Charting Nissan LEAF Sales In The U.S.

OCT 28 2013 BY MARK KANE 3

Over 4% of Nissan's car sales in the U.S. belongs to EVs

Over 4% of Nissan’s Car Sales in the U.S. belong to EVs

If we look not only at sales numbers for the Nissan LEAF, but also at all Nissan passenger cars (without trucks/delivery vehicles or Infiniti brand), we find something new.

On the chart prepared below, we see that Japanese automaker rather quickly reached a 4.0% level for LEAF sales, but after its initial reservation source dried up and battery capacity fade concerns arose in 2012, the % share for the Nissan LEAF dropped to approximately 1%.

Then, after the supply shortage for U.S. assembled LEAFs was (mostly) sorted out, LEAF returned to approximately 3-4% again.

In September, Nissan sold less LEAFs then in the record-breaking month August, but September brings us a new record of approximately 4.1% share for the LEAF in terms of total Nissan passenger car sales.

Nissan LEAF Sales In The U.S. Chart

Nissan LEAF Sales In The U.S. Chart

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I notice that in San Jose, at least, all of the “special” lease prices have dried up. Whether this is because of tight supply or the feeling that the market already does not need priming, I wouldn’t know, but the market has changed.

Under the existing limits of the Nissan Leaf’s 80 mile range I could picture it getting to 6% of the market for Nissan as of now. But if say the 48 kilowatt model came out with a 150 miles of range it could very well move into the Nissan Versa’s Territory and easy gain 15% to 20%of Nissan’s market share which might make them get deeper into EV’s.

As for now and here I think Nissan should at least get car production of their existing leafs up to 3500 to 4000 for the time being and raise it to 5000 to 9000 cars when the 150 mile range version comes out.

There is no “48 kW*h model”, merely a one-off, custom build, that likely has no similarity to anything Nissan plans on producing in volume.

Or do you know something we don’t? Please enlighten us.