Cheap, Clean & Easy Way To Transport Skis In A Tesla Model X – Video


Brett, The Nerdy Engineer, on YouTube is concerned that he can’t get his skis in the Tesla Model X, without having to worry about ruining the interior.

The Tesla Model X doesn’t come with roof racks. Although you could build some, or make certain models fit … possibly. Another option is the roof racks that mount on with suction cups. However, keep in mind the major issue with the falcon wing doors, and it will surely put a dent in your range. Roof racks on a Model X are likely not the way to go.

Tesla Model X – Homemade Watertight Ski Gear Tote

Brett received the free accessory hitch, when he bought his Model X (which is no longer free). The Tesla bike carrier plus the ski attachment will do the trick, but it will cost you $800. You could go with another brand, but you’re still looking at $500 or so.

In the end, Brett purchased a cheap sheet of plastic paneling and some PVC molding. He used hot glue and built a watertight ski gear box that fits between the rear seats in the Model X. He admits that he made it a bit too wide, but it keeps the car dry and clean.

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Four Electrics

Note that this won’t work for the seven and five seat configurations, only the six.

Ski transport remains a real issue with the X. What happened to Elon’s promises of a suction cup roof rack?


Elon just doesn’t understand why many of us like suvs.

Yes, we want to be able to put a skybox on top of the vehicle for stuff like skis. Instead, he gives us stupid falcon doors.

I’m a skier.

In my case, I also haul stuff like dish washers, washing machines, etc, with my SUV. Not sure if the back of the model x would let me do that.

Hopefully elon doesn’t make a mess out of model y like he did with model x.

Some of us buy suvs to solve problems, and the model x doesn’t seem to do that.


Sounds like you need an electric truck. Nissan does make 5hat little electric van…

No vehicle suits all needs. We all wish there was the ultimate Swiss Army Knife vehicle. My ultimate ride that could cover all my bases would be a PHEV AWD Sprinter van.

Good luck with fitting a domestic American dishwasher inside ANY crossover SUV! A Tahoe, Suburban, Expedition or Sequoia, maybe. Those are truck-based SUVs.

The X is designed for family use as a luxury electric in the midsize category. Car and truck-based SUVs come in literally every size and shape nowdays. Even models like the KIA Niro and Bolt EV whose manufacturers call CUVs but really don’t fit that description.

Strange to knock Model X for It’s aero shape, specifically designed to accomplish It’s goal of long electric range, and nick it for not being a van.


I own a subcompact SUV and have loaded appliances into it several times. I own rental properties, and to reduce my carbon footprint I’ve downsized into a smaller home for myself (another moving job).

If the SUV can’t haul it, than a small uhaul trailer gets the job done.

Chevy Bolt gets good range from it’s 60kwh battery, so it’s not suffering to badly for the utility it has.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

On YouTube, the Craigslist Hustle gives a tutorial on how to load a washer and dryer into a Buick Enclave CUV when you’re flipping appliances on Craigslist. Just sayin’. 😀


“I’m a skier.”

But obviously you’ll never buy a Model X because you hate Tesla so much. So this is just another excuse for you to post anti-Tesla FUD, innit? Whether you’re really a skier or not.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

Learn to play nicely with the other kids. Your blind Tesla zealotry isn’t gonna make you very popular at the playground.


Haha! The irony is strong here.

Look to yourself for improvement before you would judge others. 😀

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

You fail to give me the validation that I so desperately crave. 🙁


Can somebody please explain this “FUD” thing to me? I have no clue what that means but I keep seeing posted on this site.

All-Purpose Guru

It’s a term for IBM’s marketing from the 60s and 70s. “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.” IBM would walk into a sales presentation and say “yeah, we’re expensive, but can your business afford the risk of buying a ‘less reliable’ system?”

A related phrase was “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

“You’re spreading FUD” and “you’re a FUDster” are the siren songs of Tesla Cult members who repeatedly chant and mutter those phrases, much like the cult members who chanted mumbo jumbo in Rosemary’s Baby and Fight Club.

Tesla Cult members personally attack anyone who even mildly criticizes Tesla or dear leader Elon Musk, rather than just trying to refute the criticism with facts. It is very similar to the way Scientology Cult members personally attack anyone who dares to criticize the Scientology Cult, its dear leader David Miscavige, or Thetans (Thetans are immortal souls of extra-terrestrial people brought to earth in spacecraft 75 million years ago by Xenu, the tyrant ruler of the “Galactic Confederacy.” These immortal souls are reincarnated in present day humans such as high-ranking Scientologists Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and other movie stars.) Any criticism of the Scientology Cult is deemed a “Suppresive Act” and the person making the criticism is labeled a “Supressive Person” who cult members must shun. The practice of shunning is also known as “Disconnection,” and failure to Disconnect from a Suppressive Person is itself labelled a Suppressive Act.


Actually, I’m seriously considering model y. Just need to see what it looks like.

