ChargePoint Celebrates 8th Birthday – Reveals All Sorts Of Stats

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Eight years passed since ChargePoint launched in September 2007.

The Campbell, CA based company, best known for its charging network, in celebrating the jubilee, mentions the pioneering days:

“It’s a week for celebration here at ChargePoint. Not only are we kicking off National Drive Electric Week, but we’re also celebrating our eighth birthday. We bet on electric vehicles (EVs) before they were even on the road and we knew drivers would need smart charging.

A lot has changed over the last eight years since ChargePoint was first founded. Back then, most EVs were little more than glorified golf carts, and saying you saw a “leaf” on the road just meant that a neighbor’s yard maintenance routine might have lapsed for the weekend. But as drivers on the ChargePoint network know, EVs are truly a better way to drive – and we’re seeing tremendous environmental gains as a result of their growth.”

ChargePoint revealed stats too:

  • Driven more than 250 million gas-free miles – the equivalent of driving around the earth more than 10,000 times
  • Avoided more than 32 million kilograms of CO2 emissions and 34 million kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions– more carbon than the entire United States emits over the course of two years
  • Saved more than 10 million gallons of gasoline
  • Initiated more than 11 million charging sessions and fueled their cars with 82 gigawatt hours of electricity – enough electricity to power the average California home for more than 25 years

ChargePoint’s open EV charging network currently has more than 23,600 charging locations around the world (“more locations than Starbucks“). All those charging stations belong to thousands of different owners.

“ChargePoint’s mission is to get all drivers behind the wheel of an EV and provide them a place to charge at home, at work, around town or out-of-town – and we’re looking forward to many more great years and hundreds of millions of gas-free miles to come.”

ChargePoint Network

ChargePoint Network

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The right analogy of course, is not Starbucks but parking meters 🙂

I’m not a big fan of ChargePoint, but the fact they’re still around after 8 years and maintaining their chargers, is probably the top metric to consider.

Indeed, They do seem to do a better job of maintenance than Blink who has many units in disrepair , unreadable screens, appearing abandoned or orphaned etc.

Bl!nk went outcof business some time ago. And Car Charging Group who bought them out has not done much better in my area. Alot of our Blink stations still charge at only 5kw ehich is slower than how i charge at home!

Blink at $0.49/kWh when gas is $3/gal, SparkEV that gets 4 miles/kWh pays equivalent of 25 MPG gas car. They are way too expensive. By comparison, I used chargepoint at USC for $0.25/hr at 3.3kW, or $0.076/kWh, or 80 MPG equivalent when gas is $3/gal with SparkEV. Of course, not all Chargepoint are the same.

Ooops, not 80 MPG equivalent with Chargepoint; 160 MPG equivalent.

Great table! 😀

I’ve used Chargepoint chargers many many times. I’ve been happy with the service. I hope they are able to keep operating.

I worry about these charging companies going bankrupt but Chargepoint seems to have one of the better business models. They are flexible in how they charge. Some units are free, some charge by the hour, some are home units, some are business units that are free for employees, some charge by the KWH, etc.

from what I understand ChargePoint doesn’t own the stations – they sell them to companies who then are the owners of the stations – companies are responsible to respond to maintenance requests that ChargePoint then can fix – and i think it’s the station owner who sets the price not ChargePoint – i’ve used all the various stations and they do a good job and i haven’t found too many non functioning units in my 1.5 yrs of EV ownership – happy bday ChargePoint

Happy birtday!

Sadly my country lack any such service. :'(

I still have the original green and white chargepoint keyfob from when the first stations opened in our area in late 2010. I remember it well as we all had to use adapters because nobody had seen a car with a J1772 yet. Ive had the best luck with chargepoint stations and wish them well.

Among all the remaining charging companies on the market today, I would have to say that Chargepoint is the best among them. I can’t say anything good about either Blink (Car charging group) or eVgo…

Agree Blink sucks; $0.49/kWh is way too expensive, out of pocket cost for EV to be like 25 MPG gas car.

Chargepoint is cheaper in places I used them, but their pricing is not uniform. Until you get there or look up on-line, you don’t know how much it’ll be. I guess if one has wireless web access, it’s not that big a deal.

But I haven’t seen any Chargepoint DCFC. If you want CCS (i3, eGolf, SparkEV), eVgo is the only option in SoCal. Their prices are reasonable, too, cheaper than charging at home if you don’t count OTG membership fee.

In Northern California NRG evgo is the only DC fast charging option for ccs/combo and at $10/refill its significantly more expensive than L2 but also significantly faster, so I am very grateful to have that option in a pinch.

If you use eVgo regularly (2-3 times/month), it’s much more cost effective to pay the $14.95 subscription fee and have the rate cut down to just $0.10 / minute from $4.95 / session + $0.20 / minute.

Then a 30 minute QC only costs $3 and you don’t have to worry about paying a huge per-session fee which is useful when you just want to top off for 5-10 minutes when you fall just a bit short on range.

NRG OTG plan for DCFC is $0.10/min, or $6/hr. At 50kW, that’s $0.12/kWh. L2 is $1/hr. If you have 3.3kW L2 (SparkEV), that’s $0.30/kWh. If you have 6.6kW L2 (BMW i3, etc), that’s $0.15/kWh.

Base rate for home electricity is $0.17/kWh, soon to go up to $0.19/kWh, so using DCFC is cheaper than home charging if it charges at 50kW rate (and 6.6kW L2). For SparkEV, it’s about 45kW up to 80% then tapering off to 9kW at 99%. For Leaf (air cooled battery), I observed one going down to 25kW at 60%!

In NY State, most of these ChargePoint units were either installed by National Grid (handles around 35% of the state), or in non-national-grid areas, by the business itself in a deal with NYSERDA, which foots the bill. The business owner also gets 50% tax credit for whatever expenses NYSERDA doesn’t cover. The only catch is, the owner must pay 100% of the electricity bill for 48 months, i.e free use for the time being. In those cases, sometimes the owner goes to ‘extreme’ measures to make sure the units don’t actually use too much electricity, such as Irondequoit’s I-Square facility, where the 4 charging cords are deliberately limited to UNDER 3 kw each. Now as far as the docking stations themselves, in general they are pretty good, and CP keeps them up to snuff in a reasonably timely manner when they do rarely break down. But the new ‘Load Sharing’ ones, I don’t care for at all. Not only does the Cartoon TV Set not provide much info, costs $7,600 per dual unit, and of the three dual units I’ve tried to date, the cords get stuck in the holster for a minute or two even after successful card authorization.… Read more »

“Avoided more than 32 million kilograms of CO2 emissions and 34 million….. more carbon than the entire United States emits over the course of two years” ???

The U.S. emits about 2.0Gt of CO2, from transportation alone, each year. “34 million kilograms” is about 75 million pounds, ~34 thousand tons. In giga-tons, this is barely significant (.000034Gt). Someone check me, please.

.000034 is greater than .00000000…Don’t be a Lutz

While .000034 is certainly more than .000000, it’s a great deal less than 2.000000.