ChargePoint Reaches 5 Million Charging Sessions – Graphs Out Rapid EV Adoption

JUN 17 2014 BY MARK KANE 2

ChargePoint CT4000

ChargePoint CT4000

ChargePoint recently happily announced that May marked another milestone of 5 million charging sessions. At the same time, cumulative sales of plug-in cars in the U.S. exceeded 200,000.

The Californian company, describing itself as the largest and most open EV charging network, noted that its first charging session was in December 2008, making us well aware of how many years have passed since EVs began to take hold in the US.

The first million sessions were achieved in 3.5-years in August 2012 and from then, everything accelerated rapidly.

The latest million took just three months and now someone is plugging into the ChargePoint network every 9 seconds on average.

“We expect this pace to continue as more models become available, prices continue to drop and drivers continue to realize how EVs are better – they’re more reliable, cheaper to power and maintain, better for the environment and provide a more thrilling driving experience.”

Let’s check now on how the ChargePoint Network looked like in June. First is the map with all the points (ChargePoint and other networks), while the second one contains only ChargePoint. As it turns out, the ChargePoint Network in many areas has more then 50% share of all public charging points. ChargePoint Network now has roughly 18,000 points.

ChargePoint Network & Other networks (all AC L2 and DC fast)

ChargePoint Network & Other networks (all AC L2 and DC fast)

ChargePoint Network (all AC L2 and DC fast)

ChargePoint Network (all AC L2 and DC fast)

Then we turn off the AC Level 2 points and checked on DC fast chargers. On the first map, a large part belongs to Tesla Superchargers and the former ECOtality Blink Network (now Car Charging Group’s Blink Network).

But when we focus only on ChargePoint, we see that its number of DC chargers are growing, from the first installed in November 2012 to 69 in June 2014.

ChargePoint Network & Other networks (DC fast)

ChargePoint Network & Other networks (DC fast)

ChargePoint Network (DC fast)

ChargePoint Network (DC fast)

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I wish they would provide a kWh/day chart.. somewhat similar to what Tesla has at its headquarters.

Thanks Mark for this story.

Many of these ChargePoint Electric Fueled Filling Stations Are Merchant, Hotel, Tourist, Hospitality and Customer/ Tenant loyalty/retention – FREE.

Normal activation require the use of a ChargePoint Swipe Card.

However, If the L2 Ev is FREE or a Merchant or Event Comped, calling the ChargePoint 800 number will activate a charging/filling session for FREE!

Here is the number to call. The attendant will further tell you how to get your ChargePoint Swipe Card, FREE or PAID/FREE Card prior to activation, If FREE.

ChargePoint number: 888-758-4389

To get a total picture of the vast Electric Fueled Vehicle Refueling/Charging infrastructure now growing like rabbits, take a look at this crowd sourced site using Google Maps. This one is world wide and features all known EVSE/ Filling Charging Station brands.

Note- Zoom In, Zooom Way in. Mapps will populate the EVSE, expotentialy.

Link Goes To ReCargos’ Plug Share-


Thomas J. Thias