Check Out Tesla’s Carbon Impact Map: Top Cities, Countries Tallied

OCT 1 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

Total CO2 saved by Tesla vehicle owners

Total has released a visual presentation of the total CO2 emission saved by Tesla vehicle owners in the U.S. and worldwide.


Tesla Model S charging

In the U.S., the biggest impact so far has been made (not surprisingly) in California, notching a ‘win’ for the top 6 cities:

  1. Los Angeles 14,796,085 lbs (per capita 3.73 lbs)
  2. San Jose 9,006,266 lbs (per capita 8.77 lbs)
  3. San Diego 8,040,135 lbs (per capita 5.76 lbs)
  4. San Francisco 6,999,717 lbs (per capita 8.09 lbs)
  5. Irvine 5,885,596 lbs (per capita 22.12 lbs)
  6. Los Altos 5,555,086 lbs (per capita 130.08 lbs)

However, the per capita situation sows a different leaderboard:

  1. Clifton, VA 328,444 lbs (per capita 1,113.37 lbs)
  2. Bedford, NY 333,026 lbs (per capita 181.58 lbs)
  3. Summerland, CA 206,657 lbs (per capita 142.72 lbs)
  4. Rancho Santa Fe, CA 1,481,257 lbs (per capita 133.99 lbs)
  5. Los Altos, CA 5,555,086 lbs (per capita 130.08 lbs)

Total CO2 saved by Tesla vehicle owners

The map (see here) also show the stats and map for the world. The U.S. is currently in first place, as it is the largest market for Tesla, but some other country positions could be considered as surprise:

Total CO2 saved by Tesla vehicle owners

Total CO2 saved by Tesla vehicle owners

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The indirect impact will be MUCH bigger as oil will be faced out by the transition initiated by Tesla. And coal as well when we start using the solar+ wind in combination with improved batteries, also speeded up by Tesla.

Instead of talking lbs, we should be talking tons due to too many zeros. The highest per capita cut of 3000 lb is about 1.5 tons. I assume these are total since Tesla started selling cars.

US per capita CO2 emissions per year is about 17 tons per year, or about 170 tons per person total since Tesla started making cars. IPCC recommends we need to cut 40% to 70% global average (not US average) by 2050. I leave it for you to find that hopelessly low number we need to be.

What Tesla shows is how hopeless we are in terms of CO2. Drive your EV, because they are great cars, not because of CO2 concerns.

What about all the other noxious gasses released by combustion? Ev’s are just better for the environment and for human health.

Indeed, that’s the biggest impact of EVs by far.

Put 100 million EVs worldwide in the hands of cities’ biggest commuters, and you make a massive impact on particulate matter and smog.

But even if they were powered by zero emission electricity, they’d only reduce CO2 emissions by 1-2 percent.

faced out == phased out

Time is running out connect the dots on global warming and stop polluting our only blue planet

does this account for the electricity coming from fossil fuel?

Raise the per gallon of highway fuel tax to $1. That will solve two issues.
First issue: Road & bridge improvement.
Second issue: Create a non government incentive to convert to electric powered vehicles.

It will create even bigger problem, because the a-hole in charge Prez Dump will divert that fund to the military to start / expand more wars.

Best is to only allow cars with exhaust vented directly to the passenger cabin. Free market will ensure people will do their very best to cut emissions on the air they breath.

You want to add regulations to get progress and then call it “free market? You do know that a real free market is horrible and inefficient and reluctant to progress?

Intruding on someone else’s private property (their air space) is not free market. Too often, people confuse crime and lack of private property with free market.

You do realize that the modern progress we enjoy is solely due to free market. If you think free market is so awful, we have empirical evidence of no free market being deadly. Compare North Korea (no free market) to South Korea (free market) to see how wonderful free market can be.

“enjoy” $7 a gallon, like Norway. I bet number of miles will go down, CO2 emissions will go down. Suddenly people don’t care if it is a puny 3 cylinder car, or a fugly EV, as long as they don’t have to walk, push the car, or take a bus.

That’s nice but for a fair comparison they should deduct the CO2 that was created when manufacturing the car and producing the electricity. The latter is harder to measure with privately owned solar panels of course but I’m sure that it can be estimated roughly.