CHAdeMO Installations In Europe Hit 2,755


2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO plug

2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO plug

The number of DC fast chargers with CHAdeMO plugs in Europe is growing at a steady pace.

Since late September, nearly 400 new CHAdeMO (we believe a large, but unknown include Combo plugs too) were installed.

CHAdeMO Association stated that 2,755 are now installed in Europe.

“Winter is at our doorstep, but #chademo deployment doesn’t slow down: 2755 charge points in Europe as of today.”

Compared to the previous map, some countries really got to work.

France, for example, shot from 332 to 471! That’s one third of all new installations in just that short time period (September 2015 through November 2015).

CHAdeMO Chargers In Europe - September 2015

CHAdeMO Chargers In Europe – September 2015

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That is nice CHAdeMO i growing
Is there map that has all the CHAdeMO plugs on it?
Now I would like a Charging card that will allow you to travel though Europa. not 10 Charging cards just one!!

JR, use, change settings (the gear) to just show CHAdeMO.

ABB is launching pay by Credit Card Direct for their DCQC’s, so hopefully that will spread to others!

how many petrol stations are in Europe?

Something between 80.000 and 120.000 look to for statistic regarding gasline stations in europe.


But some countries are missing.

Just 142.300 missing to reach japanese convienience regarding charger level.

They haven’t yet updated the USA numbers, but it’s growing all the time. Very exciting, and making EVs “mainstream”.

Awesome to hear about the growth in numbers.

I would love to see monthly usage numbers from all the various charging systems. Probably slim and no chance that the charging networks would provide the data.

Adopt the Tesla fast charging standard with CHAdeMO interface for now
Drop the CCS SAE altogether Lack Of single fast charging standard is just as stupid.
Shame on GM that forced SAE standard