Check Out This Rivian R1T Electric Truck & R1S SUV Family Photo


Likely the first sighting of the pair together out in the wild.

Gotta love the serenity of this image. Two adventure electric vehicles all alone in the cold winter elements.

This particular pair of electric vehicles, the Rivian R1T electric truck and Rivian R1S electric SUV, are really right at home in such a situation. Both are capable off-roaders. Each features AWD. And since both are pure electric, the cold temps don’t affect their ability to start.

We assume these are the same two Rivian that were in Aspen recently for the Winter X Games. Each then headed out into the backcountry for a proper trek in what was sub-zero temps. Here the two Rivians meet up once again.

Check out the embedded tweet below to see this first (?) family Rivian photo.


Be sure to peruse the gallery below for more of the recent R1T and R1S photos.

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In before some guy says they look ugly.

Forgot to add, they look awesome!

And open that graphic (from twitter source) in a new window, add :orig to the end, and see the full-size image.

If they sell enough of these, there just might be a business opportunity in modding the front end to be something more suited to the vehicle. It doesn’t have to be edgy, angry and pissed off, with gaping holes and grills like most contemporary designs, but something not goofy emoji face looking.

I wonder if someone will create a body kit for these, to make them look like the Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma…
If Toyota put out an electric 4Runner with specs similar to this, but looked just like the gas one, I would buy one…

Why would you ruin a good looking vehicle like the Rivian like that?

My only complaint is that they are too expensive. Make it $50k, and we could possibly talk.

You should look around at the average price people are paying for loaded pickups.

Less than Rivian are charging…

Average full size truck price is around $45k, but that includes the 1500 and and the 2500/3500 series. Tacoma’s (more equivalent to the R1T) top out at $45k too…

Guess you never drove an electric vehicle in cold weather. It may start but it won’t go near as far.

Noit won’tgo as far, but it will start even at -40 and I get instant heat inside the cabin. Most people will be OK with the range of the Rivian.

If I really need to go on a road trip (like once a year or less in my case), I can always rent a vehicule that run on dinausaur oil.

Only ICE cars with poor batteries won’t start at -40. This subtext creeping in of ICE cars not starting in low temperatures needs to die. It’s no better than the claims that electric cars don’t, and presumably came about as a retort to those that claimed it.

Very handsome, like an electric LR Discovery.