Charging a Tesla Model S in Europe (w/video)


We’ve experienced a rather unexpected volume of interest in what’s required to charge a Tesla Model S in Europe.

We try to respond to most of those inquiries on a case-by-case basis, but even that hasn’t cleared up the general confusion that seems to exist in regards to Model S charging throughout Europe.

Hopefully, this Tesla video, along with the graphic and link below, will answer any and all Europe-specific Model S charging questions.

As for where you can charge a Model S in Europe, here’s what Tesla says:

“Anywhere. Seriously. Where there’s an outlet, you can charge.”

For even more details on charging a Model S in Europe, follow this link to check out Tesla’s Euro-specific (German, actually…but it’s in English) Model S site.

Model S Adapter Guide for Europe

Model S Adapter Guide for Europe

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Thanks Eric

A very informative article. That Tesla provided ‘adapter guide’ saves the rest of us from having to dig through country specific web sites on

I’ve seen this ‘demonstrator’ before. I had trouble hearing some of the things he was saying. I’m sure he’s knowledgable but I wish they’d get someone who can enunciate better.

Glad you appreciated it Bill…we try!!!

In the states, is there a Tesla adapter piece to put on the end of a J1772 charge cord?


Yeah, there’s an adapter included with the car for US and Canadian Sales.

The adapter is $95 if you happen to lose or break it. It supposedly has an 80 amp rating.

The early ones would get stuck in the cold.. Supposedly, this newly improved adapter doesn’t do that.

please note that the J1772 adapter is for the US model not the EU model
the EU come with a normal 240V & a Blue or Red ICE 60309 connector for the Mobile Connector

Yes, comes standard with the car. You can also purchase them from the accessories website.

It’s interesting that the chart doesn’t go above 22kW. I have charged my Renault ZOE a number of times at public 43kW fast chargers using the Type 2 connector – surely the Tesla can do that too?

There’s a difference. The 43KW fast charger you were using was most likely a DC charger where the charger is actually outside the car. This is much the same as Tesla’s own supercharger. But as far as the internal charger using a supplied AC power source is concerned, 22KW is as high as Tesla can go. Which is the best in the industry because any non-Tesla product usually tops out around 6.6KW AC charging.

yes it is correct that the Tesla do not support AC 400V 64A (43kW) that the ZOE do
it only support 11kW or 22kW with the dual charger
but on the plus side the tesla charger should have a smaller loss at 11kW charging than the ZOE

Thank you for that adapter guide.. Have been searching a while on youtube for european charging of tesla but only found 1 video and that showed charging with 240V 16A only..

Perfect.. When i built my garage this year i installed a 230v 16A schucko outlet and one CEE 400v 16A outlet.. Now I’m Tesla ready! 🙂