Charging Station Usage at Hanover Mall in Pennsylvania Shoots Up by 250% in Last 9 Months


There are signs all across the US that indicate plug-in vehicle popularity is on the rise.

ChargePoint Station

ChargePoint Station

Take, for example, the uptick in usage of charging stations at Hanover Mall in Pennsylvania.

The stations were installed there in early 2012.  Initially, they were seldom used.  In the first 12 months of being in the ground, only approximately 150 charging events occurred.  In the past 9 months, 219 charging events took place.

That may seem like only a minor improvement, but growth is growth.

John Gilbrook, project manager for National Grid, the company that partnered with Hanover Mall to install the stations, stated:

“They seem to be doing very well. The usage continues to grow.”

“Considering the first 12 months of usage of roughly 390 kilowatt hours, the stations’ usage has grown to almost 2.5 times that in only the last nine months. Assuming the holidays will be a busy time for the stations, I would estimate we would be on track to realize an annual growth rate of near 300 percent.”

In case you were wondering, the chargers at Hanover Mall are free to use and have been since they were placed in the ground.

So, the next time you hear a story told of how chargers never get used, remembers there’s always the untold story of the chargers that get used more and more each and every day.

Source: Wicked Local

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The ones that get used the least are the ones in bad locations, or in locations where parking is not enforced and so the stations are blocked 90% of the time.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Or the ones that charge a ridiculous amount for power.

There was a Chargepoint L2 charger near the movie theater I went to a few weeks ago, but it was not in the Austin Chargepoint network ($25/6mo unlimited) and so I didn’t bother using it.

I’m always suspicious when I see “charging events” without data on “kWh per month” or “kWh per charge event”. Reading the actual post, still left me a bit perplexed as to how the 250% increase (2.5x) was determined? Re: “‘the stations’ usage has grown to almost 2.5 times that in only the last nine months”.

First 12 months:
– charge events: 150
– energy delivered: 390 kWh
* charge events per month: 12.5
* energy per charge event: 2.6 kWh/charge
–> implies an average charging time of: 0:24 (@6.6 kW) to 0:47 (@3.3 kW)

Last 9 months:
– charge events: 219
– energy delivered: 940 kWh (1.33 MWh total since chargers installed)
* charge events per month: 24.3
* energy per charge event: 4.3 kWh/charge
–> implies an average charging time of: 0:39 (@6.6 kW) to 1:18 (@3.3 kW)

While usage did increase, I’m only seeing a ~1.6x-2x change. Still a nice improvement.

note: kWh per charge event may be skewed by EVs plugging-in but not actually charging (without actual per charge data, we have no way of knowing)

940/390 = 240% increase in nine months vs. twelve. If use continues the same for the next three months, that would 1253 kwh for 12 months, or a 321% increase over the first year.

Hanover? That is kind of rural.
Check out stats sometime for the King of Prussia mall. Two level two chargers. Every time I go to the mall there, they are available, ready for use. And free and no network involved,

Here in buffalo malls Bonaire we get alot of canadian traffic.. the most likely place to find a Model S is one of the cars plugged in to a 208 volt 30 amp chargepoint for their trip back to Toronto.

I’ve seen four Tesla charging spots under the parking garage, two in use by the Tesla store, and two in frequent use on the weekends. But I haven’t seen any other chargers at the mall. Where are they?

If you follow the wickedlocal link, they have a picture.

Are you sure it’s in Pennsylvania and not Massachusetts?

I wish Austin would show of it’s usage, some 110ish spots with 160 chargers…