ChargePoint To Supply Volkswagen Dealerships With Charging Stations – VW e-Golf Buyers Get ChargePoint Card


News flash on Volkswagen e-Golf, ChargePoint and VW dealerships:

All Volkswagen e-Golf owners will be given automatic access to the ChargePoint network, the largest in the world with more than 18,000 charging locations. Every e-Golf will come with a ChargePoint membership card in the car at no additional cost, giving owners far greater opportunities to charge their cars while on the go. About 60 percent of stations on the ChargePoint network are free to use and drivers can start a session with their ChargePoint card, the ChargePoint mobile app or by calling the support line listed on the station.

In addition, all Volkswagen e-Golf dealerships will have the latest generation ChargePoint stations with VW branding, installed by Bosch. The stations will be available for public use and dealers will use them to walk prospective buyers through EV charging.

And that concludes our e-Golf charging update.

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7 Comments on "ChargePoint To Supply Volkswagen Dealerships With Charging Stations – VW e-Golf Buyers Get ChargePoint Card"

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“The stations will be available for public use”
Does this include non-VW owners?

I would assume so. Actually, VW has one of the US’ few CCS chargers. It’s located at VW research facility in California. It’s open to the public and I believe free to use.

Wow. They get a $5 chargepoint card for free. Clever marketing….

Although not much of a perk in terms of dollar value, at least it does signal that some manufacturers are waking up and providing a slightly better user experience (If I ran an automaker’s EV program, temp cards for all the public charge networks would be in the glovebox at delivery).

…or even better, one card that worked on all the networks.

If such a thing existed. We’re getting there…

This is not a perk at all. I got 2 charge point cards with my Chevy spark EV (1 extra left in glove box by mistake). But I still pay for my charges. The card is one thing. Putting money into your chargepoint account to charge is another.
If this people are just getting the card, it is nothing. If they are getting a pre-paid lifetime valid chargepoint card, for unlimited charges, that could be something. But then, these cards can very well be misuued by others; like letting others charge for free also.