Check Out What Ford’s Electric SUV Might Look Like

MAR 22 2018 BY C SMITH 22

Could Ford actually be considering making a Mustang crossover? The evidence says yes.

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A few days ago we attended a special preview event at Ford headquarters where, among other things, some Mustang teasers were tossed out. We’ve seen the GT500 preview, and of course the internet is pretty much swooning over the forthcoming Ford Bronco. There was something else, however, that stuck in our minds like an annoying song verse that refused to go away. In the course of the presentation, Ford Global Markets President Jim Farley told us to imagine a four-door Mustang SUV. So we did.

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SUV version of Ford’s iconic Pony Car was just too much for our brains to handle. The result is what you see here, and well, it’s a Mustang SUV – complete with four doors and enough ride height to easily clear curbs at the mall. Yes, this is purely a flight-of-fancy on our part, but it is what Farley told us to imagine.

You’ll notice on the render that the grille is pretty much a solid space. That’s because Farley also said this vehicle would be an electric affair. If you recall back in January, Ford dropped something of a bombshell teaser by announcing the return of the fabled Mustang nameplate, Mach 1. We last saw the badge on the 2004 Mustang, which also got a 305-horsepower V8 and an honest-to-goodness shaker hood scoop, paying homage to the original Mach 1 from the late 1960s. The twist now is that, instead of being a performance option for the standard Mustang, it would adorn an electric vehicle. Ford further hinted that said electric vehicle would be an SUV. That probably means there won’t be a shaker hood scoop this time around.

Once you start connecting the dots, it’s not hard to see where all this might be heading and if we’re honest, it could be a pretty risky move on Ford’s part. Hybrid power and electrification in the Mustang is inevitable, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you start talking about using something as iconic as the Mustang nameplate for a four-door electric SUV, however, there’s bound to be more than a few people questioning whether Ford truly understands the pedigree of its own brand. That’s certainly been our experience in speaking informally with Mustang enthusiasts, who generally seem to hate the idea.

On the other side, one can’t argue against the overwhelming popularity of SUVs. And it’s not like Ford hasn’t taken daring steps with the Mustang in the past. The Mustang II of the 1970s is despised today for turning the muscular machine into a miserable, underpowered compact, but it sold in spades and in context was the right car for the right time. The same argument could be made today for extending the Mustang badge to an SUV.

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For goodness sake Ford, just make an EV version of the hugely popular Escape! No brainer….. and no, a plug in hhybrid is not enough, also offer a pure EV.


Not that I will ever buy one.

However, I agree with you.


Could not agree more. There is a huge market for all-electric mid-sized SUVs and pick up trucks. Looks like other OEMs will be eating Ford’s lunch


Plug in escape right around the corner


A Plugin Hybrid would be perfect with current infrastructure, unless you’re on the West Coast, where you can be a purest. Is the Pacific Coast Highway built out with high speed charging stations from California to Seattle?

For Pennsylvania, a Plugin Hybrid is better.
The Optimal Solution is a BMW REX solution though.


But, I agree, an Electric Performance Mustang, not an SUV, would be best.


But, I agree, an Electric Performance Mustang, not an SUV, would be best. Is this real?


Yes, a 300 mile (epa) AWD Escape would be the ticket.

Must have a usable roof: must be able to put a box on top and large boxy items inside (think appliances). Rear door must provide real utility.


They did not make an HEV/PHEV Escape because they did the C-Max, what ever that was suppose to be.


That will make Mustang fans happy.


Get Real



Ford likes to use model names beginning with ‘F’. Maybe they should consider the name ‘Ford Fugly’. Seems about right.

Don Zenga

Excellent. Why not?

When Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar can move into Crossovers, Ford can also launch such a version of Mustang.

Sales of both Sedans & Coupes are going down and it makes perfect sense to make a 5 door SUV.


Even as an SUV, it will be faster than the ICE mustang, no?


The Ford Frankencar

The Ford Furd

The Ford Flacon

The Ford Thunderturd


Twilight Zone theme is in my head now.


Isn’t that a regular Mustang with a lift kit?


Looks like someone injected steroids into an ICE Mustang, and created this EV abomination of both style and class.

Sad Ford. Stick with what you know / do best: Ford Explorer.


Foed would have to greatly improve its BMS/TMS (battery/thermal). I had an Energi and it sucked. They also had no experience or advice about battery life, charging to full, or timing of charging.

Courtney vegan

Is it April fools day today? No. Then wtf is that?🤔


A Ford Mustang with a 3″ lift kit. AKA something Ford knows will fail but will do it anyway.


I am hopeful that Ford’s brief relationship with Jaguar at least taught them to respect Ian Callum’s design team enough to pay attention to how to take advantage of electric drive trains. These mfgs who insist on putting long bonnets on electric cars are either lazy or can’t let go of their historical prejudice.