor quality for an upscale priced car. i assume that the falcon wing doors needed larger manufacturing tolerances.

Different is not necessarily ugly. Getting used to see it…
OTOH the drag coefficient constraint makes efficient cars look a little similar.

90 kWh pack for 240 mile range is more like, “slip through the air like dog doo stuck to your shoe.”

Reminds me of decades ago, when Ford advertised that their chicken coops on wheels were, “designed in a wind tunnel.” We used to joke that they must need a lot of thumb tacks to hold the paper down. 🙂

we can honestly say, ” For an SUV, it doesn’t sweat much.”

As to the 240mile range… remember to compare apples to apples… this is the range for the Perf model… the regular S gets more range than the Perf.
Since S 85 Perf gets 253 +15 (6%) for 90 battery the loss here is about 28 miles less for the X.
Carrying that to standard model S it gets 270 + 21(6%) for the 90 battery… hence… 291… minus the 28 less is 263 miles for Standard Model X. If my math is correct.

I actually think this is really cool for the occupants of a Model X, but seeing these photos reminds me of two things:

Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein:

The Homer Mobile:

That being said, if I had an extra 100 g’s laying around, I would definitely get a Model X.

This picture really gives you an idea of how far the windshield goes back.

This picture is from one that was Photoshop’d to be much lighter. Hence the lighter roof tint compared to the articles photo.

Yes thanks Scott! That is the best descriptive pic I have seen yet short of sitting in the X in real life.

Thank you!

Thank you for showing clearly that the windshield does not, as this article claims, “[extend] up to Falcon Wing doors.”

There must be at least a built-in rollbar between the windshield and the section where the falcon wing doors are.

the windshield *does* extend to the falcon wing doors when viewed from the exterior. there is a roof support structure on the interior side that isn’t visible from the exterior.

Yeah, that visor position is interesting. It rotates forward leaving some 2 feet of glass windshield/roof behind it.


French Citroen C3 has a similar window. See this video on what the Model X may look like on the inside. VERY cool!

Good find!

European point of view

I personnaly own a Citroen C3 with the big ( giantà windshield , and I bought it uniquely for that .
Let me say that it’s a real pleasure to drive here in Belgium , where the sky is often cloudy , but the car always full of light . So , although I am not a fanatic of Tesla , I have to say that this choice of windshield should drive a full a clients to the X .
The Citroen C3 ( with or without big windshield ) is very popular here , allover with feminine customers .

The C3 and the sisters Picasso and DS , are the only one ( in the world) to have such things .
Opel Astra used to have one , but it was badly designed and created problems of view (reflexion of the light of the dashboard on this big area of glass, and also mechanical constraints , rending the sealing of the shield on the body inefficient .

It is obviously and quite simply just a taller look of the Model S. I’m very happy with it based on what it needed to do/be (aerodynamics, internal dimensions, etc).

Exactly. And I hope they share most of their parts to keep costs down.

No, sadly. Elon’s quoted as saying Model X ended up using only about 30% of the parts from the S. Which is probably the batteries, inverters, most of the subframe and motors.

On the flip side, 70% of the X is all new design / content.

That is a bit disappointing. I would have hope that they shared at least half their parts.

Well, then again, maybe the things that they are the difficult & expensive parts: motor, battery, charging system, motor controller, etc.

Skylights for the 2nd row will be great as well.

Any headroom left for the 2nd row middle passenger and the two 3rd row passengers? It looks like Tesla really beefed up the roof structure to deal with the large falcon door cutouts.

There have been a lot of comments about restricted head room in the 3rd row. The 2nd row reportedly is plenty roomy.

No headroom?!? did you not see in the picture the full skylight open area?
Still appears to be the same as the betas in that regard.

it sure looks to me that those falcon wing doors will dump water into the interior if you open them when there is water on the roof. then again, maybe there is a motor mechanism that opens the door slowly enough to prevent that from happening.

does anyone have an idea of how long it takes to open or close the falcon wing doors? with a conventional door, you can close the door in 1 second, if it takes 5 seconds or more to open or close the falcon wing doors, that would be a less attractive attribute of the doors.

I’m sure Must imagined it as a Space ship!
With her falcon wings to take off!

Looks pretty cramped. Back seat comfort closer to Mazda5 mirco van and seems like a far stretch from an Odyssey or Sienna minivan. Cargo space behind the third row doesn’t look like it would measure up either.

