ChargePoint Home Now On Sale On

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ChargePoint Home Residential EV Charger

ChargePoint Home Residential EV Charger

ChargePoint Residential Charger

ChargePoint Residential Charger

ChargePoint joins the other home charging stations manufacturers by introducing its latest model ChargePoint Home on Amazon.

Prices are the same as announced earlier, starting from $499. It’s more than for some other models, but ChargePoint hopes to attract consumers by adding additional features:

  • Remote start, scheduling and charging reminders with the ChargePoint mobile app
  • Update the station automatically with the latest software upgrades.
  • Integrate the station with Nest products to track energy usage and save on energy costs
  • Identify their utility provider to get recommendations for the best time to charge
  • View all residential, public and workplace charging with their ChargePoint account

According to first reviews, it’s product worthy of consideration.

ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano said:

“Customers choose our stations for their reliability, connectivity and convenience. Now, EV drivers can access the power of ChargePoint from their own home. The future of our homes, our cars and our lifestyles will be smarter and more connected because of products like ChargePoint Home. This station is unlike any other on the market, and it will change the way people think about driving, home charging and smart energy management.”

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…And they’re gone.

Almost, anyways. The 25A hardwire version is almost sold out. Chargepoint already sent out an email saying they’re running short on a few items.

I like the idea you can buy the cord and charger separate. Being able to swap out cords would be great if you find in the future you need a longer cord (different charge port placement on the car).

Awesome. I’m happy to hear that people are buying this product which sounds pretty nice.

$499 is a bit of a teaser though . . . that is a short cord and low-amp version. Add $200 more to go 32 Amp. And why no 40 Amp version? Make it more future-proof!

Why not buy a longer cord to begin with? I don’t understand a 12 foot option. Maybe 18? It seems expensive for what this is. Plus, hasn’t there been extensive conversation about reliability issues with charge point? I wouldn’t trust them to support this if there are problems if their public chargers are any indication. Very often I find they’re out of order for long periods of time.

Sorry. Meant this as a reply to Anthony, not just a random rant. 🙂

It allows them to advertise a tempting “Starts at $499” price. And if you mount the charger right near where your car’s J1772 port is, then a short cord is nice because it is safer, less messy, etc.

Ahhhh…the old ‘bait and switch’ lol. Well a short cord would work for me if I could park in my neighbor’s side yard. 🙂
But I still wouldn’t be able to reach a second EV when I buy one – or one visits.
I have an 18 ft cord and often wish it was a 25 foot.

I really wish that these were available when I got my Leaf. The S model doesn’t support car wings and the charge timer is cumbersome. Having this EVSE would have been a very big benefit. Well worth the extra $200 it would have cost me over the Bosch unit I purchased.

Yeah, me too. I actually have their old CT500 unit which is quite robust and has lots of fancy data features. The problem is that they don’t let me access those fancy features.