ChargePoint To Equip M-B Dealerships With Charging Stations For EQC

DEC 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

ChargePoint will be supplying Mercedes-Benz dealers with chargers ahead of the launch of the EQC

Daimler selected ChargePoint to deploy charging solutions for retailers in Germany (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Vans and Trucks), which sounds reasonable as the German manufacturer has been a shareholder of ChargePoint since March 2017.

Daimler is gearing up for the launch of Mercedes-Benz EQ electric cars, while ChargePoint is expanding in Europe, which all meshes. The deal includes:

  • AC charging stations
  • 150 kW DC fast chargers

“The deal includes the deployment of AC and fast chargers up to 150 kW at Daimler-owned properties beginning this year and into 2019. The charging solutions will be available for retailers of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Vans and Trucks. Daimler retailers across the country are increasingly investing ahead Daimler’s push into electric vehicles in the coming years.”

Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director for Europe, ChargePoint, Inc. said:

“Following a significant investment from Daimler last year, the two companies have continued to work closely on a wide range of strategic projects as both companies prepare for the mass adoption of electric mobility in Europe. As ChargePoint continues to scale in the midst of the most aggressive period of growth in its history, this agreement is another milestone in our ongoing partnership with Daimler.”

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Charge Point needs the business, after all the market snow falling from Electrify America. If there’s one place organic growth is hard to come by, it’s American charging infrastructure.

VW/Audi has something like that for years now IIRC. At least at the dealer here:
– Only usable during opening times of the store because you have to walk in there for paying = activating the charger. At other times it’s blocked by demonstration cars.
– A fixed fee for charging, no matter how much time you need and how many kWh you get. That can mean that you pay like as much as for ca. 20kWh at home which means your battery should be big respectively empty enough so it makes sense. So if you have like a 20kWh battery it must be really empty so it makes sense (smart ED has a much smaller battery).
– Only one charger.
– And that can make slow charging EV users blocking it for quite long 🙁

So for somebody who has like normal working times, it’s nearly not usable. Despite of being there in the “right” moment when the store is opened, in the end the costs/kWh are reasonable because the battery is empty enough _and_ no other EV is blocking the charger.

At least 150kW CCS is available (VW/Audi has currently only 50kW).


It’s meant for customers on site and for the test vehicles. Nobody builds chargers at dealership to provide a public infrastructure. Mercedes is invested in Ionity, which is setting up 400 chargers across Europe on highways till 2020, they opened already some 40 station over the last 2 months or so.

Let’s hope they install multiple chargers of each type at every MB location. And free for all MB ev drivers too.

I own Mercedes cars and have for 50 years. Take my word for it…Only the donuts and coffee are free at any Mercedes-Benz dealer. Everything else is priced as if you are a billionaire who doesn’t care and you’re driving a Maybach, not the Smart car you came in with…..

The Chargepoint supercharger specs are interesting. Power input is 480V 3-phase 222A at 60 Hz (USA). This must be per phase as 480×222=106KW and the charger puts out 156KW per power “block”, not “module”. It doesn’t manufacture power, really! 222A per phase comes out to about 320 KW input AC from the grid. The numbers quoted make no sense as they are not very specific. I can only assume they are per phase. Is the charger only 50% efficient?? Wow. No wonder it’s liquid cooled and has a liquid cooled cable to your car. The six stations in the picture would need, at one block per station, 4000A at 480V 3-phase service. 316KW x 6 stations running wide open comes to 1,896 kilowatts (KW) or 1.896 megawatts (MW). That kind of service ain’t cheap!

Each phase of a 480VAC 3-phase system is 277VAC phase to neutral. 277VAC * 222A *3 = 184KW. Or about 82% efficient.

Time to learn something about electricity Melvin. Question: What is the load on the 3 phase 208 volt electric service of 3 – 30 amp level 2 docking stations in the states? Is it 90 amperes, 60 amperes, or 52 amperes , and why is that?

Haha, since Pushi claims he knows so much more about EV engineering than I do, perhaps he should try to take a stab at answering it. Hint: They don’t have the answer in Wikipedia.

If EV’s would only have to charge twice a year, maybe it would be convenient to have chargers at dealers. With today’s battery/charging technology, it’s utterly useless.
This is just ‘old auto’ greenwashing their oil-drenched image.

Blabla. Read my comment above. Not everything is a conspiracy