Goes deep since there is no gas tank 🙂

Much better cargo from that angle — minivan (not microvan) below the floor depth.

Meh. I don’t like that big windshield. It probably makes this more mechanically difficult since that is a large area that has to be free from significant torque that could break the glass. It is also more area that can be hit by flying debris. And it will be quite the hot greenhouse that may require extra AC.

I look forward to Tesla focusing on the Model 3 and building a more practical car without such esoteric features like a massive windshield, falcon-wing doors, and dynamic rear spoilers. Those are fine for the $100K car but we need something more practical. These Model S & Model X cars cost the same as a house in Ohio. Or several houses in Detroit.

I noticed when I was out looking for a new car that I had trouble seeing red lights without scrunching my head down. This would fix that problem with modern cars.

An X would be far too much car for me. Even an S is.

I have a car with this issue and it really isn’t much of a problem. Just look at the light on the corner not the one straight ahead. And if that is not good enough then you can buy a stick on lens that bends the light so you can see the traffic light ahead of you.

Here . . . Light In Sight:

And the wing doors are still misaligned… I’m sad to say that the X does not impress me much at all. I don’t think it will be a huge seller.

I agree, first thing I noticed when seeing the vids and pics. Those gaps are really disturbing, unfortune they wont disappear on the production model…

@Someone Out There said: “… I’m sad to say that the X does not impress me much at all. I don’t think it will be a huge seller…”

Really? Really???

I’ll bet you or anyone else posting here $100 that the Model X (within one year of start of production) will be the top selling, of all car makers, luxury SUV/Crossover model for calendar year 2016. I’m willing to allow the OP of this post article to arbitrate that bet. This Model X is going to be a serious shot in front of the bow all other cars in this category.

I’ll accept the first 10 offers to my bet up through end of day Sunday of this week. Any winnings I gain will be given to Wounded Warriors Fund.

So…Any takers?

setting aside the potential legal issues in this “offer”, the unlikelihood that would want to even get involved in this, the ill-defined nature of this “offer” and the limited ability to enforce any agreement resulting from this “offer”; it would actually be an attractive offer. i find the model X to be a questionable proposition: for those inclined to buy a tesla, you can buy a model X or pay less and get a model S; for those inclined to buy a utility vehicle, you can pay a 25% premium over other “luxury” utility vehicles to get a model X. the question then becomes: what is the enhanced “utility” of the model X over other “luxury” utility vehicles?

@ No Comment said: “…ill-defined nature of this “offer” and the limited ability to enforce any agreement resulting from this “offer…”

OK, then how about you define the offer in your words and we both give $100 to hold in trust. If I win you get your $100 back plus my $100. If I win I’ll ask to send both your $100 & my $100 to the Wounded Warriors Fund.

Ready to Play?

@CDAVIS. Exactly! Great job in calling out No Comment – a typical troll unwilling to back up their assertions!

I remember wondering what Porsche was thinking with the Cayenne, and predicting it would be a failure. I was absolutely wrong. Now the Cayenne is Porsches #1 seller by far. It’s not a pretty car – but attractive enough for the duties it will be used for. The Cayenne possesses the company’s signature design cues and comes with it’s maker’s profound reputation, as does Model X with Tesla.

No Comment must not realize the Cayenne sells for $58,000-$157,000 and Porsche cannot make enough of them. Wait until the public sees what Model X brings to the table in comparison to expensive-to-maintain, complex ICE luxe-utes that burn money after you buy them!

I have a feeling Model X will be better looking out of it, than looking at it. But it will draw some attention for Tesla, which is half of its purpose.

As long as cars need to care about efficiency to an extreme degree, we will see them shaped like Monica Lewinsky. Even the S is big boned, and far too wide and too slow.

This trend will continue until EVs can go 500 miles on a charge or until FCEVs take off.

I’m OK with big cars shaped like Monica Lewinsky, especially in blue. But it’s the even bigger cars that I dislike, those which are shaped like Linda Tripp. 🙁

+1 sven.

And slow???? The Model S is a sedan racing sports cars. Now you have an huge SUV that is also equipped with ludicrous mode. Slow?? Really ??? Careful, your true colors might be showing through.

3lectrics, you’re dating yourself with that Monica reference, tough I’d agree that big is better in blue! One more fitting attribute of the X is its receding hairline; a perfect match for the target demographic!

