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Self-Parking Chairs

Self-Parking Chairs

Okay, so perhaps autonomous is a bit of an overstatement, but these chairs can “park” themselves with only a hand clap.

We’re not so sure there’s a practical application for this technology other than for keeping offices looking tidy, but it’s still rather innovative and it stems from Nissan’s research into autonomous cars.

The system uses four cameras in the room to analyze the space. It communicates with the chairs and informs each chair on how to navigate the room so that they can tuck themselves under the desk.

Surely there are other more practical applications for this technology, but for now we can just watch the chairs in action in the video above and check out “the making of” in the video below.

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This reminds me of the fat carts they had in the Movie Wall E. How that worked was the humans got so fat and lazy that they needed to be driven around by fat carts that where like beds.

Pretty clever. Wonder if there could be a Roomba retrofit for this.