ChargePoint: Here Are The Top 5 U.S. Colleges Based On Number Of Charging Points


ChargePoint App Showing Chargers At UC Davis

ChargePoint App Showing Chargers At UC Davis

According to ChargePoint, “there are currently 1,134 charging spots at colleges and universities on the ChargePoint network. That’s up about 35%, with just 838 at this time last year.”

So, which colleges/universities are leading the nation in EV charging?

Here’s the Top 5 breakdown of colleges/universities with the most ChargePoint spots:

  • University of California at Davis: 38
  • Towson University, Maryland: 36
  • Santa Clara University, California: 26
  • Western Michigan University: 22
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 21

Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint’s CEO, adds:

“American universities are often our hubs of innovation and technology.  It is no wonder adoption of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure has prospered on college campuses. Our data demonstrates which colleges and universities are leading the way when it comes to supporting low and zero emission vehicles. We hope this helps spur friendly competition between campuses to be the greenest institutions in the world.”

ChargePoint App Showing Chargers At Western Michigan University

ChargePoint App Showing Chargers At Western Michigan University

To find out if your local college or university offers EV charging, check out ChargePoint’s real-time station locator here.

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Wow, Western Michigan was a surprise to me. I figured MSU would be #1 in Michigan. UofM in Ann Arbor would be a more pro-EV environment, but their campus is not as big.

I just checked plugshare and I guess this explains it.

“15 Wall Outlet (120v)s, 15 EV Plug (J1772)s”

They also have a huge solar array. Here’s a google maps view of it. Not sure what all the white vans are plugged in. More questions….,-85.61719&spn=0.002388,0.002411&t=h&z=19

LOL, talking to myself here, but found out more info.

“Western Michigan University officials say 20 electric vehicle charging stations are now connected to the university’s power grid and available to the public free of charge.

“There’s no other university in the nation that has this many charging stations,” said WMU University Relations Director Cheryl Roland. “It’s fairly unusual for us to have.”

“Western Michigan University designates five of the 15 electric vehicle charging stations near Miller Auditorium parking ramp for the all-electric Ford Transit Connects fleet vehicles purchased in 2011.”

How about charging points per student?

Or per college population including faculty and staff?

That gives us a truer snapshot plus gives small liberal arts colleges and universities a shot at being in the sport light.

My alma matter is Claremont McKenna College part of The Claremont College Consortium.

6300 students 17 Charepoint spots 1:371

UC Davis

34,155 students 38 Chargepoint spots 1:899

Charged at MIT recently. $.50/hr

Yeah, but you felt really smart.

I do, but only because I slept at a Holiday Inn last night.

My university (UNLV) has 8 charging stations (4 dual head units), 12 if you count the adjacent research facility.

I saw a Tesla with a staff parking sticker the other day charging up. That’s a lot of car for a college professor.

funny – the so called high tech UT in Austin, TX has zero on campus and the so called low tech at A&M in College Station has five, some with 10 bays

UT has it’s own power generation so it make it hard for the city to pay them for their ChargePoint stations. That said, UT JUST now agreed to some stations (according to a city contact), now just to finalize and get them in…

If you look at Austin now, UT is easy to find… it’s the big hole in the 200+ chargers in the city.

UC Davis alumni here; Go Ags…

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Princeton University: 0 EV Charging Points. Hope that changes soon.

I walked all around Yale last week and never saw a charging station. I just checked Plugshare and there are a couple off campus. Interesting that GM is doing what I suggested and having ads at the charging stations, either directly or indirectly sponsoring them. There is one station in New Haven that is powered by a stationary fuel cell.

(from Plugshare)

I donated to my alma mater and my son’s school explicitly to add charging. We added six more spots on top of the initial 10. But their goal is over 40 spots on campus. I want them to add 120V plugs in apartment areas or maybe those power post solutions. When someone can afford $750 a month apartments, they can afford a Leaf or Spark lease or a used Volt.

In addition, the charging is free at the school, does not need a network. But colleges should use a method of recouping some costs as they are non profit. Perhaps tie it into a special student based Chargepoint program. It just isn’t wise to keep paying fees to a network for each charge event and have to network the units to the internet.

Wow!! I was surprised and pleased WMU made the list. In spite of the fact our Fred Upton heads the energy/commerce committee, is pro-oil and anti-solar and wind, our university, like several cities and a few other universities/colleges have decided to support electric vehicle deployment. Maybe colleges and cities really can lead the way. (think about that Harvard!)

In regards to the disparity of EV charging locations on campuses in the East Coast vs elswhere, remember that many of the CA schools are predominantly commuter schools. Not all of them, and as noted in the article, there are some East Coast schools with lots of plugs(eg:Towson University). However, the vast majority of students at small liberal arts colleges live on campus, and owning a car is not such a requirement as it is for a commuter based school. My son graduated from Colgate University in upstate NY and they recently added some charging stations, but nothing comparable to the West Coast schools. SDSU in San Diego has a fair amount of EV charging available, but it is in a hotbed of EV use, and caters to a lot of commuter students. There is a dearth of charging stations at Princeton, although there is a public garage very near campus that does have some charging available there. Interesting that a local Communuity College near me(Montgomery County Community Collge)has I believe 6 stations available. During school hours they are exclusivly for students and staff, but after hours and on weekends, are free to the public. I have used them 2X’s… Read more »

At Claremont McKenna College freshmen are required to live on campus. That is a requirement in all but one of the Claremont Colleges. Still 17 Chargepoint spots.

U.C. Berkeley only has one (1) on campus. How are they going to keep up the liberal image?

This article demonstrates the problems with Chargepoint’s app and mapping. For instance, ChargePoint lists Cal State Fullerton as having 9 ports. Actually, CSUF has 18 total. This includes 2 free DC Quick Charge connections.