The S “too wide and too slow” ?? wha?

I assume you are joking as the S is one of the fastest and most beautifulever produced as reviewed by lots of critics with lots of credentials – ah yeah – don’t exactly know what you are talking about

The discussion was about the car’s shape, not performance, so I assumed a typo that should have read “too wide and too low”.

The front windshield looks like a 5 Head. Bigger than a Forehead.

And yes it looks like a pregnant Prius.

But I would still buy it if I had the money.
Even with it qualifying for the Hummer >6000GVWR tax incentive, it still would not bring my taxable income down enough to equate to a $25K write off.
just plain too expensive.

“see them shaped like Monica Lewinsky.”

You have some serious Beer Goggles on there buddy……

A lot of people are drunk on the Model S performance characteristics that they are excited to hook up with the X.

Now we know what the model 3 will look like.

…I miss Barry, show isn’t the same without him on it

I look forward to see your findings about a flying Model X with its falcon wings spreading.

Sexiest and sleekest seven seater Mini-Van I’ve yet seen.

“Also of note, where are the windshield wipers?”

Neatly tucked underneath the hood when not in use in order to reduce drag. The Aptera (RIP) did this.

“hideaway” windshield wipers was a popular feature in the 1960’s.

Yeah and back in the 30’s and 40’s they had some really aerodynamic car designs. But then we got better at finding & drilling oil and we created big car engines so the designers stopped caring about aerodynamics for many decades.

It is nice to see good design return.

hideaway windshield wipers aren’t so great in areas where it snows. i assumed that was the reason why automakers stopped designing them.

Who uses wipers when it snows?

you’ve obviously never lived in a place where it snows…

the shortest reply to this is that you also need to use your wipers while driving in snow because the snow can pile up on your windshield and make it hard to see where you are going. so you operate the wipers to remove snow. if the wipers are stuck in a recessed well, then you’ve got to get the wipers unstuck; that’s a lot easier to do if the wipers are not recessed in a well.

Forgive Spec, he’s from Southern California. 😉

But yeah, I’m wondering about cold weather for the doors. Pretty sure there are heaters in the glass (defrosters), to melt any ice build up.

OMG, that windshield is going to be a pain!

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it will be joy to drive with, what worries me is the stone chips, the associated cost and time of repairs, and the knock on effect this will have on insurance premiums for these vehicles.

For comparison, I have a Model S and to get the windscreen replaced (at least during the first year), I had to drive the car to the service centre 50 miles away and wait four hours for the glue to dry. Oh and it cost c. £900 including labour! That’s almost as much as my annual insurance premium and I’ve had two stone chips in the first year!

Of course I still want an X and would love the windscreen, right up to the point that I needed to get it replaced. Guess the solution is to make sure that you’ve an S around to fill in the gaps while the X is having it’s windscreen fixed! 🙂

people who are accustomed to paying this kind of money for a car are also accustomed to big repair bills.

Egads! I just noticed that one of the most annoying ‘features’ of the Model S transferred to the Model X as well, the terrible location of the cupholders. Why do they insist on creating unusable space? Will the centre console still be just for show/armrest as well again? How about the central space in between the seats? I was hoping they would rectify that usability snafu in the X, but doesn’t look like it.

This picture was lightened up.

Sorry, Model X still looks chunky. The large windoshield is cool but would be a nightmare for replacement due to the amount of road chip we get in California.

It is probably one of the best looking minivans on the market. SUV/Crossovers tend to go for the masculine looks. But the limited 3rd row space would be kind of pointless if the space looks as tight as those pictures indicate.

I have always regarded the Tesla Model X, from early renderings to finalized production form, to be a really good-looking crossover utility vehicle.

The Tesla Model X will (at least) become an icon for the best in executive transportation. We will see it in service at airports, hotels, and resorts. Those falcon wing doors really do announce someone’s arrival as its own kind of special event.

It will be like a Space Ship landed, and aliens come out… Should absolutely blow the minds of the average American Redneck. 😉

SpaceX and Tesla, not so far apart…

a beautiful car,will be a total success,greatly marked by the falcoon wings!!!!!!!!Besides a lot,s of negative,badly perfectionist,spoiled people!

It only looks odd from a very certain angle….overall frontal look is great! I prefer this design over the old design. Good job Tesla!

I love the S, the X not so much, but that can always change.