Check Out A Flyover Of The Tesla ‘Tent’ And Fremont Factory


Watch from above as a Model 3 rolls off the temporary general assembly line.

We have already taken a look at some early shots of the new temporary assembly line in Fremont. Referred to by Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a ‘tent’, the line was likely constructed to push production at the end of Q2 towards Tesla’s self-imposed 5,000 / week goal.

But the ‘tent’ line should also help boost vehicle deliveries in Q3. Once Tesla hits the 200,000 unit trigger, they will have extra incentive to sell as many cars as they can. This would help maximize the number of buyers that receive the full $7500 tax credit.

Production at Fremont has continued to rise and has seemingly surpassed 5,000 units/week according to recent posts by Musk and other employees on social media. This news goes hand in hand with recent battery production claims from an employee at the Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

At this point, we don’t know if this level of production will be sustained throughout the 3rd quarter. However, following the end of the 1st quarter, Tesla was able to maintain (and soon increase) the production levels they reached in late March. Although scheduled production shutdowns offset some of those gains.

So, how much of this production success is due to the new line that Elon Musk said was ‘way better than the other GA line’? Probably not much yet. The line reportedly started off quite slowly, producing very few cars in its first few days. But, more Model 3s appear to be rolling out of the ‘tent’ recently. The temporary line could end up playing a major role in Q3 production.

You can also watch a Model 3 roll out in the Tweet below:

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The facilities have grown massively over the last 2 years.

Yeah, there are at lease 2 dozen tents now, and massive piles of garbage everywhere, what a crappy place to work.

They should hire you as their cleaning lady.

I am a sucky cleaning lady, but I could not work in such a messy and disorganized place, so I would stay after work and clean it up on my own… There is an obvious lack of management oversight at Tesla.

Wow, there is even more garbage and debris around the factory then before. Sure does not look anything like GM or Toyota operations. Then again GM, Ford, or Toyota will hit 5000 cars a week in 5 days on one assembly line. Maybe it is better to be more organized?

My gosh!! How dare Tesla not keep everything tidied up to your standards while in the middle of a construction project TO DOUBLE THE SIZE OF THEIR FACTORY!!!!

I bet you are that annoying customer who complains that the dumpster in front of your house is ugly while in the middle of a whole house remodel.

You certainly can bet your arzz that GM and Toyota don’t have that problem. They aren’t doubling their factory sizes. Thanks for pointing out how GM and Toyota have completely failed to grow their EV sales numbers at anywhere near the rate as Tesla has been growing. Keep up those updates.

“My gosh!! How dare Tesla not keep everything tidied up to your standards while in the middle of a construction project TO DOUBLE THE SIZE OF THEIR FACTORY!!!!”

Are they adding more tents? There is already 2 dozen… With all the semi trailers in the parking lots there is hardly room for more tents or buildings.

Why do you attack GM? their factories are clean and nice, and turn out WAY WAY WAY more cars then Tesla without 24/7 operation, and complete chaos all around. Oh, and GM uses less workers per car, and has higher quality. And with GM you get a real key FOB, not some silly card that Ben Sullins & wife (Tesla fan boy) say SUCKS…

You are so naive, and such an easy target… GM Expansion: I only searched for 3 plants, and all had current expansion projects, should I keep searching?

These are all major projects that are underway or just finishing now…. Dude, at lease have 1 ounce of prior knowledge before you speak so you do not look like a fool…

What drone was the guy using in the flyover – I’ve got to get one of those!

That is good video, but should fly a bit lower to get more detail…

Several Questions:
1) what is that pile of blue stuff in the beginning of the video – packing material from parts?
2) There is a lot of construction and dirt leveling going on adjacent to the factory – does Tesla own that?
3) What is all of that junk lying around? Rubbish from the GM/Toyota days?
4) What happens if a hail storm pops up over the factory?
5) why not put up massive solar panels in the parking lots with an option to deploy a canopy?
– OK so maybe hail will never happen in Fremont.

1)Tesla has garbage all over the Fremont property, looks like a war zone
2)Property to the North is a residential and business center development
3)Tesla is in chaos, no time to pick up the garbage
4) You will have plastic and cardboard spread all the way to San Fransisco if there was a wind storm
5) Because Tesla only talks about being sustainable, they do not make effort to do it in practice

(eye rolls the paid troll and looks for balanced comment elsewhere)

Did you not see the garbage all over? chaotic work going on, and no solar panels or wind, turbines, I get that you do not agree with my assessment, but look closely at the property, what do you see? Does it look neat and orderly? Do you see sustainable energy initiates all around? Do you see chaos in deliveries? Forklifts? Instead of insulting me, look at the video and give me your honest assessment, then look at satellite photos from any other auto plant, and see if there is a difference? Do you really look for balanced comments, or do you prefer Tesla cheerleading?

If you are referring to the “tent” assembly line, a hail storm shouldn’t be a problem — Sprung advertises these buildings as being very resilient.

Gotta wonder, why not apply for another 20 tent permits and even if you only get awarded 2, you win…

After all it was not the first “tent”