Check Out InsideEVs Sales Reported In Nifty New Video Format


InsideEVs monthly plug-in electric car sales scorecard is the go-to for the ever-so-critical sales data.

But now there’s a follow-up companion video that we think is worth sharing.

The folks over at HyperChange TV put together video featuring InsideEVs’ data, along with some independent insight.

HyperChange states:

US plug-in 🔌 sales are on 🔥 (+26% in 2017) and are poised to continue to eat into ICE🛢️ marketshare in 2018 with help from ‘s shoutout to for the awesome data

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Nice!! Thanks for sharing!!

I think his predictions are accurate for 2018. I think we’ll come close to hitting a 2% overall market share this year. And with any luck we can hit 4% next year, 8% the year after, and so on.

Fair predictions, so we are banking fully on Model-3. And no other automaker could increase the sales. Sad.

The only thing holding back even bigger growth is they can’t make them fast enough IT Tesla, BWM and Chevy.

The others aren’t serious or make poor vehicles IE battery systems like LEAF.

When is Tesla going to report actual monthly sales figures?