Check Out This Incredible Tesla Roadster Sculpture


This palm-sized piece of art is a one-off… for now.

The new Tesla Roadster may be years away from production, but tributes to its beauty are already being made. This palm-sized sculpture by Amalgam Collection takes the car’s design and melts away the details, leaving only its essence. It’s beautiful, just like its full-size muse.

Amalgam Collection and InsideEVs actually share the same parent company: Motorsport Network. Since we’re second cousins twice removed, we got in touch with Sandy Copeman, Direct of Brand and Business Development for the model maker, to ask him why the sculpture was made and what their plans are for it.

IEVs: Why choose the Tesla Roadster as your model for this sculpture?

Amalgam: Looking around the automotive industry, especially at high-performance cars, design has evolved to become more functional and less aesthetic. We thought the Tesla Roadster, despite the promise of incredibly high performance, still looked organic… less like a purpose-built machine and more akin to the works of art that cars used to be.

IEVs: We’ve known Amalgam as the world’s finest crafters of highly detailed scale models. This sculpture is a big departure from that. Can you tell us more about why you chose to create something like this?

Amalgam: Yes, we are known for detailed and accurate scale models, but we wanted to take our creativity in a new direction and make something purely artistic, presenting a different challenge to our established practice of reproducing a car precisely and in detail at scale. With the sculpture, we tried to create an art piece based on the original car’s form. The beauty is not in its level of detail, but its expression of the design’s intrinsic qualities. We hope the original designer sees it and thinks, “They saw what I was going for.”

IEVs: So what’s next for this Tesla Roadster sculpture?

Amalgam: Well, we’d love to send it to Elon Musk at Tesla as a thank you for the amazing cars he’s brought the world. In fact, we think it would make a wonderful gift from the company to anyone who reserves a new Roadster or other special model. It’s something to admire and be excited about while you wait for your car to arrive.

IEVs: Can we expect more car-based sculptures in the future?

Amalgam: Yes, absolutely. We’ll be making them based on many iconic, classic vehicles. And, we can increase the size all the way up to a half-scale sculpture – a very significant art piece. Most, however, will be done by commission in 1:12 scale using precious materials like palladium or gold-plated bronze.

IEVs: Thanks for sharing this with us!

Amalgam: You’re absolutely welcome. This is our first time modelling an electric vehicle and we’ve really enjoyed seeing the passion and commitment of the enthusiast EV community, especially at InsideEVs.

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Zzzz, never gonna want one, so stop it.

Wow, what a beautiful sculpture…
More serious, everything seems good enough for this site to say how Tesla is great.
That’s not even a Ferrari!

Put a bottle-opener on the bottom of it.

This echoes my frequent pleas for Tesla to employ designers with a background in and gift for sculpture: the new Roadster has the elusive sculptured “WoW!” factor that the Model S/X/3 all lack. Sure, they’re all brilliant in almost every other respect – but they all look pretty staid and executive-conservative relative to so many other WoW-mobiles out there(Jag i-Pace for instance..).
Let’s hope the Model Y is a bit more of a sculptured head-turner…
Paul G

Ron Swanson's Mustache

The design styling of the S3X is aggressively conservative.

Cool. But it’s just a little sculpture.