Check Out This Stripped-Down, Drag Radial Tesla Model S P100D – Video


It’s stripped down, so this Tesla Model S is likely even quicker from 0 to 60 MPH than 2.28 seconds, if you can imagine that!

Famed Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube is behind this highly modded Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous. This certainly is no stock Tesla.

The frunk is gone, the interior…gone. The wheels swapped out with a wider set with some race rubber. The list of modifications go on and on.

Video description:

“BBS Wheels wrapped in a set of Mickey Thompson drag radials really set off the looks of this Tesla P100D. It looks meaner than ever, distracting from what’s hidden inside. That is…two Kirkey Aluminum Racing seats and nothing else except for the drivers door panel. The cars frunk and trunk have been almost completely stripped. There’s definitely some more weight to get out, stayed tuned to see the racing this beast has done.”

Race Rubber Fitted

We figure a good few hundred pounds has been removed from this racing machine, but as Tesla Racing Channel suggests, more poundage can be trimmed.

Though we don’t have a documented 0 to 60 MPH time for this modded Model S (here’s its recent 1/4-mile record run), we can safely assume it’s quicker than the 2.27-second time hinted at by Musk in this floor-mat-less Tweet:

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8 Comments on "Check Out This Stripped-Down, Drag Radial Tesla Model S P100D – Video"

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Does the S still have a big thick skid plate under the battery? Would seem and ideal part to remove

George Bower

actually a pretty good video. Nice to see what the car lookd like with the paneling all out.

It looks like the battery is in a different spot than my 2012 Model S85.

“We figure a good few hundred pounds has been removed from this racing machine”

The OP says it was 360 pounds.

Michael McGinnis

It’s about time! 9’s are around the corner!


Someone just needs to take the car off.

Bolt the front and rear motors to the battery and duct tape a seat on top.

0-60 in one second flat.


Batteries do not whine the e-motors do.

Dude is about as nice as they come.

Love how he kills them ICE!



Mister G



This is a cool project and I look forward to seeing it set new records at the drag strip.