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The first images of Tesla’s new interior have hit the internet, and, as expected, it seems to be receiving mixed reviews.

As with anything, some people will love it and some will hate it. Either way, updates and more options is never a bad thing. As we previously reported, the primary update for the Tesla Model S and Model X is a dark graphite finish, although this new light Oak Décor with Cream Premium upholstery and trim has also been added.

Teslareadyuk on Instagram, as well as Aspecphotography on Reddit via Imgur have provided some nice pictures of the new interior. Hopefully, more images will be streaming in soon and will include some of the other options.

New Oak Décor interior… what’s the opinion? I’m not a fan 🙄

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Tesla S/X new interior wood option

According to Electrek, the dark graphite trims are currently in production. Additionally, the lighter Oak finish comes as an option on non-performance versions of the Model S and X.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Source: Electrek, Imgur, Instagram

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11 Comments on "Check Out The New Tesla Model S And Model X Interior"

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Ouch. That’s hideous.

But I’m not in the target demographic so my opinion counts for little.

The only reason I am posting here is to provide feedback that Tesla needs to take a dramatically different approach for the pickup interior.

Personally, I like the wood over the carbon fiber or the piano black. My Model S has the gloss piano black and I don’t like that it picks up finger prints easily and is kinda ‘blah’ by just being dark and black. I like the new oak look, and with the light color dash it gives it a summer/beach feel.

After having the 3, everything else looks so bulky and bloated. I’m guessing the S and X get the 3 treatment in their second generations.

That looks pretty bad. Home Depot has much better looking laminate boards.

Looks good but I’m hoping Tesla can come up with some tech to enable a light color on top of the dashboard instead of black all the time. Black just gets so hot due to the sun and of course it would be nice to have another warm color to go with the cream interior if you chose that.

Of course the top of the dash can’t reflect light towards the driver or front passenger much but there’s has to be some tech out there to enable a light color with just as little glare as black for the top of the dash.

If it’s a light color it reflects light. That’s what light colors are, reflectors of light.

My Zoe came with a light dash and after many complaints from their customers, Renault decided to switch out all dashes for a darker colored one. The reflection in the windshield is really annoying and at some times dangerous.

It looks like Tesla is once again anti-selling the Model S and Model X. 🙄

Well, it still sells a lot better then the unicorn Fool Cells you advocate for little mouse.

I like the oak option. Would maybe change the floor mats.

Does it have door pockets now?