Check Out Slo-Mo Launch Of Tesla Model S P100D – Plus It Races Hellcat, Camaro


The off-the-line launch of the might Tesla Model S P100D is impressive, even more so in super slo-mo. Plus, we get to see it race a Camaro, Hellcat and CTS-V.

There’s no noticeable wheelspin. The vehicle simply grips, lifts and gets off the line.


What this video captures is the very reason why the Model S P100D wins virtually every drag race it’s in. There’s no smoky tire spinning, no drama, just acceleration which can’t be matched by any other street legal car out there.

Tesla Model S P100D has been recorded to zip from 0 to 60 MPH in as little as 2.28 seconds in stock form. It’s quarter-mile time has been documented at as low as 10.41 seconds.

Video description:

 Slo-Mo option on my iPhone

Below we’ve included a few bonus videos of the Tesla Model S P100D racing against the likes of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat (Tesla 10.9 seconds, Hellcat 11.2), Chevrolet Camaro (Tesla smokes it with 10.9-second run), and Cadillac CTS-V (Tesla wins again with 10.9-second run).

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I’m already sick enough of all this “Tesla vs xxx drag race” … Why nobody talks how weak is this vacuum cleaner on track ?

Um, so don’t click on stories that are clearly about something you don’t want to read about? There is an entire internet full of stuff you aren’t personally interested in.

Camaro Exorcist is faster

The Tesla is quicker off the line, but is on the verge of falling behind by the time the finish line passes.

Watching this dick-measuring contest is three minutes I’ll never get back.

Did your mother make you watch it?

I am getting a little bit tired of all these childish acceleration fuzz .
NIce to know you lovend ones are going to be splashed in two seconds when crossing the streets on blinking green lights, not knowing what hit them

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Meh, more drags………

How about air conditioner on crank some tunes wait 10 minutes and then launch. Then wait 3 more hours and I’ll be waiting for you wherever it is you’re recharging at. Without incentives the electric vehicle is absolutely dead in the water

Lmao another near sighted dumbass. So if that’s the case why are ALL manufacteres beginning to build EVs? You won’t be acting anywhere because you’re already stuck in the past. By the way you may get there quicker but I’ll have more money in my pocket lmfao

Car is electric no big deal Demon best this slow e

God damn man learn to properly use “it’s” and its” before you go and write an article. EVs are awesome but drag racing is boring as phuck . Show an EV that can run a lap on a track?!

Have you ever heard of the Formula E racing series? Might want to look it up and realize you might be wrong also before you criticize others.

The funniest thing about people clicking on stories that they aren’t interested in, just increases the click count for that type of story…..