Check Out This Wacky Vinyl-Wrapped Tesla Model S


There’s a story behind this ridiculously wacky Tesla Model S, though it’s not nearly as entertaining as the images.

In fact, I’m not so sure the story even needs to be told.

C’mon…It’s a Tesla Model S with ears, whiskers and even a tail.  Could the backstory do it justice?

Complete With a Tail...Woo-Hoo!!!

Complete With a Tail…Woo-Hoo!!!

Fine…here’s the story.  That man is the world famous Monster Tajima, the guy who’s won like every racing title in existence (just might be an exaggeration).

He’s standing by the Model S in support of a Japanese eduction organization, which has marked this Model S as its Children’s Challenge mascot.

Tajima and Children’s Challenge have teamed in the past to put out material on electric vehicles, so it’s fitting to see Tajima there at the unveiling of this zany Model S.

Rather boring story, right?

Maybe these remaining images will perk you back up.

Look at Them Range-Boosting Aero Wheels

Look at Them Range-Boosting Aero Wheels

Too Much Tail For My Tastes

Too Much Tail For My Tastes

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i hope Tajima participates in the next pikes-peak with a prototype of Tesla that has 800HP and four wheel drive within less than a ton of weight, so he can kick red-bull ass. And if it could look so ridiculous as this one could be even better…

Probably the best looking “mascot car” I’ve ever seen… Would never have suspected Anime and Aero would work so well together.

Fire vented out of the tail? This is the safety mode Elon was secretly working on. Brilliant! 🙂

Joking aside, I would not drive it with the front air intake completely covered…

I like the hub caps.

Hello Tesla?