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Chile’s first homebuilt electric car has arrived in the form of two-seat EV called Soki.

Translated, Soki means two.

Here are some additional details, via Euronews:

“…the two-seater can run for up to 60 km (37 miles) on a battery that charges in three hours.”

“The brainchild of industrial mechanic Daniel Pavez, it is an updated version of a previous model. Despite being bigger it weighs 20 percent less and has been improved in terms of energy efficiency, safety and engineering.”

Soki is expected to go on sale next March at a price of ~$12,000.

More info on Soki here.

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They have a lot of Lithium in Chile.

Reminds me of Elio motors. Not sure how much cars cost in Chile, but ~$12K seems steep, especially if Elio is claiming under $7K. But Elio sounds fraudulent; it’s like saying you can sell SparkEV for $12K if the sales reach $100 billion cars per year. I don’t know if Chile suffers the same.

It cost 8.2M Chilean pesos.

The least expensive VW subcompact sedan in Chile, the Gol starts at 6.5M Chilean pesos.

“it is an updated version of a previous model.”

So it’s not the first Chilean home-built electric car then? It’s at best the second.

The only logically consistent answer is that the previous model wasn’t electric.

You’re forgetting logically inconsistent blogging. Heck, we’re lucky to get InsideEVs to acknowledge this vehicle as a vehicle.

This is the first electric vehicle built in Chile to be offered for sale to the public, original designs were petrol.

Reminds me of Arcimoto… Built in Oregon, more range and better finish look for the same price! It’s suppose to be available next year…

What ever happened to the “Tango”?

I thought they had a good chance but…..

Solar produces best when facing the Sun at a good angle. A flat roof is not a good angle and should be mounted on a fixed location at the best angle. It can then run the home and or car. If you have extra after parking a week while on vacation the extra gets lost. No good.

But a solar PV panel on an EV can prevent a car that is parked for a long period from ending up ‘bricked’.

I visited a small company in Minnesota that was building a ‘car’ like that back in the 1970’s.