I’ve bought 5 brand new cars in my life, never paying more than $20k. I’m willing to go over $35k post tax credits for model y.


Mea culpa, and my sincere apologies for my personal attack, which you certainly didn’t deserve. I got your screen name mixed up with Dav8or, who is one of the serial Tesla bashers infesting InsideEVs comments.



“Elon just doesn’t understand why many of us like suvs….I’m a skier.”

Only about 4% of the US population skis or snowboards, and the average age of skiers is in their 30’s, and average Tesla owners are in their 40’s, with only 6% of Tesla buyers being under 35.

You are part of a niche market within a niche market that Tesla accommodates by offering a hitch mounted rack where you can use a ski bag to protect your ski’s.

If you are set on a roof rack, I’ve been told that you can put one on a Model S (I don’t personally know.) It is likely that one will fit on the Model Y and 3, when they come out.

Not every car can fit every need of every person. Sorry.


I teach skiing part time to children, but didn’t know the stats you posted. Thanks for posting.

I’d bet the incomes of the people who go skiing that are in their 30s and 40s is above average. 4 year college degree is probably pretty common.

But to be honest with you, I’m not seeing a lot of expensive suvs in the mountains. I probably see more Subarus than BMWs and Lexus combined.


Teaching kids is awesome! New blood to the sport keeps it growing.

Yes, about half of skiers over 18 have college degrees, and incomes well above the median household income. Yet still about half that of the median Tesla buyer.

Jim Whitehead

Dave86, Have you considered a simple enclosed trailer to pull all your skiing equipment? It may be better than some lame roof rack that could fall off one day.

If I was as big a skier as you seem to be, I would also consider putting equipment in a good used “teardrop” camper. (Here is a fancy example from a Vancouver Canada couple: ) Even a cheap trailer would let me sleep in it, saving some money near the slopes and allow me to cook a hot meal and make tea and hot chocolate.


“What happened to Elon’s promises of a suction cup roof rack?”

I don’t know that Elon Musk ever suggested that Tesla was going to offer that for sale. Perhaps he was just pointing out that you could use an existing aftermarket product.

Elon tweeted “You can mount a rack to the roof via suction cups and still have one Falcon door work fine. Guaranteed up to 140 mph.”

David Burrus

I thought this video was a little over the top and it missed the easiest solution….Just put your skis in a simple $40 ski bag. That’s what we do with our six seater model X. It keeps the car clean/dry and your seats safe.


Exactly. My old K2 ski bag fits 2 pairs. It’s waterproof.


Cheapskates like me would’ve used garbage bags and some duct tape. “No officer, it’s not a body in there.” 🙂


That’s what I suggested in response to someone who said in an InsideEVs’ post that he’d never put his skis on a ski rack attached to the Model X’s trailer hitch. He reacted like I had suggested he cut the Mona Lisa out of its frame, roll it up, and put it inside a trash bag!

Look, if you really find it necessary to baby your skis, then buy a hard case for them, and bolt that case to a trailer hitch mount.

Or, you know, just wrap ’em in a blanket and throw ’em into the back of the car.

Honestly, I don’t understand why this is made out to be a huge problem. Okay, so you can’t use a roof rack. But it’s not like you have to be Einstein to think of a solution, nor Bob Vila to implement one. Surely even those who are not comfortable using a power drill to drill holes in a ski “hard case” so they can bolt it to a rack, can find someone who is handy.


I remember back in the days when Pushmi and I used to lock horns about just about everything.

Nowdays I find myself agreeing with him all the time!

You bought a Model X for goodness sakes. Surely you can afford to have a case for your skis made if you aren’t handy.

We live in the early EV days – Gassers have had eons to mature onto dozens of segments. You can literally buy a crossover SUV in any size, shape or configuration imaginable to suite your every whim. hobby or type of use.

Electrics? Want a SUV? You literally have one choice for an EV, as RAV4 EV is history, and a few very low range PHEV options that will drain your wallet fast.


“Nowdays I find myself agreeing with him all the time!”

Clearly one or both of us have gotten much smarter over the past year or two. 😉

All-Purpose Guru

I end up babying my skis right up until the first rock-skiing trip. That first scrape usually puts an end to that stupidity and they end up in the trunk with everything else.

I will say that a ski bag not only solves this problem handily but also makes it a heck of a lot easier to tote them around with all your other luggage. Recommended in any case.

All-Purpose Guru

Did this many a time until we could afford snowboard bags. Did you know you can get 3 snowboards and 2 pairs of skis and luggage for 4 people into the back of a Toyota Camry? Neither did we. We had to synchronize breathing all the way home.


Great idea, but my first thought was, make 3 – 4 inches lower, so it is easier to load/unload and you can use the front part as arm rest when you put a polstered lid on it.

Robert Weekley

“polstered”! Sounds almost like “Plastered”, but, suspect you were thinking “Upholstered”!


There is a solution: it is called a ski bag:)


What a waste of words.