Check Out BMW’s Fleet Of 400 DriveNow i3s – Video

SEP 10 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

400 BMW i3s Headed For DriveNow Car Sharing Service In Copenhagen

400 BMW i3s Headed For DriveNow Car Sharing Service In Copenhagen

Picture on the right isn’t science fiction. This is really happening400 BMW i3 are available in DriveNow car sharing service in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Service went live on September 3rd, and is so far the largest with BMW i3s, and one of the largest overallĀ in Europe.

Which city can outperform Copenhagen?

“Following the successful introduction of the BMW i3 to the DriveNow fleets in Germany, the UK and the USA, the next major step is being taken with the commissioning of 400 BMW i3 in Copenhagen on September 3rd 2015. What is new here is an all-electric fleet which is also interconnected with public transport. The future-oriented business model stands for even more targeted orientation of individual mobility towards the needs of people in metropolitan regions.

For BMW i, car sharing using electric vehicles is an important step in opening up convenient initial access to electric mobility to the public at large, in order to reduce traffic and emissions in cities and to make a contribution there towards better quality of life.”

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See Through

This is insane, more like ludicrous! I reckon half of i3 sales might be coming from these car sharing programs.

mr. M

407 sold in August. 400 of those where for the car sharing, around 500 i3 YTD in denmark.


Wow, this is insane! We will see most car sharing companies going for electrics, as they are much more economical, silent, fun to drive and long lasting, clean and smog free than archaic internal combustion.


Is this the only way BMW can sell I3s ?

Micke Larsson

Considering that it’s the 5th best selling EV in the world and that except this fleet sale there hasn’t been many going that way the very obvious answer is no.


They look like little stormtroopers all lined up.


What is that?


It’s actually from that recent explosion in China.


wow. 400. good for the Danes and their guests.

Micke Larsson

Better quality in life… unless you’re a refugee.


The danish government went back on a promise to let EVs park for free in Copenhagen.

So every time you see one of these in the city, there’s a parking ticket in the windscreen.

If this doesn’t change, the program is probably going to crash and burn in no time.


There are plenty of parking spaces for the i3 in Copenhagen. Either by the chargepoints or any public parking spot, regardless of if it otherwise cost to park there, the user of the DriveNow i3 can park there for free with no worry of a ticket.

I’ve so far had two trips in these wonderful vehicles.

I want to hi-five every EV I pass by on my daily commute, but this last week, my arm has gotten all sore from all of the mental hi-fiving.