Check Out The World’s First Satin Gold Dust Black Tesla Model 3


Perhaps the most unique Tesla Model 3 aftermarket mod to date.

Whether or not you’re into aftermarket products and vehicle modifications, there’s no discounting the fact that T Sportline is one of the industry leaders when it comes to Tesla mods. We’ve seen many examples of the company’s work, some tame and some wild. While this particular Model 3 isn’t anything close to “normal,” the work is tasteful and elegant.

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It might be a bit unfair to say that this Model 3 wouldn’t be a head-turner. But, by that, we mean that it isn’t overdone or ridiculous, and after the sun goes down, this hot car would surely just look like any sleek, black sedan. At times, some of these outrageous modifications can turn people off to the idea if they’re obnoxious and completely out of character. But, this one is on an entirely different level.

How ‘Bout This One: T Sportline Shows Us Its Customized Tesla Model 3 Called 3X

Kudos to the team over at T Sportline for making this Model 3 so unique, yet still refined and attractive.

Video Description via T Sportline on YouTube:

Catch a glimpse of space in this Model 3’s exterior with a Satin Gold Dust Black wrap! With a multi-colored metallic flake, any admirer will get lost in this wrap.

● 2018 Tesla Model 3 in Black


● 3M Full Body Wrap in Satin Gold Dust Black
● 3M chrome Chrome Delete (or Black Out) in Satin Black
● T Emblem (Front & Rear) painted in Satin Black
● 3M Crystalline tint 70% (windshield/glass roof) / 40% (driver and passenger side windows, rear hatch window)

Wheels & Suspension:

● TST 19” wheels 19×8.5” front & rear in Matte Black.
● Uses factory 19″ Continental ProContact RX tire, original factory lug nuts, original factory TPMS, and accepts factory center caps.
● Lug Nut Cover Set

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14 Comments on "Check Out The World’s First Satin Gold Dust Black Tesla Model 3"

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All the black cars look like that right now with all this pollen flying around in the air.

LOL so true. And my “white” car is more of a cream color nowadays. And don’t get me started on my black upholstry (I like to leave the windows open…)

Not for me. It reminds me of meconium. But my wife does want to wrap our C-Max Energi in yellow…

I’m sure it looks much better in person than on video, even 1080p.

I was thinking of getting a black one and getting the nosecone wrapped in copper (like a Duracell, get it?), but I figure that joke would get tedious after a few weeks.

The only chrome delete I’m worried about is the driver’s side mirror arm; at certain angles at certain times of day, you get blinded (at least in a Model S; dunno about the Model 3).

It’s kinda cool. Certainly looks super cool. But at the same time there’s something a bit obscene about this sort of spending that’s so obviously only to show off, with zero utility, and costing the same money as saving a couple of villages from some ongoing health disaster somewhere in the world right this moment.

I suppose I’d feel good about that if I made millions every year and donated far more than I spent on utterly unnecessary showing off. But if I did this making $100k a year I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Actually, it isn’t “zero” utility. The film offers paint protection against stone chips and some dings. I have paint protection on my Model 3, but it’s clear and covers the front fenders, hood and bumper.

Frankly, anything other than a basic pedestrian car would be called “showing off.” Unless you live like a monk, I imagine there are a few things in your life that are luxuries.

How can you botch such a good looking car and then brag about it?

We Can only see our interprétation here. But I prefer white and I dont know why. Anyway, I could drive this car in any Colors.

This paint job here highlights all the gaps. It now looks like the car is wearing a badly made after market body kit installed by an amateur. The shiny black is much better. I really like the signature red on Holzhausens including the chrome removal.

The satin look is OK, but I don’t like the chrome delete at all.

How much?

Wow. They reinvented brown, the first color to fall off the color wheel of the Model S.

Nice Job… Just curious what the price tag is for what you did? Who knows I may have to drop it off at your place before I bring my AWD 3 home…

Next I’d like to see them redo one in Vantablack. Not sure who’d be stupid enough to order that, though!